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Hello all. I would like to start back by introducing you to a local paranormal investigating group RSIP (Rock Springs Independent Paranormal).  They are a Sweetwater County based group, with members from both Rock Springs and Green River.  In the past, I have had the chance to meet some of the members.  Many of which, attended our past Ghost Walks on many occasions.

I have asked this group to tell us a little about themselves.  I hope you find this informative.

RSIP was originally R.I.P. (Reliance Independent Paranormal) under the soul owner of Tony Hills. He rebranded several years later to RSIP (Rock Springs Independent Paranormal) when Carlos Velez Jr, and myself (Lauren Velez; husband & wife team) as co-owners were brought in. Ursula Krentz was added as a lead investigator, Paula Birrell as historical researcher, and Tiffany Kennan investigator. Together we have over 25 year’s experience.  We have gone through some other investigators and tried using mediums on the core team but using mediums did not fit into our core investigation techniques. We have morphed the group into having all the mediums, wiccans, cult specialists, reiki healers, etc into an extension of referrals to help people after we analyze what would be best for the client. Eventually we would love to create a complete, cohesive investigation much like the show Dead Files where we have a medium go to a location, a historian dig up the history, and then the investigators substantiate what both find.

Our investigation techniques are pretty simple. A good investigator only needs a camera, a recorder, and an EMF detector of some kind. I like the MIL meter and the k2. A good laptop is a must as well. We have added equipment such as a thermal camera attachment, spirit box, laser grids, night vision camcorders with IR lighting, REM pods, and my favorite a Kinect mapping camera or SLS. I’d say of the extra equipment, the SLS has provided us with the most compelling evidence that was worth the investment. We would love to add some more but this is completely self-funded and we do not charge for our services. Services being, responding to families or property owners in need of understanding or are in fear of possible haunting. We also do investigations for fun and documentation.

On investigations we do not provoke spirits. I do believe there is a level of respect that investigators need to have, for the spirits, for the families or living inhabitants, and for the subject matter. There is a real danger to what we do. Most think it’s fun and games but we have dealt with real dark situations that have bled over into our home lives and lost us investigators. We are also very picky on what we call paranormal. If we get some “activity”, we will try to find other explanations while continuing to interact in hopes it is a real encounter. Some techniques we leave up to our viewers, like the flash light controversy. Half our team discounts it, half our team does not. So, we leave it up to you. For me there are too many environmental variables to say it’s paranormal without a doubt. If the flashlights respond on command multiple times in various ways then I’m more inclined to say it’s paranormal.

We have been contacted by several residents with paranormal issues. It’s been a goal of mine to try to help them through what they are dealing with. Who can you turn to when you can’t have a threat to your family or Home arrested or exterminated. We try to be the light at the end of the tunnel. We have had many successes and others that we hit a wall. There are some things we are not equipped to deal with but we methodically sift through the activity to try and find the source and a course of action to take.

Some examples of that come from different cultures. Native American smudging or cleansing with sage, cedar, Santo Palo wood, or sweet grass. We turn to religion with prayer, holy water, holy oils, and crucifixes. Other practices like the use of black salt, candles, crystals, envisioning protection of light and energy come from various cultural background ideas on protection and removal of negative energies or the paranormal. After helping a family that is very dear to me, Tammy & Shane of Green River, I decided to start the sister support group called, Beyond the Veil.

This premise was to start a closed, private group on Facebook so that people who have experienced the paranormal, who are sensitives, empaths, medium, or people who are family members or friends of these people that need an outlet to ask questions and bounce ideas off of each other would have a safe place to do so without judgement. We did eventually try to have meetings were the members could come together and network, talk, and learn in person at the Sweetwater County Library in Green River. Attendance died down so we halted the meetings for now but the FB group is still running.  I would like to start some instructional videos in the private group on techniques to cleanse your energy and home, meditation and spiritual well-being techniques beyond the traditional church attendance, of which I am not opposed being raised Catholic myself.

I’m currently working on creating a RS Downtown Ghost tour with the URA and have a few investigations on the table. Our main Facebook page can be used for people to share their evidence and stories. We also try to invite conversation and share unique or famous Wyoming Haunted locations.  Carlos and I do travel and try to get little investigation clips from around Wyoming for the page and do hope we can bring the entire team to these locations someday.

Some of the locations we have investigated are Slovenski Dom now the Emporium of Bridger, MOB Vapors on Elk Street, the Historical Stanley Hotel and Isis Theater in Green River, The Fishbowl and Clearview Lanes, Pla-Mor Lanes, The Elks Lodge of Rock Springs, The Green River Legion, Winton, and some residents to name a few. Some are confidential locations and we take our clients privacy very seriously.

Submitted by group member Lauren Velez.


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