Ghost Log 2009 (Ghost Log Postings 2009) Part VI

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Patron Written Reports from the Ghost Walk                 October 30, 2009

Reports are listed alphabetically by last name. 

If no last name is listed they are listed alphabetically by the first name. 

C. Baker:

I went to the boy’s bathroom and while I was using the restroom I heard a loud “WHISH” and it sounded like the toilet next to me, but nobody else was in the bathroom. When Ellie was talking about sometimes seeing the entrance to the girl’s bathroom open, I saw the door open about 10 inches and stay open at least for 2 seconds and then close. 

A. Comer:

#1: Well I was about to go down the stairs when I saw a little boy at the top then he just disappeared. 

#2: We were headed into the lounge and I got a really sick feeling in my stomach followed by a dizzy feeling.

B. Holloway:

#1: I was in the doorway that Ellie doesn’t like to go in and I felt a rush of cold air on my hand like something was passing me.  There was nothing there but after it passed it wasn’t cold any more.  So that doesn’t usually happen. 

#2: We were right next to the Ladies bathroom.  Ellie swears she didn’t touch the door and it swung open.

B.  Marsing: When I was on the Ghost Walk I was in the bathroom and I was the only one in there and as I came out to wash my hands the lights went off and I felt as if there were people standing around me as I was trying to feel my way out.  There wasn’t a possible way for someone to open the door and turn off the lights without me noticing them.  It was a very cool and strange experience.

As I was on the Ghost Walk through out it I felt as if someone was squeezing my wrist.  I also saw various shadows on the staircase and down the hallway.  


On Ellie’s tour in the ladies room when they asked the spirits “Is anyone here?”  I heard whispering.  When I heard it played back the whispering said “Gretchen” plain as day.  In the upstairs hall the smell of chemicals made me queasy.  

E.  O’Neall:

I was up in the lounge when my phone began vibrating and I hadn’t gotten a text or call or anything.  My screen on my phone was blank except for my wallpaper. 

E.  Onsager:

When we were in the girl’s bathroom, my girlfriend asked if there was a girl in here.  I heard something whispering and then we listened to the recorder and heard a voice say “Gretchen”. When we were in the upstairs room I heard some creaking and my girlfriend heard the same thing.  

J. Stanly:

EVP #1: In the bathroom at around 9 pm and EVP was recorded.   Asked if there was a little girl who wanted to speak and an entity responds with the name “Gretchen” in a low whisper like voice.  The more I listen to this voice it’s hard for me to distinguish whether or not it is a voice or just scattered background noise from the other people in the room.  Hopefully further analysis on this recording will help us to make a proven decision.  I would really love to know if this is a spirit person, or a name that I chose to hear subconsciously because I really wanted to catch something.  But then others seemed to have heard the name too. 

At around 10:30 pm we were getting ready to walk into the downstairs office when the fax/printer machine turned on all by itself.  I don’t know if it was a fax machine or a printer but the paper was going in it.  At the same time or maybe 2 minutes later a girl, about 5 feet behind me, at the other fax machine said that the fax started dialing numbers.  At around 10:45 pm we all decided to use the electromagnetic detector to communicate with any entity in the room since it appeared to be so active. 

EVP #2: Not only did we get hits on the device 2 times because it lit up when we asked the spirit to come close to it (which was amazing because we set it on the ground and there was no fluctuation on it until we asked the entity to come towards or step on the device)but I also got an EVP of a man saying “I’m sorry” after one of the women in our group tries to get an entity to light up the device by saying “the device won’t hurt you at all, we are just trying to record your presence”…..”I’M SORRY”.  I do believe I caught other EVPs in this recording but with so many people in the room it is hard to be sure. 

EVP #3: In another recording around 10:45 pm our tour guide asks if the entity wants us to stay and it responds with “YES…SORRY”.  This was in the downstairs office. 

EVP #4: At around 9:45 on my first tour in the downstairs office I was next to our tour guide when she said “Alright everyone move in here, hmmm…”YOU JUST…I just don’t like to have my back all the way”  This EVP is clearly of a man saying “YOU JUST”.  Also the tour guide is nervous about the hallway and just before she says, “Did you hear that?” the audio goes fuzzy as if an interference.  Maybe there is something there that I can’t hear. 

EVP # 5: She says “this hallway gives me the creeps” and then about 5 seconds after I can hear either a whistle or a scream, not sure what it is but I doubt it was any living person in the room.  At around 11pm we were all upstairs in the break room and this was when I felt overwhelmingly uncomfortable and jumpy.  Like someone was standing right behind me. 

