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It never fails to amaze me how many times we are asked if the Sweetwater County Library is haunted.   My answer is simply yes it is. I don’t mean haunted like a Stephen King novel or where terrible things happen. Luckily our resident spirits are generally friendlier than or at least as curious about us as we are about them. I jokingly call them “Casper-like” in reference to Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Before I became employed at the library, I had only a couple unusual things happen. Since the first day I started I have had everything from hearing my name whispered in my ear, to seeing movement out of the corner of my eye, to seeing full-bodied apparitions. I just reached my 22 anniversary at the library and for just shy of that mark, I have been the keeper of the Ghost Log. I am not someone that is super brave as for as the paranormal goes so don’t be too impressed. I am one of the tour guides for the paranormal events along with my buddy Bianca Jorgensen and our wonderful volunteers who all help make it happen. We lead the tours throughout the library to try to show the public the true side of a paranormal investigation with hopes that our “spirits in the stacks” will join us as well.

A ghost hunt is a basic paranormal investigation. There has been some rumors around town that we “add” to the events. This is not a spook alley or haunted house like you will see elsewhere for Halloween. That is not at all what we are about. Our goal is to educate and share with the public what we know or have found out about our ghosts. . We always have rules we follow such as no provoking and no disrespect toward the spirits or each other. It may seem odd to some but we also ask the spirits here to respect us as well and for the most part they do.

As far as helping you with your own ghost problems, we have several contacts in which we can put you in touch with that will have more knowledge and expertise. P I Team of Utah is one of these groups that we are in partnership with. They are an affiliate of TAPS/Ghost Hunters. If they do not have the information you need they will help you find it. We are very pleased they are our good friends and welcome them and their assistance.

Thank you to everyone that came out for this year’s Ghost Walks and Ghosts of Christmas Past event. We had a good year. New photos and good EVPs have been received. As soon as I can review all the evidence I will post it here on the blog. We hope you find the Ghost Walks help you understand somewhat, the story of the library and the property it sits on. Also we try our best to help you to communicate with the spirits here and they with you.

For more information on the Ghost Walks or Ghosts of Christmas Past, please call 307-875-3615 or stop by the library.

Ghosts of Christmas Past 2014

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Once again our Ghosts of Christmas Past event was a huge success. The amazing staff and volunteers at the SWC Library provided decadent desserts for the patrons to enjoy while the group Stage-Brush (a sub-group of the Actor’s Mission) performed and impromptu to comedy session. The annual holiday event always included a Ghost Walk at the end of each session.

Two lucky winners won tickets to the GOCP by logging onto the SWCLS Facebook page.  Congratulation Tyler and Mary!

Thank you everyone that join us this year. It is our pleasure to bring this event to you.


Please enjoy a few photos from the event.

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