Ghost Hunting Terminology

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The following are terminology and definitions which are listed in the book

“Ghost Hunters Journal” by Fiona Broome and the Hollow Hill Staff.  This is a partial list only.

My hope for sharing this information is that you will find a better understanding and clarity of what ghost hunters or anyone like myself are trying to explain. 

Anomaly- Something that is out of place and unexplained.  I paranormal studies, it refers to any phenomena that we cannot explain.  Example: A lens flare in a photo is not an anomaly, but an orb that we cannot explain is an anomaly.

Apparition– since the early 17th century, this refers to any ghost that seems to have material substance.  If it appears in any physical form, including a vapor-like image, it may be called an apparition.

Clearing or space clearing– Ridding an area of lingering unpleasant energy.  It does not “kill” a ghost.  Space clearing may encourage ghosts to cross over, or at least leave the haunted location.

Demons– Historically, this term has included deceased individuals.  However, since the early 18th century, it usually refers to an evil spirit, sometimes more powerful than man, but less than Deity.  Today, we generally do not use this term to indicate a deceased human being.  The female demon, very rarely mentioned, is a demoness.

Doppelganger– A concept made popular in the early 19th century, especially by Shelley and Byron. A doppelganger is the apparition, or double, of a living person.

Ectoplasm– Often referred to as “ecto”, this is the physical residue of psychic energy.  It’s the basis for “slime” used in the Ghostbusters movies.  Ectoplasm can be seen by the naked eye, and is best viewed in dark settings since it is translucent and tends to glow.  It is very unusual. 

EMF– Electro Magnetic Field, or Electro Magnetic Frequency.  As the name suggests, it’s a combination of electrical and magnetic fields.  You’ll find high EMF levels around power sources, fuse boxes, electrical outlets, computer monitors, and microwave ovens. Etc.

Unexplained EMF fields often indicate something paranormal.  EMF fields can be measured with various tools, including an EMF meter or a hiking compass.

Entity– Any being, including people and ghosts.

EVP– Electronic Voice Phenomena, or the recording of unexplained voices, usually in haunted settings. 

Ghost– A sentient entity, spirit that visits or lingers in our world, after he or she lived among us as a human being.  We’ve also seen evidence of ghostly animals and pets.

Haunted– Describes a setting where ghosts, poltergeists, and/or residual energy seem to produce significant paranormal activity.  The work “haunt” originally meant to frequent.

Medium– Someone who can communicate between our world and the other side.

Orb– A round, whitish or pastel-colored translucent area in photos.  Rarely seen in real life.  Generally, these are perfectly circular, not oval.  Many researchers believe that they represent spirits or ghosts. 

Poltergeist– from the German meaning “noisy ghost”, this term has been in use since the early 19th century to mean a spirit that makes noise, or otherwise plays pranks…often annoying.  Unlike other ghosts, poltergeists can move from one location to another, following the person they’ve chosen to torment.  Many psychologists believe that poltergeists are not ghosts at all, but some form of psychokineses or remote activity.

Portal– Literally, a doorway or gate, this term suggests a specific location through which spirits enter and leave our world.  When there are multiple phenomena in a confined area, such as an abundance of unexplained orbs, some people call this a “ghost portal”

Protections– Objects, rituals, routines, tactics, or processes through which you guard yourself against psychic, demonic or paranormal intrusions and effects. 

PSI– Popular term used to mean any psychic phenomena, psychic abilities, and sometimes inclusive of paranormal disturbances as well.

Psychokineses or psycho kinesis– To move something with the powers of one’s mind, alone.  It may be a factor in some haunting, and particularly in poltergeist phenomena.  It’s usually called “PK”.

Residual energy– Many ghost hunters believe that emotionally charged events leave an imprint or energy residue on the physical objects nearby.

Sparkles– A visual effect described as the sparkle of embers falling immediately after a fireworks display.  These small, sparkling lights usually occur no closer to the camera than ten feet.  They are often 20 to 50 feet away, or more.  Sparkles are seen during and especially immediately after the flash on a camera is used.  Even the most vivid sparkles will not show up on film.  (If they do, check for dust on insects.)  Sparkles are paranormal phenomena.

Telekinesis– from a Greek word meaning any motion that is activated from a distance.  Technically, this could describe a remote-controlled toy boat, so we use the work psychokineses for our research. 

