Ghost Walk 11/22/2011 Evidence Part #2

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Ghost Walk 11/22/2011 Evidence Part #2

Photographic Evidence

Kyle and Shalise Lamb were two of our participants on the October 22 Ghost Walk.  They and four friends drove in from Utah to join our hunt.  While we were preparing the group Kyle took a few random photos while standing in the Gallery area towards the main library.

At the time nothing was noticed out of the ordinary.  A few days later Shalise Lamb and her friend Vicky called me very excited.  They asked for my email and this is what I received.  The first photo is regular, nothing notable.  The second shows a small figure hiding behind the wooden display case to the right.

DSC_0166 Kyle & Shalise Lamb w o girl

DSC_0165 Kyle & Shalise Lamb Origianl w girl

Do you see the little girl? (click on photo and enlarge it on your computer)

We did right away.   During our time at the library we have hear stories about a little girl, around seven years old.  This little girl seemed much smaller than we would have expected, but it does look like a small little girl.  She appears to be white, in a cream or light colored dress, and some think she has her hair in ringlets.  She seems to be hiding behind the New Books display.

After receiving the photos, I asked if they had any idea she was there.  They stated on, but Shalise did say during the tour she felt a little girl with her.  Remember, we had not seen the photos yet and had no idea the little girl was hanging out with us.

Kyle & Shalise Lamb 1 cropped girl

Like Paul Harvey from radio……Here is the rest of the story-

Not long after the Ghost Walk the local papers contacted us and asked if they could use the photo.  The Lamb’s agreed and the Rocket Miner did in fact print the photo along with an article about the library and the Ghost Walks.  About a week later I received a call from up-state Wyoming.  A lady that had grown up in Green River was calling to relay a story about a little girl.  The woman said that she and a couple friends were playing in the area of the old city cemetery when they were young.  They saw some workers unearthing the graves to move them up the hill to the current city cemetery.

They were curious as you might guess and asked to look in.  What they saw surprised them.  In one grave was a big man, but in the other was a two to three year old girl.  She was dressed in a cream dress, with blondish ringlet hair.  The lady stated that she knows the girl in the phone was the same girl.  She said “It looks exactly like what we saw”.

I was stunned.  How amazing to have a call like this.

Special thanks to Kyle and Shalise Lamb for sharing the photos and Liza for the informative call.

This is what this blog is all about, evidence and the truth.  Thanks so much!!!

Kyle & Shalise Lamb 3 girl circled







Evidence continued in Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6   for Ghost Walk 10/22/2011

Ghost Walk 11/22/2011 Evidence Part #1

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I am hoping to start the New Year by getting all the October 2011 evidence posted within the next couple months.  Due to time constraints with my other work I am a bit behind.  Sorry for that.

We will start with the October 22, 2011 Ghost Walk EVPs. Please remember we recorded each Ghost Walk Tour.  These are the pieces that have the most interesting findings.

110309_003 10.22.2011 Staff Lounge

Participants mention hearing cigar smoke and battery drain.

110309_006-Back of Lib, SL Sick

Participant SL suddenly became ill and we had to stop.

110309_007-YA Area EM Story

Story about Elizabeth Moriarty

110309_011-Staff Lounge

Staff Lounge

110309_012-Staff Lounge Last Tour

Staff Lounge, last tour using ghost box.

I posted the full recordings so those of you that have not been able to join us will get a feel for how we work.

Please listen carefully to the recordings.

Feel free report anything you may find.

Evidence continued in Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6  for Ghost Walk 10/22/2011

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