Ghost Walk October 27, 2018 Evidence #1

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Hello all. Wow. We haven’t had a Ghost Walk for two years.  As our new group of volunteers, The Ghost Walk Crew, began the Ghost Walks, we had no idea if we would get any activity or not. It has been some time.  But, I have to say, I also was not surprised to see all that we caught.

For each Ghost Walk, I always write up a general report for my records. Here is what I recorded from the two tours we did that night.

Ghost Walk 10/27/2018                                                

Activity Report by Micki Gilmore

Almost as soon as we arrived to prepare to setup for the evening, two team members hear what they thought was a girl’s voice on the stage in the Multi-Purpose Room. 

Russell reported seeing a light in by the front doors, but it was later debunked.

There was definitely a feeling of energy in the building. I always walk out to the main area of the library “have a talk with the ghosts” before starting. I feel it is a heads up to them to let them know we are doing a walk and hope they might come out and visit with us. 

We placed the equipment in the middle of the floor.  Many of them lit up.  We felt energy rising.

Tour 1

We had a good group. At first, they were a little quiet but once the people saw the ghost hunting gadgets starting to show activity, they opened up.  There was a father and daughter attending. The young lady seemed to attract the spirits pretty well.  She held a KII and it lit up much of the entire tour. They responded to her questions. Sometimes, we find that what we think are the younger spirits, are attracted to younger people.  Her father was pretty excited.  The girl said as she came in the library, she kept hearing in her head the name “Annie”.  At one point in the garage, she asked if she could try to reach out to her. She did and she got a response. 

One man in the tour was holding a KII also.  He too, seemed to be getting some very good activity.  You to tell he was feeling it. Most of the tour, he would ask a question and the KII would light up.  It was great to see the KII light up to red so many times. We are told it is quite draining for the spirits to continue to “talk” to us.  They did very well.  Many members of the group hear things, felt things and definitely had continuing hits on the devises.

Ursula, one of the team, many times can reach out to a spirit “Cowboy”.  He did answer her questions by lighting up the KII.  We were running a digital recorder and will see what else we might have captured as these files are reviewed. 

Our team, were very pleased with what we were seeing.  We visited both restrooms, walked around the main part of the library, visited the garage for the first time in years and ended in the Staff Lounge.  All in all, we had a very good walk. 

The orange domed EMF’s were sounding and lighting up a lot. Once in the Staff Lounge, we were getting almost constant hits. 

Tour 2

We were hearing things in-between tours. I took a restroom break and heard what seemed like a young woman or girl speak. I could not make out what she said, sadly.  Many of the team hear things.  Once people started arriving for the tour we noticed the devices in the middle of the floor lighting up. It seemed our spirit friends were anxious to get started.  Mary, one of the team was feeling things. She is a Reiki Master and is very aware of energy and the changes around her.

At one point, Tiffany, a team member, reported she was touched.  Her KII was lighting up most of the night. It seemed everywhere she went, something was following her.  There were some big hits on the KII’s as the group was passing by the archway coming out of the gallery.  Tour members were asking questions and the devices just kept lighting up.  Everyone was very excited.  You could physically feel the energy.  I heard voices but could not make out what they were saying. I like to wait to see if anyone else in the tour is hearing them also.  Three times, I noticed others reacting to something. I asked if something happened and they said they were hearing voices or a voice.  They too, could not make out what was said.  Twice, people reported seeming something move. They said it moved quick and it was only there for just a quick second. 

Once in the garage, there was lots going on. The KII’s lit up.  The EMF’s went off.  The orange domed ones, just kept going. Someone was with us for sure. Everyone was really feeling it.  The excitement was high.  On the stairs, several people reported feeling someone was there. A person to the right of me, reported hearing a man speak. They didn’t catch what was said. We were totally in the dark and the lights were almost constant.  Great stuff.  We all loved it.  It seemed “Cowboy” was there as well as several others.

As we were moving up to the Staff Lounge, we were on the stairs. Mary and Tiffany saw a ball of light streak across.  They felt energy everywhere.  The group arrived in the Lounge and immediately everything was lighting up. Some of us were sitting on the heating/cooling register. A lady next to me kept getting hits with the orange domes EMF. By moving the gadget up, down, and side to side, it seemed the little ghost girl was with us. She stayed for a long time. We were very excited. Next to that lady was another. A one point she said “You can sit on my lap if you want”.  At that, the spirt seemed to move to her lap and stayed only there until we finally had to leave.

Ursula, set up two flash lights on the table. This is a way to allow the spirts to use the flash lights to talk to us.  Well, it worked. She got many so called, answers to her questions. We did get a good laugh. I was trying to catch the flash lights going off with my cell phone. I would start recording but nothing happened so I stopped it. Boom, they then came on.  This happened several times. It was a bit frustrating.  Everyone started laughing.  I said at one point, “Watch, the second I turn this off, it will happen.”.  It did.  We all laughed.  I then asked the sprits to let me at least get one shot of this happening.  Finally, it worked.  I was able to get two recorded.  Then we all laughed some more.  It became a game or sorts. 

We all were so excited at this point. My friend Amber was holding the Raggedy Annie doll we use to entice the children sprits.  A man was very close and between them the KII was constantly going off.  It seemed at least one of the “kids” was with Amber and the doll.  So much was going on. Almost all the devices were lighting up. I had my digital recorder running most of the time. I can’t wait to see if we caught anything there. 

All in all, it was a very special night.  We have never had so many devices lighting up all at once. 

It has been two years since we have done Ghost Walk. I had been told by a few staff members that there wasn’t anything happening anymore. But…..several have come forward with stories.  Yes, there is still activity.  We are not surprised.

Many people stopped and asked for more Ghost Walks. We will do our best to make this happen.   

Feeling Off…….Not Always Paranormal

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I was scrolling down on my Facebook yesterday (9/20/18) and I saw a post that states the following:

Today & Tomorrow
Solar Storms Causing
Lack of sleep, intense dreams or nightmares.
Low energy, Fatigue, Restlessness,
Ears ringing, feeling dizzy & ungrounded,
Pressure headaches, dehydrations, achy.
Unexplainable anxiety & irritability,
Enhanced intuition, perception & sensitivity,
The information is provided by the 11:11 Awakening Code
Many of the posts in the comments complain of low energy and many dreams that they don’t usually have. Some stated that they thought it was just stress from the hurricane hitting the eastern areas and all the fires in the west. That too, may be a factor. When we watch the news, read newspapers or follow our Facebook feeds, some things can just be too much. My advice is to take it slow. Once you start feeling overwhelmed, turn it all off for a bit. Take a break. The experts advise us to stay hydrated and rest when ever possible.
I shared the post and was shocked how many people commented that they were having these same symptoms. I suffer from migraine often but I have really been feeling “off” with the last batch. I keep waking up at 3 a.m. for no apparent reason and I am having tons of dreams. I am a regular dreamer but they have escalated. If has been a rough week. I am not sure if it is the solar activity or life around me, but I would very much like it to stop.
For me, I have decided that I will start paying a little more attention to solar flares and such. I have heard they can disrupt our cell service but forgot how much it can affect our actual bodies.
I did a bit of an online search on monitoring solar storms. Take your pick. Wow. I had no idea how much information was out there on the subject. Good information.
Here is the search engine Bings findings link:
If you are one that feels these things, you might also start reviewing activity online and possibly journaling what is happening to you. With the journals you can also share the information with your health care provider if necessary.

Best of Luck!

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