Ghost Walk 11/22/2011 Evidence Part #4

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Full reports turned in by participants of the October 22 Ghost Walk.

All reports are typed as turned in, but only initials were used for privacy issues.

9pm-10pm Tour Host Micki

LV-Felt like someone sitting on me when seated at the table-felt a little nausea in the Staff Lounge-heard a chime in the garage.

VW-Goose bumps “BIG TIME” down the isle of Gallery by Front Desk.  Before I knew any history of library I felt the very same way.  Goose bumps like crazy.  Very very eerie feeling in the Gallery.  Felt like I needed to hear more of Calamity Jane like she needed to tell her story.  They need to tell their story!  Very cool!  Micki rocks, they love her!  They are AFRAID though. Very crazy, tons of energy in the Gallery!!!  GOOSE BUMPS.

LP-Women’s Restroom last stall door was opened, I was standing in front, felt goose bumps and a chill down my neck and right shoulder. I turned right away and felt someone was behind me.  Young Adult section doing EVP and spirit box I was east of the Exit Door, I felt an energy surge and felt dizzy.  I had to grab the shelves.   Heard tapping on books and audio books in the Children’s section during EVP session.

NB-A strange tinkling sound in the garage.  Walking from the Young Adult center to librarians Front Desk the air seemed to get colder.

BB-When we walked in the alarm went off.

HC-In the corner of the Children’s section by the mirror.  I had the temperature gauge and the temp was about 62*-64*.  Not sure if it was the temp of the wall.  Usually the temp I got was around 70*-73* on average.

CG-I was taking pictures and in most of them there was nothing.  But when we were in the Children’s section I took pictures and had several orbs show up.

TR-About 15 minutes into the walk I smelled sulphur like a match burning.  I didn’t think anything of it at the time, so I didn’t remember exactly where it was.  (Micki’s note: I remember him mentioning this and it was in the hallway by the Staff Lounge).

SL-This experience seems so unreal to me still….. I can’t hardly explain what happened to me….. I was 50/50 believer/skeptic….. I can now truthfully say I am 100% believer….. I hope I never forget the experience I had tonight on your tour…. so unbelievable….
The tour started out like any other walkthrough or tour I have ever been on…. but quickly,  I started to feel anxious, sick, and so sad as we walked our way down to the Children’s nook…. I had to hold back the tears because I felt so emotional. That feeling left me after a small time, yet I felt as if something was drawing us near the young adult area (where the tables were) as the group gathered closely into the Children’s area, my husband and I turned and looked through the shelves of books… We both witnessed a very swift quick red light flash on/off on the complete opposite of the room through all the isles of book….
As the group neared the young adult section I volunteered to ask some questions and stand next to Micki…. A man took a picture down one of the isles and as I looked up I saw a black mist dart across the ceiling…. It took me off guard.  But, I can’t say if it was paranormal or not…  I continued to stand next to Micki and I asked two questions…. and automatically felt a heavy feeling in my lungs… I couldn’t breathe and I was so upset *sad* I don’t remember a time where I felt so sad in my life…I’m not a brilliant actress I couldn’t reenact that feeling even if I wanted to.. I quickly had the sense that there was a little girl with us…. (I have never once felt as if I were a sensitive or anything) but I couldn’t shake the feeling it was a little girl.
As we sat at the tables in the young adult section, I felt as if she was standing near me… as we put the device with the lights near me they went off… also the man who was sitting next to me was holding the meter… it also was active through the whole part of the tour…. as we walked back towards the office I felt as if she was not by me anymore… But as we walked into the hallway going to the garage, a few of us in the back heard what sounded like a little girl quietly giggle…. As I made my way to the garage I STRONGLY felt the presence of something once again…. I told my friend Jessie as we stood on the top stair going to the garage that I didn’t feel comfortable walking down the stairs to the garage… I decided I needed to take a step down though… instantly the lights ALL lit up for about 5-10 seconds…. they stopped, she asked if I wanted to go down another step…. I felt uneasy again but felt like I needed to… again instantly the lights all lit up and the meter went crazy!!…. I felt like whoever this was by me was very comfortable with me and maybe felt safe and protected with me…. I opened myself to it and tried to reassure them that they were ok with me and that nothing would happen to them…
I felt it follow me up the stairs about half way and then lost the feeling again… when we got to the lounge I told Micki that I thought the little girl got caught up on the stairs… she told me “I’m sure they will catch up in a minute” not 5 seconds later the lights on the device I was holding lit up once again… We sat the lights and meter on the table as to show it wasn’t any of us making them light up… some questions were asked and they lit up once again… I took the light device back and instantly got a FREEZING burst of air by me… It stood right in front of me, multiple people put their hands where mine were and felt the chill, I think I heard another person say the temperature around me had drop to (62 degrees). The freezing air then moved across me and above the couches where 3 girls sat, I moved to let others feel what I was feeling but whatever it was seemed to follow me back over by the kitchen of the lounge the lights and meter lit up a few more times and then nothing….
I felt as if whatever was with us up in the lounge stayed at the top of the stairs as we finished our tour…. as I sat at the front of the room trying to collect my thoughts to write down on paper I still couldn’t shake the feeling of the little girl near me once again, and randomly got the name Lillian in my head (I don’t know anyone known by this name)
Moments later Micki was telling the group about some of the names they have captured in the library… William was brought up…. I asked Micki if she thought the ghost saying William is a man or a woman… She explained that sometimes they can’t tell…. I told her about how I had the feeling there may be a Lillian… she asked out loud if there was a Lillian here with us…The light device sitting perfectly still in the table lit up once again….. This is when all feeling left me… and I no longer felt the presence of anything…. We hung around for a bit in the main meeting room and chatted and decided it was time to go… I said my goodbye to whom-ever was with me in the building and made my way home.
To many this is going to sound crazy I’m sure…. But I have never had an experience ever in my life like this… I wish everyone could experience what I felt tonight… It was so amazing…. I would have never in a million years thought the library would be that active! And that whatever is there would enjoy to be with me so much. Thanks Micki for the amazing tour and for the wonderful experience. I will be back. 🙂

