Out of Body Experiences by guest writer John York of UROPA

May 15, 2011 on 1:52 pm | In Article | 1 Comment

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Is the “out of body” experience real? Is it a possibility for one’s consciousness or “spirit” to leave the physical body for a short period of time? Many people will tell you without a doubt that it can and does happen, while others say it is nothing more than a vivid state of dreaming. The out of body experience or “OBE” can happen by will or spontaneously. People use deep meditative states in an attempt to induce an OBE while being fully aware and in control of their experience. Others “awake” to find themselves hovering above a hospital bed, fully conscious and observing their own body being attended to by doctors and nurses. These people soon realize something tragic took place and wonder if they have indeed, died. This is the “near death experience” or “NDE” which has been experienced by many who have been involved accidents and sickness.

Sleep paralysis often takes place when one slips into an OBE. I have experienced sleep paralysis many many times and it still happens to this day. This condition is when the body is asleep and the mind seems to be very aware and conscious of its surroundings. Some people can achieve this state and intentionally induce an OBE. I myself find it somewhat terrifying that I cannot move my body and frantically try everything I can to wake myself. This I believe to be a barrior of sorts as one has to negotiate this fear to be able to possibly achieve an OBE. If OBE’s are real, I believe I have experienced it during a state of sleep paralysis. I remember taking a nap one day as I was very exhausted and I “woke” to hear my wife and my brother in law talking in the living room. Although I could hear their conversation and knew I was very alert, I could not move my body. I began to panic (as I always do) and tried to wake myself by attempting to vocally make a noise or to move any part of my body I could. I tried frantically for what seemed like an eternity to awake and I felt as though I began to move my arms and legs but knew that my physical body was not moving. I remember the sensation of rolling off the side of the bed and being slammed back into my body!

Did my “spirit” actually leave my body only to be brought back because of my own fear? Can one consciously observe their own body as it lies dead only to return and give great detail of the events that took place? Is it possible for someone to induce their own OBE and be able to travel without physical boundaries?

This phenomena may never be proven to be true and science can for the most part explain many things, but is it possible? Have you or anyone you know experienced an out of body experience?

John York
Utah Researchers of Paranormal Activity

**Special thanks to John York for his contribution and expertise.

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  1. I like this article. John must know what he is talking about.

    Comment by Becca — May 27, 2011 #

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