Courthouse Ghosts

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We received the following from Kayla McDonald.
I believe she used an app on her phone and this is what she got. Her location was the Sweetwater County Courthouse. Thank you Kayla!
I worked at the courthouse many years ago for a summer while in high school. There were lots of talk of seeing Mr. William Hutton in the halls. Mr. Hutton worked as the grounds keeper back in the day. He was a very well known citizen. I knew him when I was in grade school. My dad took us to see an amazing stone fire place that was in the Hutton home. Mr. Hutton had placed lights behind the rocks and when it was turned on, you could see through many of them. I believe it was native agate rock. I am not sure what year he died but it was around the early 70’s. Quite a guy Mr. Hutton. I was told he liked to keep an eye on things. Maybe he still is.

Grubb Family Report

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October 2, 2020
Jason Grubb

On Friday, October 2 I went to the library after the library had closed to pick something up from my office at the library. My children Madilyn (14) and Kyler (10) came with me. Madilyn asked to see the ghost hunting equipment. I took her to the room it is stored. We opened the box and looked inside. She took one of the KII meters out and walked into the storage room closest to the garage. Her brother had a KII meter as well. They waved the meters around. They got some hits. I took the ovilus out and said she should try using this device to communicate. We took the ovilus into the storage room. The KII meters were still getting hits. I tried tracing an outline of a human. Nothing was conclusive. The ovilus had no reaction in the storage room.

We walked down to the meeting room. Madilyn’s KII meter immediately began getting hits. We walked into the room and all the KII meters lit up and then stopped. We said if anything was present to use the ovilus to communicate. Several words came out – apple, lights, tree, Paul, worm. We did not know what the words meant. There had been a recent wind storm and several trees were damaged. We asked if it wanted a sign by the tree. It stopped. Madilyn said thank you. I said others would be in the building in a week and there would be another opportunity to speak. I said the others better understood ghosts. After I said this all the equipment stopped working. We walked back to the room that the equipment is stored and put everything away.

Thank you Jason, Madilyn and Kyler for your report.

It has been my experience that when you least expect it, things happen.

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