J. V. Ghost Story

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Not long ago someone I know came to me with his newest ghost story.  He said he was home alone, sitting in his computer room.  He had been doing some things on the computer for a while and was concentrating pretty hard.  Suddenly out of the corner of his eye he saw a movement.  He said it took him a second to figure that it was not a “normal something”.  

What he described was a ball of light about the size of a beach ball, floating in the air about eye level.  It was continually moving, but slowly.  It drifted past him quietly, with no sound, into the next room and it disappeared.  He was rattled for a minute.  He said he had never seen anything like it before. 

After a bit of time had passed he went back to work on his computer not knowing what else to do.  Again, once he started concentrating on what he was working on he saw something out the corner of his other eye, but this time it came from up high by the ceiling.  He reports that it floated downwards and past him then over to the kitchen and just by the refrigerator.  At this point the object changed shape by stretching long and then disappeared. 

J. V. and several of his friends have come to me with stories of him home.  This is not the first story I have heard.  It is a very old house.  He has only been the house for about 4 years.  He first came to me telling tales of hearing voices late at night.  Sometimes there was a strong male voice.  At one point a lady friend was staying over and she too heard the voices and woke him asking what was going on.  This actually happened several times with no answers.  Later his brother stayed for a time and he said there were spirits in the house.  The brother seems to be a bit of a sensitive. 

Later in time another friend came to live in the house and he also had reports.  He stated to me that one night he had been working late.  He was very tired.  While laying in bed trying to relax and fall asleep he noticed that a shadow crossed past his door.  The door was closed and you could see just a hint of light underneath, but it was getting blocked out by someone or something.  He at first thought that J. V. had gotten up and was doing something in the living room outside his door.  It occurred to him that he had not heard the squeaking of the hinges on J. V.’s door if it were him.  Next he heard the door knob rattle as if someone was trying to get in.  It is a very old door knob and is the type that would make a lot of noise if touched.  He knew it would not have bee J. V. The next morning he spoke to J. V. and indeed he had not gotten up and had not tried the door knob. 

Other reports J. V. has made to me have been that he had walked down the basement steps and suddenly felt what felt like a hand push against his chest and stop him.  This too rattled him a bit and he decided he did not need to do laundry that day, it could wait.  Next he also had a door knob rattle when no one was around.  Another time he was standing in his house alone and he heard a low male voice just say “Joe” which is his name.  Needless to say this one got his attention.  He was very unnerved. 

He has a five year old daughter and she has only reported one thing, that she has a ghost in her closet.  He says most parents would not listen to their child and ignore the report.  He thinks he just might listen. 

We are hoping to have one of the Ghost Hunter groups I am in contact with come and do a Ghost Hunt.  If they do come and investigate I will try to get information and share. 

Do you have a good ghost story??????

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