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Hello again!

I know it has been awhile. I have decided to help the library and continue to post updates and information as it comes available. After my retirement, many of you continued to contact me and ask for stories and updates. We believe this is a better way to stay in contact with you all.

The Sweetwater County Library still has the official Ghost Log. I recently visited the library and checked to see if any newer reports on ghosts/spirits at the library were logged in the Ghost Log. Unfortunately, I found none. Although no reports were entered, I do know there has been some activity.

About six months ago, I was attending a meeting for a then new group called RSIP’s Beyond the Veil. It is a paranormal based group that was formed to help anyone in need with questions or just needing to talk to someone. (They can be found on Facebook). Just after the meeting ended a couple of us started to walk out the meeting room. I remember seeing something out of the corner of my eye. Turns out we saw a shadow on the stairs heading upstairs. It was only there for a second or two and was gone.

After working for the library for 23 years and having experiences since the first week I began to the week I retired, I know “our friends” are still there. Many of the current staff report they have had on reports made to them of activity. I feel I know why. For those of us that have spirits visit us in one way or another, we know not everyone gets these experiences. I had an expert tell me once it is because to spirits we (the sensitives) are like a bright light or beacon, so they are attracted to us. Once staff member mentioned two weeks ago that she had hear a man’s voice first clear his throat then say one word but she didn’t know what was said.

If you find you are at the library and you have an experience, please feel you can approach the Front Desk and ask the librarians if you can give them a report. Please include all information you can. If you choose to exclude your name from the posted report, please give it to the librarian’s so we can at least contact you if more information is needed. By continuing to log the reports, this allows us to try to understand what this is all about. Let’s face it, no one knows exactly what is happening. We have ideas and try to educate ourselves as well as we can. You can help us with this.

Thank you to those of you that have helped us in the past. Because you were willing to come forward, we are able to understand the activity a bit better.


To contact RSVP’s Beyond the Veil please visit:


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