John Tenney, Paranormal Expert

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John Tenney Paranormal Expert

If you are familiar with the name John Tenney, then let me introduce you. A couple years ago I attended a Beyond Reality event at the Estes, Colorado famous Stanley Hotel. One of the guest speakers was in fact John Tenney. I had not heard of this man and was curious about him and his work. I was amazed at his speaking ability and how well he touched the audience.

Weird states:

John has been actively involved in the field of anomalistic/conspiratorial/occult research for well-over two decades. It is estimated that, over the past 25 years, more than 60,000 people have attended one of John’s signature “Weird Lectures.” John E.L. Tenney’s columns and articles have been printed in magazines and newspapers world-wide, and he has lectured to numerous public and private schools, universities, organizations and clubs. The author of over a dozen books, Mr. Tenney has also been interviewed extensively on radio and television worldwide. In 2011 Mr. Tenney created a bi-weekly podcast “Realm of the Weird” which Real Detroit Weekly recently awarded “Detroit’s Best Podcast” Aside from his lectures and due to his extended time involved in anomalistic research he has acted as a consult for numerous companies including, but not limited to, NBC, A&E, Fox, SyFy, The Detroit Free Press and Huffinton Post, Men’s Health and The New York Times. He is currently the co-host of the TV show Ghost Stalkers which airs on Destination America.

John’s new show “Ghost Stalker’s” will be on my list for new shows to keep an eye on. The premise of the new program is to show the differences between a veteran paranormal investigator and a person fairly new to ghost hunting. It should be very interesting to see the differences in the two personalities and how they approach their task.

Personally, I have found some of the television shows to be somewhat scripted. I understand we are talking about a television production but come on already. Do we really want to see the same thing every week? I don’t. Real paranormal investigating takes time. The ghosts do not just appear every time, they work on their own schedule. I want the real deal, not some overdone production.

When I met John Tenney I knew he was the real deal. I was so impressed. My hope is that his new show can allow him to do what he does best, investigate. I am not familiar with his new partner Chad Lindberg, but I hope they will show us some good stuff. Maybe with a little old-school and a little new-school, the two will bring us something exciting and educational. I for one like to learn a bit from the shows I watch.

You can find more on John Tenney at:

Weird Lectures-

Fox News Interview-




The Spaceman

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Tracy Clement Photo 9.26.2014 Ghost Walk.jpg  Cropped

The staff here at the library are always happy to bring to you the Ghost Walks. The public has seemed very interested in the paranormal and have participated for a number of years. One of the best parts of the holding the Ghost Walks is when people like you share their findings. Without these reports, photos, EVPS (electronic voice phenomenon), we would not have the amount of evidence that we now have.

It has been a while since a really interesting photo has been turned in. During the September Ghost Walks, Tracy Clement a participant, randomly snapped photos. The group was towards the end of the tour and were in the upstairs Staff Lounge. Tracy stood at the glass windows looking downstairs and began taking photos. Just before she left that evening he showed me an interesting white shape that he was able to capture. It looked to me like “a spaceman”.

The next Monday after the Ghost Walk, a woman came in with her computer. Now remember, I called Tracy Clement’s photo “The Spaceman”. A Bianca Jorgensen my partner in crime, and I spoke with the woman and she was all excited. She said “I caught a photo of something odd and I call it the spaceman”. What are the odds? She was not able to find the photo file while she was here but described a spaceman’s helmet. We were so intrigued. I am hoping she remembers to send it to us once the file is found.

Please know not all photos are ghosts. It is important to know that many are actually not. When images or any evidence is received, we do our very best to be unbiased and open-minded. Generally we try to debunk all evidence as well. This is the art of disproving the claim. Many photos are not what they seem. Often times, lighting and shadows change what we see, which makes it look as if it is something totally different. It is never our intent to discredit the person sending in evidence, but instead it is our honest endeavored to prove what can be proven and disprove what is not real.

It may sound strange, but I dub each photo with a tag line or title. It makes it easier to clarify which image we are talking about. You may hear me discussing titles like ghost girl, shadow in the stacks, man with top hat, blue mist and lady with long dark hair. As my dad would have said “You call them as you see them”.

Hopefully those of you that still have evidence that has not been shared, will decide to bring in or email that proof. You can do so by sending your images, EVPs or written reports to Micki Gilmore at Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Without your sharing we would not have the bulk of evidence to share with the public.

You may also view the official Ghost Log here at the Sweetwater County Library. It does not check out but is available for the public by asking for it at the Front Desk.

Thank you Tracy Clements for sharing.

Happy Haunting!

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