Do you believe in ghosts?

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The belief in the paranormal or ghosts is a very personal thing. Each of us bring with us a set of predetermined ideas on the subject. Our past and present are determining factors in our thought process.

For many people I speak with on the subject, they have had personal experiences that they feel prove the existence of ghosts. For others, their religious beliefs tell them there is no such thing. We are not here to tell anyone what to think. Our stand is “let the facts speak for themselves”.   Each person must decide for themselves where they stand.

As for me, I am sure you are not surprised I believe there are spirits, angels, ghosts, etc. I have seen them, heard them, felt them, and smelled things that should not be there. Believe it or not, I have actually had a psychological evaluation (for personal reasons) a while back and surprisingly to some, I passed with flying colors. I have joked about this with my friends, but there is a point to this statement. I do not show any signs of being delusional. Apparently what I have witnessed is truly happening or I believe it to be true.

Here at the library, we receive many reports yearly of patron and staff experiences. Many are very compelling and others are to be honest are less than compelling. I have no doubt that some of the stories are exaggerated. We try very hard to week out any stories we feel are fabricated, but there are those that boarder on questionable. We choose to keep them in the Ghost Log for the sheer reason we are not sure either way. We try to give the person providing the report the benefit of the doubt.

With all this said, there is something here. I have no doubt about it. Some mornings you walk and feel it, a tingle or energy in the air. You know there will be something happening soon. There are a few staff members that seem to have more happen an others. We are the “lucky ones”. Last week, a staff member mentioned she smelled cigarette or cigar smoke in the library. No one else smelled it. She thought someone was smoking and walked all around the library to check. There was no one smoking. As she walked past my desk I suddenly smelled smoke. Just as she walked down the hallway and out-of-sight, I heard a girl say “Uh-um Hello!” I jerked my head around and looked all over. There was no one there. I had chills from head to toe. I heard this with my ears, not with any device. Unfortunately, no one else was within earshot. Darn!

One interesting fact is, reports have been down for the last couple of months. Patrons will ask if we have had any activity lately over and over again and I have had to say there hasn’t been any. Just when we jokingly say “they are on vacation”, they seem to be here after all.

It is up to you to decide what you believe. I would love to hear from you and what helps you to believe or not believe.

Ghost with boo sign

The Volunteers

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1239615_627400797281939_2121757958_nThe Sweetwater County Library allows a select group of hand-picked volunteers to assist us on our Ghost Walks and special events. These special people have attended ghost walks for years and are very familiar with our procedures. They have shown themselves to be dedicated to the search for the truth about the spirits here and have proven this by their respect for those still inhabiting the property. For anyone that has attended the official Ghost Walks, you know these people and see for yourselves their willingness to help. No matter what task you give them, they are there to help. How lucky we are to have such an amazing enthusiastic bunch to work with.



Kyle and Shalise Lamb travel a good distance to join our events. They both have a strong belief in the paranormal and have on their own time traveled to many non-library related events and have networked with some of the more well-known ghost hunters. They come prepared with their own ghost hunting gadgets and understand the basic hunting technics that we apply. Shalise has her own photography business and Kyle does a good job also. He was able to capture the locally famous “Ghost Girl” photo. Good job!


Tiffany Kennah

Tiffany Kennah is a local lady that is quiet but gets the job done. For several years she has been a part of the so called “regulars” that attend the ghost walks. She is always one the first to say “yes” when asked to help with an event. What a sweetheart this lady is. She brings her own ghost gadgets and knows her stuff.



Ursula KrentzUrsula Krentz is a ball of energy walking. She is super ready to interact with the spirits here. She has been a “regular” for some time now and is very into the paranormal. She has her own ghost hunting gadgets and is very good with the ghost box. She has one special spirit that likes to let her know he is around. They have an interesting connection. While hunting in the garage for a special event, she seemed to come in contact with “Cowboy”. He come through often and likes it when she is here. But……he does not talk to her when her husband joins the hunt. We get a good laugh about it.

Kenedie Grant


Kenedie Grant has worked with us since the first ghost hunts in 2006. She has always been willing to help in any way we have asked and is a huge asset to the group. During one special even, Ghosts of Christmas Past, the guest speaker author was snowed out and she was willing to do a reading from the Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol. Now there is a team player.

Hannah YeagerHannah Redden Yeager is also someone that has been with us since the first few ghost walks. She has always been willing to jump right in and do anything that is needed. She too was able to capture one locally famous photo. Hers is the one and only photo we have on file that actually shows two, yes two, spirits in the same frame. Hers is the one known as “Lady with dark hair/Blue mist”. What a great catch that was. It is very hard to get any photos of ghosts, but to get two at once, wow!


(No photo available at this time)  New to our group is Ian and Sami Doak. This is their first year and we think they will be great. Welcome you two.

EmilyBeitel 2Last but not least is Emily Beitel. Although she has not always been able to attend, she is still on the list. When she can she come with excitement and determination.

Almost all of the volunteers have had major contact with spirits. Some have had their hair stroked, some have seen full apparitions, and others have caught photos and EVPS. If given the chance, make sure to sit and visit with them. They have as many stories and encounters as Bianca (my cohort) and I do.

Special thanks to the volunteers for all the work they do for us and for helping to make the ghost walks happen. Thank you so much!!!!!!


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