Extras/Not on list

C-While I’m in the hallway, the meter was red.  And a EMF was 10%.  I felt a cool breeze.  I heard a big “booo” in the library.  I heard voice and a girl say hello.

SM-My hand got cold in the Lounge area.

NC-The EMF was very active toward the end of the tour and the lights would go all the way to red.  The temp would hold steady then spike up 5-6 degrees held in the same spot away from people.  At one time the temp dropped in a warm room.  Smelled smoke in just one area at the end and it was distinctive like a cigar or pipe.

NH-It got really cold in the area where the big teddy bear and mirror.  It had got to 54*..I also hear mumbling in the Ghost Box.  The name I heard the most clear was “Owen”.  This was a different experience, but in the last room it got really cold but the temp was normal.  I felt some pinching on my back but I’m not sure of it.

FM-In Staff Lounge, there are blind controls over the register vent. It moves and the others do not.  It swings fast, then slows, then stops.  Also light flashes in reflection in mirror.

DM-I recorded the entire 9pm ghost walk for the article I was working on. Listening back on the recording-there was a male voice at the 24 min mark saying he was sanding by the table.  This was near the YA area. Will provide a copy of recording when I can.

Evidence continued in Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6  for Ghost Walk 10/22/2011

Ghost Walk 11/22/2011 Evidence Part #3

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Full reports turned in by participants of the October 22 Ghost Walk.

All reports are typed as turned in, but only initials were used for privacy issues.


Ghost Walk, October 22, 2011

6pm-7pm Tour Host Ellie

AG-We were doing the first ghost tour of the night, and when we were in the Women’s bathroom Ellie asked, “Is the little girl in here? What about the guy who hangs out in here?”  Then immediately my K2 meter lit all the way up.  I the back office, while Ellie was trying to get EVPs, the K2 was lighting up like crazy.

BB- In the Women’s bathroom the EMF meter and K2 went off by the last sink.  I was next to it and got a real cold spot.  Through-out the tour I was getting cold especially up stairs it felt like someone was standing right beside me.  Someone was holding the laser grid in the back by the stairs towards the garage and a shadow or the grid broke for a moment by the chair.

HM- Book Drop out front-after being the library with my sister and looking at the Ghost Log we went outside to leave and I opened the drop box and looked inside there was a hard blowing wind coming from inside.  It blew so hard that I had to close my eyes they started watering and my hair blew backwards.  My sister witnessed this.  I closed it quickly and we left.

JH- Back in the Children’s Section I felt a cold draft and then I smelled something like food, but I couldn’t identify it just smelled old or moldy.  While we were walking to the YA I felt something (a presence) following me or near me. But it didn’t scare me. While in the bathroom in the lounge I felt a peace and comfort feeling.  I only felt uneasy while walking in the dark and through the tour felt the prescience of someone with us.

KM- While in kids section I heard several noises coming form the media section that sounded like “woop-woop-woop”.   In a hallway, me and two girls saw a shadow with the grid light.

LS- Felt like I was being followed. Whispers near my ear and cold and hot spots.

SB- Something that was in the library I could feel and I was wearing a jacket.  It was really cool and it felt like some little kid put their hand on my pant leg of my knee.  I was recording on my cell phone and I hope that I got something.  I felt that someone was watching me when I was near the kid section.  Things were going off on the k2 meter when I was talking I said can you turn it up to red and it went all the way up.  I had a feeling that someone was playing with my hair.

