Ghost Log 2009 (Ghost Log Postings 2009) Part IV

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Two summers ago there was a small class of pre-school kids who arrived early for Storytime and were waiting out front playing with their teachers. One of the teachers came in to use the restroom. Shortly after, she came out of the restroom quite literally looking like she had just seen a ghost. She approached the front desk and asked the librarian, “Is there a little girl in the bathroom?” and the librarian said, “A real girl? Or a ghost girl?” I was at the copy machine and this statement got my attention. The woman said in a shaky voice, “I don’t know…”  I asked if she was okay as she hurried towards the front door; she said at first that she didn’t want to talk about it. When she came in with the class I pulled her aside and said, “I don’t mean to upset you further; I am just curious; did the little girl look as if she was of Oriental decent?” {Many years ago, there had been an apparition of a little girl who was oriental and dressed in clothing native to the Orient…no has reported seeing her for many years and I was curious} The woman let out a big sigh and said, “Ok. I’ll tell you what happened.”  She stated that she couldn’t remember seeing the child’s face really.  The woman stated that as she was leaving the last stall and heading for the sink to wash her hands, there was a little girl in a white, old fashioned nightgown standing by the sink in the corner between the sink and the changing table. The child had two long brown braids. The woman smiled at her and said, “Hello.” Then she turned to the sink to wash her hands. She suddenly realized that the whole thing was strange; where the child was standing, and her clothing, etc… Startled, she glanced up to where the child had been standing and she was gone. She said the bathroom was suddenly very cold.

As mentioned some of the people in the group wanted to record, so we settled down in an attempt to be quiet enough to hear something on a recording. I had my back to the stalls. One woman said, “Is there anyone in here with us?” before she even finished talking we all heard a whispering around us…with the exception of one person, we couldn’t hear what it said, however one woman exclaimed immediately, “I heard a name! I heard a name! I heard someone say ‘Gretchen’!” At about this time a few people all exclaimed, “Whoa! Did you see that?! Ellie, did you touch the door to the stall?” I did not touch it. Apparently the door to the stall moved…opened behind me. At least three people saw it. We all felt strongly like we wanted to get the heck out of there and did. The other people in the gallery, when I reluctantly offered to take them in the bathroom adamantly and unanimously declined. We played back the recording from the bathroom and as the patron ask; “Is there anyone in here with us?” everyone can plainly hear a loud whisper in a man’s voice say, “Gretchen”

We continued on the walk. For the most part we didn’t have too many other things happen. There were many people who would all exclaim at the same time, “Whoa, do you smell that? It smells like incense!” Or, “…it smells like flowers or perfume…” there were several times that we felt really cold patches pass between us. I was useless with the k-2 meter; gesturing with my hand that was holding it, so unfortunately I don’t know if we had any light-ups with it. We made it all the way to the garage and there really wasn’t a strong feeling of a presence…until we entered the garage. One person got a photograph of an orb in there too. We stood in there for a few min and then all of us had the urge to get out. Quick. We did. Next we headed upstairs…again, many people, myself included, felt cold patches and dizzy spells for several of us. When we reached the lounge upstairs there were two people who instantly felt sick and dizzy upon entering, and this was mentioned well before I told them about how that happens with some people in that room.

Our time in the multi-purpose room during the 2nd Ghost Walk:

We headed back to the multipurpose room and Micki got her group together to go on round two. We told people what happened in group one and Micki had the existing e.v.p.’s pulled up on the computer on the big screen. So we listened to those and people began listening to their phones trying to see if we got any recordings.  Several people did in fact record voices that were not us, or that spoke in response to a question as we were all quiet, giving the spirits an opportunity to answer. The most notable from this tour was from the bathroom with the name Gretchen.

One guy, who was listening to the e.v.p.’s with me, suddenly felt sad and had tears in his eyes for no apparent reason. He remained extremely upset and finally called his ride to come get him. There were several more people who became extremely emotional and teary for no apparent reason from that point on. Two separate young ladies took me aside to talk to me. Each of them was crying. When I asked what was wrong, neither one really knew.

We had several instances of cold spots; cold air.

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