2019 Ghost Walks Part II Private Ghost Walk

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Private Ghost Walk 10/11/2019
Evidence Reveal
After reviewing the digital recorder files, this is what I have to report.
*Got the name of Charlotte in the Ladies Room on an Ovilus.
*Youth Services back area-Battery drain on Tiffany’s Spirit Box
*Young Adult area-KII & EMF hits while I was telling the story about the seven-year-old girl. Seemed as though she might be with us. One Ovilus says “Notice me”.
***Staff Lounge-On the Ovilus someone got Evelyn. Devices were lighting


up. Someone also got “Captain”, “Natalie”, “Port”, “Austin”, “Marilyn”, and “Dawn”. Not much activity in the restroom area, which is odd. We usually do. Nothing by the leather chair just in the door, which again, we usually do. More Ovilus catches were “Yep”, “Too private”, and “Scientist”. Later someone got “Help”, “Death”, “Yard” and” Samuel”.
While I was telling the “little ghost girl” story, a man asked if she had blonde hair and ringlets and a cream-colored dress. To of us heard singing in the hallway.
We received the name “Gretchyn”. A man reported seeing “Elizabeth” who we think might be Elizabeth Moriarty, the first librarian in Green River. She was not at the current building, but we think she keeps an eye on the staff. There are several reports in the Ghost Log of people seeing her.
A man sneezed. All the devices lit up and on an Ovilus the word “sneeze” came up.
Again on the Ovilus someone got “Soldier” and “Disease”.

We again heard humming or singing in the hallway.
I took several recordings. Please take a listen and see what you find. Some are long but I think I hear a few EVPs.

Please message me back if you catch anything. Thank you.






Take a listen and see what you hear and let me know.

I have three more but they are very long. As soon as I can figure out how to edit them down, I will post them as well.

2019 Ghost Walks Part I

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It has been Ghost Walk time again. So many of you bought tickets. We were amazed. Thank you for that.

With each ticket you purchase, you support the Sweetwater County Library System Foundation.

The volunteer group the Ghost Walk Crew are the people that now do the Ghost Walks. We try very hard to get as many people in for a tour as possible.

We are in the process of reviewing our evidence from the last Ghost Walks. This will take a little time so please be patient.  So for now, I am posting some of the photos taken on the latest Walks.

Here is a group that asked for their photo to be taken.

This was at the end of the tour and they all seem pretty happy.










Taken in the Gallery area. We seemed to be getting quite a lot of activity on KIIs & EMF detectors.








Taken in the Young Adult area. We did have some KII activity.








Once again, The Gallery shows activity.  The Raggedy Ann doll seems to attract, what we think, are the small children.












While in the Staff Lounge, one man seemed to be in contact with a spirit laying on the floor. In a previous Walk, we thought that a dog might be hanging out with us. Maybe it was back.

Spirits in the Stacks, Tales from the Sweetwater County’s haunted library

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I am very proud to announce the book  Spirits in the Stacks, Tales from the Sweetwater County’s haunted library is now available on Amazon.com both in book and ebook form.

Books will soon be available at the three main Sweetwater County Library System libraries.

In Green River-The Sweetwater County Library

In Rock Springs-Rock Springs Library & White Mountain Library

I wrote the book during my time working at the Sweetwater County Library. I started substituting in September 1992. The first week I began work, things started happening to me. I heard a voice in my right ear saying “M.i.c.k.i.  It happened three times that day. After the third, my co-worker Marilyn Doctor saw the look on my face and asked what was wrong. I told her what had happened. She replied “That’s been happening to me all week long”. 

As you see, for me, the spirits seemed to always become part of my working at the library.  This is not to say that things happened every day, they didn’t. But one thing or another would happen often enough. By January, I had been hired on as regular part-time circulation clerk. The other staff told many stories and I wanted to know more. I approached Pat LeFaivre, the Head Librarian. I asked if I could read the other stories and where were they written down. She said they had never kept a journal of any kind. So, this is when I asked if I could start one.

Hence, the now well-known Ghost Log.  It has grown through the years and we have a wide variety of stories. Stories of hearing voices of men, women and children, seeing moving shadows, smelling cigar smoke & old timey perfume, being touched, seeing a hand print appear on the monition screen and then disappear.  The list goes on and on.

Through the years, many of the library patrons and public have asked for us to write a book. In November 2011, I approached Carla Hardy, the Head Librarian for permission to start a book. She said I would need to talk to the Director Scott Kinney. His reply was “Well, we are going to have to live with them.  We might as well embrace it. Go ahead”. 

If has been a long process, with “Book Committee” people coming and going. Changes have been made many times and sometimes, back again. I did several personal interviews.  The people were very kind in doing them. John Legerski, was very special. At the time of the interview, he was about eighty years old.  Sadly, he died a couple years after and never got to see his story in print. But his sons and family will.

I have so much I want to say but I will try to keep it short. 

Why did I write the book? First of all, because the public asked for it. Second, because myself and all the Ghost Walk people old and new, feel it needs to be told. The goal is never to make someone believe. The goal is to report what evidence we find and share it. Everyone must decide for themselves if they believe or not.

I hope you find the book interesting and informative. There have been countless hours put into the gathering of stories people wanted to share. It is truly our pleasure to finally be able to bring this project to fruition.

*By setting up the Sweetwater County Library System Foundation as your preferred charity on Amazon Smile, each book sold will also earn the Foundation a small profit.  

Thank you.



2019 Ghost Walks

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It is time again for this years Ghost Walks.

Here is the information you will need, if interested.

For more information, call the library at 307-875-3615.

The Sweetwater County Library System has reserves rights to all content. Do not copy or use in any way, any of the content without written permission form the host.

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