7pm-8pm Tour Host Micki

AC- Cold sports, smelled tobacco outside Staff Lounge, felt hair rising, saw the devices light up.

CP-Smelled pipe tobacco, temperature dropped several times, and a calming feeling.  I am never calm.

MP- Upstairs right before you go into the office (or room) we could smell tobacco burning. Down in the office before we went down the dark hall the EMF meter went off.  Also upstairs in that room the temp lowered to 60.8 and jumped up to 80 then back down instantly.

NR-Towards the end of our tour I sat down on the bench out in the lobby and started getting very strong readings on both the K2 and EMF.  I was beginning to get somewhat discouraged towards the end because we weren’t getting consistently strong readings.  The meters started going off at an intense rate when I sat on the bench.  It confirmed to me that they really were with us throughout the tour all along.

SC-Cold blowing across my legs, I was wearing capris so I could really feel it.  I was standing next to the boys that made the lights really go crazy.  I could smell what smelled like pipe smoke.

SM-My two sons and I attended the Ghost Walk on Oct. 22, 2011 at 1900 (7pm).  We started in the Women’s bathroom, on the voice box a name was heard “Mike”.  Then the name was said I had a calm feeling come over me. The voice sounded so much like that of my deceased ex-husband that I stopped breathing momentarily.  My oldest son carried a K2 meter throughout this experience.  Toward the end of the tour the EMF had very high readings when waved/passed around him.  We were upstairs in a Staff Lounge.  The K2 meter went to red when it was next to my youngest son.

SM- The lady asked who was there and the voice box said “Mike”.  It sounded just like my father. His name is Michael.   The K2 meter was going of like crazy in my hand when it said “Mike”.   The lady had the EMF and she pointed it towards me and it was a very high reading.

UK-When I held the EMF detector I would feel cold only on my right side.  When it read only over 10.

ZM-I heard a voice like my dad and K2 went to red.

9pm-9pm Tour Host Ellie

BJ-When asked in the Girls Bathroom “Who was in here?” I heard a man say “Newell & Norris?” (Last name?)  Felt very strange in stairway.  When AI was in the Lounge my digital cameras lens started to auto focus-coming from sleep mode- it continues for several minutes and I could not get it to stop.  I felt very cold and clammy at the top of the stairs.  Hairs on back of my neck type-feeling.

CB-I felt nothing in the upper left corner of the library, then all of a sudden I felt a chill on my face for about 3 seconds and then everything was normal again.

DB-I was using a ghost radar that catches the location of them on a radar.  It also catches words.  Going through the office and the stairwell I had a lot of blips and I caught some words and they were scared, worried, judge, and death.

KR-When we were in the stairway I had this feeling like it was really warm and there was a suffocating feeling.  It became hard to breath.  When we were in the lounge and Ellie asked what his name was, and he answered “Bob” and said his age was either 50 or 59.  Then without anyone touching it a tray was knocked over.

KJ- When we were in the Girl’s bathroom my EVP got “president”, “Mom’s “and “parents”.  Then as we were walking to the office it said “glasses, catch, and Georgia”.  Then as we were in the office part, I got” serve” and ”devil”.  When I got devil I had an instant pang of panic like something bad was there, but then it went away.  As we were all in the back staircase, it was crowded and as I thought this it said crowd.  And my Mom said that there was a man at the top of the staircase that doesn’t like here and she pointed where he was at the top of the staircase and when I walked through that spot on my way down, I felt him and it felt like he was just completely angry and hated someone with a burning passion that would never go away and I felt scared of him.  I felt like he was just evil, not in the sense that he’s hurt someone, just that his being felt evil.  And I felt a pressure on my chest like someone was pushing on it as hard as they could.

LJ-Throughout the whole Ghost Walk I could feel somebody touching my shoulder, almost as if to comfort me.  It was very cool.  Also when we were in the Young Adults section of the library I could see almost like a shadow in the back corner.  And then when we were in the office area my Mom and I could see a shadow in the back corner near my sister.  And when they asked for a name of a person in the room, my Mom’s EMF detector said “Bert”.  That my nickname, so that was really interesting to me.  And then when we were in the lunchroom upstairs there was a tray near me and my sister and it fell over and me and my sister didn’t even touch it.

ME-When we were in the lobby the ghost said “holy shit”.

SS-In the Ladies Restroom, in the second stall from the right I felt a very cold chill and my pant leg was tugged-I thought it was the young lady beside me-but she denied touching me.  I was chilled for quite a while-a neat experience.  I am usually quite warm (hot flashes) so the coolness was pleasant and not scary.  I sensed a small girl about 6-she definitely told me she was 6 (not verbally).

Evidence continued in Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6   for Ghost Walk 10/22/2011

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