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Many of the EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) have been brought in by patrons and the public to share with us. There are many we have debunked or proven to be non-paranormal, but there are also those that we find creditable. Ghost Walks will soon be starting up again. I always find in the spirit of things, it is fun and interesting to look back at some of my favorite evidence.

Let’s take a listen:

  1. Little girl
  2. Boy says his name
  3. Just Keep Walking
  4. Gretchen during Nation Honor Society Private Ghost Walk

What did you hear? Please comment and let me know your favorite EVP.

I have more and if there is interest, I can post more.

Do you have an EVP captured while at the SWC Library? If you do and are willing, please send it by email to mgilmore@sweetwaterlibraries.com. Please include your name and state you will allow me to use the EVP for the library.

Thank you!


But Nothing Happens!

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Okay, you have spent your money, you come to the library and attend one of our Ghost Walks. You watch as others seem to interact with the spirits. Sure that is cool and all, but why is it not happening to you? For some, getting the resident spirits to reach out to them is a little tougher than for others. It may be frustrating but let me help shed a little light on this subject.

First of all let me say the ghosts or spirits here are not at our beck and call. They show up or interact only if they choose. We actually have no control on this at all. As we continue to do the Ghost Walks, we try to communicate with the unknown in our midst. At best, we try to draw them out, to entice them to communicate. This is not easy. We generally use ghost hunting gadgets such as KII’s, EMF detectors, and ghost boxes. Many patrons that attend also use the downloadable apps on their smartphones. The hope is by using these devices, we give the spirits the opportunity to answer our questions with simple responses by using the lights, such as yes or no, man or woman, adult or child. This seems to work pretty well.

By far the most important thing we can advise people is to be open to the unknown when attending. Our standard procedure is to do a prayer of white light as a protection for each and every ghost walk. Everyone is asked to do this. We first began doing this after visiting with nationally known psychics and ghost hunters. By doing this, there is much less chance of anything “dark” coming forward. We choose to only communicate with those of the “light”.

Next you must open your mind, literally, to the spirits. By opening up and sending out good energy, you have a much better chance of communicating. It was told to us some time ago by the renowned psychic Chip Coffee “If you were a ghost and walked into a room of friendly people in one corner and un-friendly people in the other, which group would you approach?” For me, that made it very clear. With this said, always bring your positive energy and be open. It is a simple thing to do and it makes a HUGE difference.

We have on rare occasion had a group of patrons that were nothing but quiet, this can be a problem as well. For some reason, if you are not showing interest and giving out good energy, “they” do not seem to want to come out and play. A few things we have done to help open this up are reading children’s books, singing a song, and ask about “their” lives. I actually like to clap or applaud when I think we are talking to the “kids”. Yes, we have at least two girls around three and seven years, and at least one boy named William. By showing my enthusiasm for their efforts we seem to get a much better response. I love that. We treat them like real people for they very well may have been someone’s family here in Green River.

Ghost Walks are starting again in May. If you plan on attending, be sure to bring your newly learned “tools” with you. We have great hopes for an exciting time. There is nothing more amazing than watching the devices and hearing the voices on the ghost box. We are always grateful the spirits have stopped by for a visit.

Hope to see you at the next Ghost Walk on May 16th. Tickets on sale April 27th, 9 am. They sell out fast.

Come in or call 307-875-3615.

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