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Is your house haunted? Do you see shadows, hear strange noises, or items seems to move from where they were last seen?  Do you know someone that is being pestered by a ghost? These may seem like silly questions to some, but they are not if you said yes.  More people than I ever realized may have a ghost problem in one way or another.  Many people choose to remain silent about the issue until it becomes more than they are willing to live with.

Working at in a haunted building has taught me many things.  One is that those with a ghost problem are looking for answers. Because of our history they just might come by to looking here.  Being that we are both haunted and a library, we try very hard to help the public find the answers they might need. We try to provide books and videos that help to explain what may be happening in that person’s situation. We also try to network with several professionals to help provide the public with experts there are educated in the paranormal.

I sometimes feel like we are much like the local bartender who gives service and always tries to lend a friendly ear.  People come to us because they feel we will not laugh or think them crazy. We know there is something out there and we do want to do our best to help those in trouble.  We do find about half the stories we hear are simple and the people actually do not mind the ghost/spirits. Sometimes the ghost might feel like a family member and the person does not choose to try and make the spirit leave or move on. This is your or their choice generally.

The other half is very much the opposite. For those of you that are finding a spirit to be too much or they are dark in nature, we can put you in touch with experts that are qualified to help with these matters.   

Wyoming Paranormal Teams-

307 Paranormal—Cody—



Paranormal Hunting Observation Group—Cheyenne—



Paranormal Research Society of Casper—Casper                       



Paranormal Research of Wyoming League—Powell       

Contact Name Holly Berryman      Phone 307-254-1240      Email prowlwyo@gmail.com

Areas Served  

Northern Wyoming, and the Big horn Basin in Wyoming. 

– See more at: http://www.paranormalsocieties.com/view_society.cfm?id=3811#sthash.XWsStQ2Z.dpuf


Sleep Walkers Paranormal—Riverton

Website: https://www.facebook.com/SleepWalkersParanormal?ref=hl 


Southeast Wyoming Paranormal—Laramie         

Website: temporarily down


Wild West Paranormal—Riverton 

Website: https://www.facebook.com/wildwestparanormal1        


Utah Paranormal Teams-

There are multiple paranormal teams in Utah. Two of that are in our network and are friends of the Sweetwater County Library are P. I. Team of Utah and U. R. O. P. A. (Utah Researchers of Paranormal Activity).  Each team has been to the SWCL several times and have proven to be valuable connections.

P. I. Team of Utah have been gracious enough to host events informing the public of the “who, what, how and why” of ghost hunting.  Both P. I. Team of Utah and U.R.O. P. A. have investigated the library at least twice. By having professionals investigate we feel they are unbiased and will report to us in a professional manner. My personal recommendation is to call one of these top teams if you are needing help. 

P. I. Team of Utah-Ogden, Utah area-(TAPS Affiliate)     Website: http://www.piteamofutah.com/

U. R. O. P. A, Northern Ogden, Utah area-     Website: http://www.uropa.org/

A special thank you to all the professional teams for all their devotion and hard work.  They contribute so much to the library and our paranormal events and education. Thank you. 

Ghosts of Christmas Past Review

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First, let me say thank you to all of those that attended.  It was a wonderful night.  We started out with a few hiccups, but things were smoothed out and all was well.  Two staff members fell ill and our good buddies Hannah Yeager and Kenedie Grant stepped up to fill in.  THANK YOU ladies!  Our amazing staff donated home baked items, along with recipe cards prepared by Bianca Jorgensen.  These alone could get you to come out.  They were fabulous.

The Ghost Walks themselves were exciting.  We had activity with the KIIs right away. Several felt cold spots and thought they heard a voice. For some unknown reason this year the Lady’s Room and the Staff Lounge have been extremely strong for evidence.  We do get occasional “hits” elsewhere but not often. 

On the second tour, the Staff Lounge was wild.  We gathered around the table and general area.  I asked those people with the KIIs to place them all around the table.  It did seem that we were getting answers to our questions and only when we asked questions.  Love that. Bianca ran the Ghost Box and several heard direct answers to questions. One lady heard them say her name and was a little surprised by it but was then excited. 

Several people asked to go inside the actually restroom where previous activity is known to have happened.  Once inside the EMF detector with the orange top began sounding off and lighting up.  We asked them to step back into the main area and ask “them” to come too.  It seems they did for a minute and then disappeared.  I was sitting at the end of the table towards the restroom and I suddenly got an odd feeling and asked an attendee, Jerry, to step to the left of me and move the device from side to side.  Sure enough!  The device began lighting up and sounding off.  Jerry was able to catch a shape of a person and then it changed and moved.  He had to really work to find it again but he was successful and it seemed to hang around for some time, all the while moving and changing its location. Interesting stuff!

One of our regular patrons has attended several of the “Walks”.  During this one she took photos and was able to catch an odd play on light.  Carol thought she might have caught a photo of a little girl.  Whenever a photo is sent into me and it seems unclear, I send it off to P. I. Team of Utah or UROPA for analysis. Jenny from P. I. Team of Utah did in fact take a look, but her opinion is that this is just camera flair.  I agree to the most part, but I do think the “legs” on the left are rather interesting.  Take a good look at the photo.  I would be very interested to see what you all think.  Please take a minute to leave a comment. 

Please enjoy a few of the photos from our event.  Thanks again to our staff and those that made it possible.  We hope to see you all again next year. 

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