EVP #6: I began recording and after our tour guide thanks the spirits for communicating with us a male spirit responds with “Thanks”.  Also I believe that I caught other EVPs but again, it is hard to tell because there are so many people in the room.  I can say that there are times during recording when the audio goes fuzzy or cuts out which I do think is an entity trying to communicate.  This usually happens when a lot of people are talking.  The audio will be crystal clear, and then all of a sudden go fuzzy or seems to be interference.

EVP #7: At around 11:15 pm I asked my boyfriend to go to the girl’s bathroom to do an EVP session by himself.  HE asks ‘Are you by yourself” and 5 seconds later a little girl’s voice is heard.  I can’t tell if she is saying “somebody help me”, or something and then “mommy”, “I want my mommy”.  

Taten and Tanner:

We were upstairs in the staff lounge looking down into the book section.  We were looking around the middle when we saw a light from the computer flickering on and off.  Then all of the sudden it stops. 


I got an EVP on his phone while going up the back stairs.  It sounds to us like a man’s voice saying “just keep walking”. 

Novermber 2009

Ghost Log Entry. Friday, November 13, 2009

Prior to the Poetry Jam, Kyla, Zach and I experienced some paranormal activity. 

Kyla and I had set up the room earlier in the day. We arrived back here at the library at 6:00 pm to finish the odds and ends of starting the coffee and setting up refreshments etc… Zach and I went to the back of the library to get the couch. The library was closed and locked. Kyla was in the multi-purpose room setting up refreshments.  We opened both doors to the room to make it easier when we returned with the couch. As Zach and I entered the Gallery Kyla popped out of the multi-purpose room in alarm. I noticed the one door was almost closed. Kyla asked us, “Did you guys hit the door with the couch or something?”  We looked at each other and then at Kyla and said “No.” she said, “That’s what I thought.” She then went on to explain that she heard a crash into the door closest to the stairs. The door itself started to close by itself.  She thought it was us crashing into the door with the couch and popped her head out to look, just in time to see us just barely entering the gallery. 

Kyla had turned on the fireplace and the lamp in the gallery. We were all three in and out of the multi-purpose room. She came back in and said, “Ellie, did you turn off the lamp?” I answered that I had not. She asked Zach the same question.  He had not either and we could all account for the whereabouts of each other.  She explained that the light had been on…we all witnessed her turn it on…then it was off… she stopped and thought, “Wait a minute…didn’t I turn that light on?” and went back to look. The lamp was on again. While she and I were by the refreshment table, we both looked up at the same time for no apparent reason in time to see the door closing by itself. 

The third thing that happened was that after the couches where in the multi-purpose room I locked the grate that secures the main body of the library from the public. I always double check that it is properly locked and then check again. I did this.  As we were cleaning up a couple of people picked up the couch and with a couple of people trailing behind they all went to return the couches to where they belonged. I ran after them to unlock the gate and arrived in time to see it lifting up easily…unlocked. For the record I had the keys in my possession all evening and that gate is VERY difficult to unlock. I said, “Thank you very much!” to no one in particular.

Ghost Log 2009 (Ghost Log Postings 2009) Part V

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Tour 3:

For the third tour, we had a smaller group composed of about 15 people; a few who had been on one of the other tours came along. From the beginning of this one, things were different.

We went out to the gallery and we began in the bathroom again…this time I and the people who had not toured yet who wanted to join in and a couple from the first tour. There was an eerie stillness and expectancy in there this time. It sounds odd but it was darker than the first time we were in there.  There was an ominous feeling and a serious pressure to leave. To get Out.  One young lady, Brooke, visible recoiled grabbing her arm, looking around and asking, “Who just grabbed me? That’s NOT funny.” No one had touched her-no one visible- she was not even standing close to anyone else. She rubbed her arm, looking around. For the rest of the tour, she kept feeling someone grab her by the wrist. I could tell it was genuine, in part because I have had a similar experience and recognized the reaction.

As we entered the main part of the building, past the front doors, I handed the k-2 meter to one of the young ladies on the tour. I shared various paranormal events with them as we went through. Here are a few that I may not have previously recorded:

One evening after a Poetry Jam at around 10:30 pm many of us were cleaning up after the event. About five people came running into the multi-purpose room to get me. They were very excited and exclaiming things like, “Wait till you see this!” and, “This is CRAZY!”

