Children are More Open

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 When my youngest son was three, he had a visitation.  My great-uncle passed away.  Both my boys were very upset.  That night my husband and I heard our three year old yelling.  We ran into their room which was just outside of ours.  He was sitting up and crying.  We asked him what was wrong.   He said that he didn’t want Uncle Wilson to go.  We of course hugged him and told him that it was ok.  We were all sad.  Now remember that this is a three year old. 

What he said next we will never forget…..he said “NO, he was right here!” and he pointed to the entry to the bedroom with great fervor.  Then he said “He said it was ok, that if I keep him in my heart he would never really go away”.  Every hair on our bodies stood on end.  We had never heard our son talk like this or say the things he had said.  We have no doubt that he saw our beloved Uncle Wilson. 

Since then when we have been talking with family or friends and this story comes up there is always at least one that asks if we are sure that he didn’t just get this from TV or someone else.  I have to say my husband and I have never questioned him on this.  There is no way to prove it of course, but if anyone could have seen him that night they too would not doubt this as truth.

One of my sisters also has a story involving a young child.  Her oldest granddaughter was just four years old.  We were all visiting them in Colorado and had taken our mother along.  The little girl walked up to her grandmother and told her that she needed to tell Great-Grandma something.  So they walked over to my mother and this little girl said “I talk to your mama”.  My mom said “Oh you do?” The little girl then said “Ya, she talks to me and she tells me to tell you hi and that she loves you and that she comes to your house sometimes to check on you”.  You could have heard a pin drop.  We asked her questions about our grandmother.  You might have known she nailed it.  The interesting part is she had never met this grandmother.  This little girl is adopted.  

Yes our family has had some interesting things like this happen.  But if you talk to people you will find that a large percentage of them do have stories just like this.  Why, you may ask do children see what we do not? From what I have read and researched, young children are more open to anything.  They have not learned this is not normal for everyone.  Young minds absorb anything that comes their way.  So if a soul or spirit is lingering or is just hanging around, whom else would you go to if you were that spirit?  My guess is the one that will acknowledge you.

Do you have a story to share?  Please send it in.  We would all love to hear.

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