Vortex– Since the time of Descartes, this has indicated the rotation of cosmic energy around a central point or axis.  Beginning in the mid-19th century, the word “vortex” has meant any whirling movement of energy or particles.  Some people use this term to explain lines or narrow cylinders that appear highlighted in ghost photos. 

I hope these terms will help you when trying to understand more about the paranormal.  If you have further questions please contact me and I will do my best to find the answer for you. 

Is the Rock Springs Library Haunted Too?

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Rock Springs Library

We are not the only local library to be reporting paranormal activity it seems.  Reports have come to me that the Rock Springs Library is also having a little “haunting” of their own.  Some time back I did hear there were just a couple short stories told.  Mostly the stories told of noises that could not be explained.  New staff members have been added to the Rock Springs Library earlier this year.  Now it seems more stories are surfacing.   

Chuck Dittman-While working in the Fererro Room at RSL, I was talking to Sue who was running a vacuum. After a minute or two she stopped and started working on the entrance of the Johnson Room. I picked up my tools to go upstairs and was walking past her. I was going to make a funny comment to her as I passed by, but I didn’t and continued down the hallway. When I got to the end of the hall I could see all the way down to the children’s area. It was then that I realized Sue had moved into the children’s area and was not in the Johnson Room entrance. I went back to see if it was just someone else but, we were the only two in the building at 7am.

Also at 6am, if you go to the adult section at the top of the stairs and to the right corner you can really feel a presence. Cherrie, my wife,  told me she took Wolfgang , our son, to RSL and was looking up books when she had to turn around to make Wolfie sit back down in his stroller because he was running around her and up and down the aisles. She realized that he was asleep and she was the only one up there. It freaked her out. This turned out to be that same area.

Diana Grote-The elevator will start going when I am the only one in the building! This has happened to me multiple times over the years!

On Saturday morning, June 25th, around 11ish Mai and I were down at the Circ Desk and Mai saw a figure swoop past the reference desk and go into the fiction room.  About 15 minutes later we decided to go upstairs and check it out.  Mai went into the room first and went to the left and the air was cold.  I went into the room and the first thing I noticed is in the F-H aisle there was about 15-20 books turned horizontal instead of vertical and then in Aisle I-L there was 5-10 more and then they just stopped.  The books were not like this on Friday and Mai and I were the only ones in the building Saturday and we were the first ones in the building also!  Interesting huh?  Just thought we would let you know!

Mabel Larsen-There has been several things happen when I have been in the building alone.  The first one was shortly after I had started and my first Saturday working alone, and I was standing by our CD cleaner (near front entrance), I saw something coming down the stairs from YA and go through the front door and quickly down to Youth.  I had thought it was one of the girls, but when I looked through the window there wasn’t anyone, and then I started calling the girls, but no one responded.  I checked the schedule and realized that no one was scheduled with me on that day.

On several occasions I have been shelving upstairs and I have seen and felt a cold breeze walk right by me, but when I look again there isn’t anyone there.  It happens a lot when I’m upstairs shelving in our Western History room.

On another occasion I went down stairs to Youth and was looking for Chuck, but the door next to the Youth Circulation desk opened and I had thought it was Chuck, but when I looked it looked like something went up the stairs, so I called for him, but when I turned around he was standing right by the elevator.  This happened early in the morning, before anyone else was in Youth came in so, then talking to Chuck he told me he has also seen whatever it was that I had seen.  The image I have seen is that of a petite older woman.  Also, the elevator has gone up by itself, when we have been here alone.

My last run in with this ghost was on Saturday, June 11, 2011.  I had a scrapbooking class and so when I was packing up at the end of the day, I went to close the door, and when I was trying to do that, I felt like someone was pulling the door, so I had thought that maybe someone was still in the Johnson room. I opened the door and I could feel a cold breeze, I looked around and there wasn’t anything.  So, I closed the door and walked out to the other door that closes to the stairs going up to the CFAC.  My husband came in to see what was taking me so long and I was telling him I was having a hard time closing the door.  As I’m talking to him, I felt the breeze again and the door being pulled again, I opened and everything was dark and I slammed the door hard to get whatever it was away.  So, my husband saw as I was struggling with whatever it was that didn’t want me to close up.

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