The gates that separate the main body of the library were down and locked tight. I was the only one with a key and it was in my hand. That week there had been helium balloons on display at the library for Love of Reading Week or some-such event and by Friday night the surviving balloons were getting pretty droopy and shriveled. Everyone was pointing to a particular balloon that was not tied down, but floating just above 4ft off the ground. This particular balloon’s string was taught and appeared to be in the process of being pulled…as if someone small were holding the string and walking with it. At first, as I witnessed it moving in a very purposeful circle I said, “Maybe it’s the wind?” and then the balloon stopped a few feet in front of us for a moment and then went in a straight line down a row of books-string pulled in front of it taught. The other loose balloons were still floating in one spot-not moving.  It was awesome! I then said, “Or maybe it’s not the wind.”

I then told them about the day that I had the handprint appear on my computer screen. I was typing up the article and there were first four and then five dots on the screen very similar to what it looks like when one puts a magnet on a TV screen. I blinked my eyes and rubbed them thinking I needed to blink more…and then an entire hand print was on the screen! I was exclaiming, “Whoa! There’s a handprint on the screen!”  Maxine looked as it was lifting itself off. I was so excited and amazed and began the denial of, “Maybe it wasn’t a hand print…” When it really quick did it again!

I told them of the apparition I saw of a tall young man. He was solid and looked like an actual live person, except he was too tall, and moved too fast and moved sideways unnaturally fast in order to accommodate his passage through a book shelf! I saw him pass through it from just above his waist down. Plus he was dressed in old time clothing. We had just locked the doors and we had already walked through to verify that no one else was in here…

I told them of the apparition of the older gentleman in the top hat who was glimpsed for years and then apparently left the library never to be seen since. This departure was apparently witnessed by a two year old child who stopped running around wild and simply stared at something in the area that the apparition was most commonly seen. After a few minutes of this he said, “That man is gone Grandma. That man is gone.”

We continued on around the perimeter of the library without incident until we arrived in the Young Adult section which is located in the far back left corner of the building. I observed Brooke brushing her arm and wrist from time to time.  We all felt a tension growing. We all got settled and the people who wanted to record prepared their cell phones for that purpose. We began asking questions. One woman asked, “Is this your home?” we ALL heard whispering and Brooke looked at her arm and rubbed it again; We had eye contact that non-verbally asked, “Did you hear that?” and then we were asking each other out loud, “Did you hear that?!” and “It was a whisper!” and “What did it say?!” and “No, it was me, I sighed.” Someone else was saying, “No! It was from the corner over there!”  We all felt strongly that we needed to leave that area. A lot of people were saying things like, “Let’s keep moving!”  We defiantly had the creeps.

I was at the front of the group along with our Keeper of the k-2 meter, Aime.  We began to go towards the back room through the circulation area. Several things happened at once. First the people at the end of the line all began exclaiming that the phones were lighting up and I moved towards them saying, “It’s probably the fax machine I have had that…” and stopped my sentence as I realized that first of all the fax machine was not ringing and second that ALL of the phones on all of the desks had their lights flashing and the phones were not ringing. At all. Then the people at the front of the group began exclaiming and I became aware that the printer/scanner in the back office was acting like it was scanning a document. No one was back there. The lights were off in there. Also, the k-2 meter was flashing like Christmas time.

We were all very excited to say the least! We got ourselves somewhat together and ventured into the backroom. The k-2 meter kept flashing and the printer was still acting like it would print…and then it all stopped. The door was open to the very creepy back hallway. The lights were off in the hall and in all of the rooms down the hall. Aime and I were standing by the doorway.  It was slightly chaotic for a few minutes while people discussed what had just happened and we decided what to do next. Everyone wanted to record again. As I was beginning to organize this venture we all heard really loud swishing coming FROM the back hallway; Swishing like a lot of fabric rubbing together, and some whispering.  Three or four of us decided to go a little ways out into the hall to see if the k-2 meter would light up. As we headed out there a couple of steps, I was suddenly so dizzy that I nearly blacked out and fainted. I was instantly nauseous. Just as I said, “Whoa, I am really dizzy.” The other people were also saying it…we basically all said the same thing at the same time and also unanimously headed back to the room with the printer and the rest of the group. We all felt a strong, menacing foreboding coming from the end of the hall. Two people said they saw a shadow at the end of the hall between the two doors down there. I didn’t even get to tell them that the shadow has been seen there before. I didn’t even have to tell them any of the past experiences-we were in the middle of one right then.

