Photos of the Haunted Library

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Please take a look at a few of the photos we keep on file of the library and some of our findings.

Remember, if you too have photos, EVPS, or other evidence, please  contact me at By you sharing we can further our research.

Thank you!


Haunted Library Q & A

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I thought it would be helpful for me to answer a few of the most asked questions.

1. Is the library really haunted?

a. With my experience there, yes. I do have to add that not everyone that works there or have visited there, believe this to be true. For me, seeing (or hearing, feeling, etc.) is believing.

2. Have you ever seen a ghost?

a. Yes, three to be exact. I have seen many shadows and “things” (movements that I can’t explain), but there have been three full apparitions.

3. Were you ever scared to work at the library?

a. No. I have felt apprehensive or a little nervous because I didn’t know what was happening and such, but for me, no I was never afraid.

4. Have you always seen ghosts?

a. No. I can say I only had a couple “unexplained” things happen before I started working at the library. But……the first week I started, things happened. I heard someone whisper my name in my right ear. It happened several times. After talking to other staff, I was not alone. I was told “They are just saying hello”.

5. Do you “ghost hunt’ elsewhere?

a. No, not as a rule. I have visited a couple places, but I feel I know or at least feel more comfortable at the library. The ghosts just seem to be part of the building. If you work there, there is a chance you will have something odd happen at some time.

6. Why do some people have things happen and others do not?

a. Once while visiting the Stanly Hotel for a paranormal conference, I had a chance to talk to Chip Coffee (well known psychic). He was asked this question and he said that he saw it like this. If you were a spirit and you walked into a room. In one corner were friendly people and in the other not so friendly people. Which would you try to talk to? This makes total sense to me. I choose to neither block or call to the spirits as a rule. If they wish to contact me, I will listen. With this said, I always “put it out there, only the spirits of the light are welcome”.

7. Why were there no Ghost Walks for 2016 and 2017?

a. I quit working at the library in May 2016. Several of us took a retirement buy-out at that time. The library was unable to afford to replace us. Thus, there were not enough employees available to host the Ghost Walks. Currently there is only one employee Bianca, that previously co-hosted the walks. I, along with four others, have started the Ghost Walk Crew who are hosting this year’s walks.

8. Was the library built over an old “Indian” graveyard?

a. No. It was the old city cemetery.

9. Is it true that graves have been found since the library opened?

a. Yes. There have been several projects where digging was done and yes, bones were found. I one instance, two full coffins were dig up. It was in 1996 I believe. I was working part-time then. Earlier in the day, a work crew doing pipeline work started to dig an area and shockingly they brought up a skeleton. The police and officials were called in. Charlie Love, from Western Wyoming Community College, was called in. He was a renowned anthropologist. This caused much excitement as you may have quested. The bones are still held at the WWCC in Rock Springs as far as I know.

10. Why are there not more Ghost Walks?

a. Simply, it is due the having enough experienced people that the library trusts being available to take them on.

11. Can I become a Ghost Walk Crew member?

a. Probably not. I started this group with permission from the library director. I hand picked those persons that previously helped with the Ghost Walks and I totally trust them. I do not have to worry about their professionalism or their provoking and such. That is not allowed. They are an amazing group that I am happy to call friends. We are all on the “same page” as far as what to do and not to do. It makes it so much easier to do these events. I am really grateful for these people.

12. Can my paranormal group get in to investigate the library?

a. Probably not. Do not be offended, but last I knew, the library was not allowing others to investigate. You can always ask the library manager or director. But be prepared to be told no.


I hope that this Q & A may have helped explain most of your questions.

Feel free to send in your questions if not. I will try to answer them in a timely manner.

Thanks for stopping by. ??

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