In the back room we were suddenly unified in purpose. We put the k-2 meter in the middle of the floor and stood around it in a circle. Everyone got their phones ready to record. It was silent in there. We began asking questions and saying things like, “We don’t want to hurt you. We just want to communicate with you. We are interested in you.” And also, “how many of you are there in here?”  at one point I explained that they could let us know that they were there by making the machine light up. I said then, “If you want us to know that you are here, please just touch…the device…” As I said the word, “device” it LIT UP! A collective gasp! The device lit up for us several times in response to questions, such as, “If you want to communicate with us please touch the light.” It would light up! Often we heard an accompanying whisper. One young lady was not only scared, she had tears in her eyes and she said, “….it’s a big man and he’s angry…”

Finally, we felt like it was ok to go down the hall-barely. I swear the air was thicker and darker and the menacing feeling was so strong, one could almost see it. The first two people who went in the hall claimed to see a little boy at the very end of the hall by the back door that looked at them and ran into the Outreach room towards the garage. We stopped. I offered anyone who did not want to continue to go on into the multi-purpose room –the door of which was on the other side of the hall. Everyone declined. None of us felt comfortable passing the open doorway to the dark stairwell. There was certainly a presence watching us from there…we hurried past it. As we neared the site that the shadow was seen earlier and the boy had just been seen the energy was strong and frightening. I declared that I was NOT stepping foot in the Outreach room. There was nothing and no one at that point who could have made me go in there and earlier it had felt completely empty. Well it wasn’t empty anymore. Two people took about two steps in the door with the k-2 meter and promptly retreated. We then began to head for the stairwell! The feeling of a presence was strong here as well, but not as menacing. As we stood by the picture of the first librarian in town, Elizabeth Moriarty, the k-2 meter lit up.

We went up to the lounge.  As we entered the lounge a few of the people in the group were instantly weak and ill feeling-they needed to sit down. We put the meter on the edge of the table and asked questions again. Just as we were about to give up and were reaching for it; the k-2 meter lit up and fell of the table. We asked a few more things and it didn’t light up. Next we put it in the hall outside of the lounge and close to the Maintenance closet. Many things have happened in this area of a paranormal nature, such as loud knocks coming from inside of it so loud and hard that the heavy wooden door shakes. This happened on another ghost walk twice in a row. Both times there was a series of three loud, purposeful knocks.  On this evening we didn’t hear knocks but the k-2 meter lit up slightly, twice. We retrieved the k-2 meter and as we were heading towards the long staircase that leads back to the gallery, I paused by the door to the stairwell to close it. I was holding the k-2 meter and said as I shut the door, “thank you very much for communicating with us.” As I said ‘Thank you” it lit up and I distinctly felt like there was an unspoken, “You welcome” or simply one that I couldn’t hear. It was very cool.

As Micki and I were cleaning up with the help of some patrons I felt oddly uneasy and unsettled. I have not felt like this after a Ghost Walk before.  Finally it was just her and I. She was in the multi-purpose room and I was in the gallery. I said aloud something to the effect that I hoped that we didn’t offend anyone…and I felt someone gently caressing my hair on the back of my head. I felt a constriction in my heart and therefore like crying. I wanted to go home.

As I went to leave, I still had the creeps and felt like someone was with me. I said, “You can’t come with me! You have to stay here.”  The unsettled feeling persisted. I went home and locked my car with the button on my key chain, thus shutting off all of the interior lights. About twenty minutes later I opened the door to let one of my cats out. Nothing was amiss and the lights were off in my car. About twenty minutes after that another cat wanted out and seemed spooked when I opened the door. The interior lights were on in my car.  I got the keys and hit the ‘lock’ button. The lights did not go out. Sigh. I went outside and checked the lights inside they were not set to stay on when the car doors are shut. I checked all of the doors and found the hatch slightly ajar. This is odd for many reasons. First of all the doors were securely locked an hour before and second, I had not even opened the hatch for over a week and I know very well that it was not left open in that time.  I locked the doors again and this time the interior lights did go off. I was not amused anymore and again announced that the ghosts were not allowed at my house. My cats came in with me like they were being chased. They proceeded after that to look at something I couldn’t see; their tails puffing up. The final straw happened when I took a bath and items on the shelves in the shower area began falling into the tub. I said, “That’s ENOUH! Everyone out!” Things settled down after that.

I don’t know if this year’s event was more intense because we were literally hours away from Halloween…and a full moon? I really don’t know.  For some reason though it was. I really enjoyed it and if any ghosties are reading over my shoulder as I type this…Thank you! It was great fun…but don’t come home with me anymore!

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