Ghost Walk Oct 30

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Saturday, October 30th, 2010

shroudedghostReport by Micki Gilmore

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

The night started out different than Friday did.  There were a lot of teenagers and silliness to begin with.  I really believe that this set the tone with the spirits interactions.  As on Friday night our path was the same.  There were a few more reports of voices in both restrooms.  One man later reported that he had had a water bottle in his back pocket and he felt a “tug” on the pocket or maybe the water bottle itself.  He turned quickly to look and see who was messing with it and all he saw was a lady that we see with her son at the library all the time, sitting in one of the chair with her eyes closed.  She was just waiting for us to move on.  He thought it was weird, but she didn’t look like the type to pull a prank.  I agree.  A minute later he said he felt it again, turned and she was sitting there with her eyes closed.  He said it hit him suddenly that she could not have moved that fast and got back to where she was sitting. 

When everyone had had a turn in the restrooms, we moved on.  We had nothing for a while, or so we thought.  Today (Monday) a lady came in and let several of us listen to a conversation that she caught on her cell phone.  It was me talking, I was asking the little girl that has been seen, if she was 9….8….7…you then hear 7, we could not hear her with our ears, so I start to say 6 and you hear in a slightly annoyed voice “I am seven”.  It was very clear. 

There was not many results walking around the lower floor of the library, but when we started to do an EVP in the back workroom we did get more.  I tried asking questions and I did not get much so I asked if anyone else would like to try.  One mother told her son, who was about 14, to try.  He said his name was Alex and would she like to come and play.  The K2 lights really lit up. He seemingly talked to her for a few minutes and then it all stopped.  I asked his friend if he would like to try.  He did.  I think his name was Tyler (?).  He asked and there was a little bit of reaction, but not as strong, then it stopped. 

We moved on down the hallway.  We again tried to talk to Michael and got a little of the lights on the K2 meter, but not as strong.  Next we moved on to the Outreach room and the garage.  As we entered the garage I was at the front of the group and I thought I saw a shorter shadow move across the room.  No one else mentioned this.  Once inside we circled around and started asking questions.  I asked everyone to gather around and I started asking if the little girl was with us.  I asked what her age was by counting down.  We saw the lights on the K2 light up.  The same mother as mentioned before suddenly let out a little cry.  I went to her to see if she had hurt herself or bumped herself on the hanging brooms or shovels in the garage.  She said no, that it had felt like someone tugged on her sleeve of her hoodie, someone short (like a child), but there was no one there.  She was a little freaked out.  I asked if she was ok, she said maybe she should leave.  I said I would walk her out, she said she was ok, just a little shocked.  She kept rubbing her elbow area.  I asked again are you ok, she said she had never had anything like that before, but she was ok.  I told her that I thought it might be the little girl and that because she was a mom, she might feel more comfortable with her.  She felt a little better.   We then moved on to the Staff Lounge up stairs. 

Once the group moved up to the Staff Lounge, several people said they felt “something”.  The meters were quieter than they had been before.  We asked the usual questions, but we got little reaction.  I thought the ghosts were else where.  (Wait until I post the EVPs!)  We headed back to the Multi-purpose Room to review with the other attendees. 

*I must say, I had thought that Friday night was the more active night, but I may have been wrong.  After receiving reports and EVPs from attendees, Saturday seems to have been the busier night.  I guess you never know until you review the evidence.

EVPs and attendee reports to follow soon. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Just a quick note to say I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday.

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Ghost Walk Oct 29

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Report by Micki Gilmore

First let me say, this was amazing.  I have helped with the Ghost Walk once before and we never had as much interaction as we did this year. 

Friday, October 29th, 2010

The evening began with high energy.  You can sometimes feel when something will happen.  There is a “charge” to the air.  Ellie and I did our introduction and tried to start the program by using the computer and the projector.  Neither one wanted to cooperate.  Lots of IT troubles.  So, like good librarians, we punted.  We talked about the history of the library and the told about the Ghost Log and some of its stories.   We discussed the equipment we were using, K2, EMF, and digital recorders. I asked for the protective white light to surround all of us and we began.

We then broke into the first group.  Ellie was the leader and will report on their findings.  They were gone a long time, so I knew they had had something going on or they would have been back sooner.   Once they returned, she gave a brief report to the waiting patrons.  And we counted out the next 20 or so for my tour.

We began our tour by the Gallery and restrooms.  Small groups of people were allowed to go into the restrooms and do an EVP session.   So of the girls in the group said they heard whispers and someone got silly and scared the others and there was a bit of screaming.  I checked on them and reminded them there is no horseplay.  There was no more of the screaming after that.  Next we talked about what has been reported by the front of the library and Circ Desk, then on to Youth Services.  As we progressed we did EVP sessions.  One teenager SJ, said she saw something move across the library before we passed the front desk. 

We stopped and discussed the stories in the Youth Services areas and did the EVP work.  We are still awaiting results.  We walked along the back of the library and someone said they saw something, but no report has been written up and given to me, to bad.  We took pictures as we went.  Nothing yet.  The K2 seemed  to be responding as I asked questions.  Several times in the YA area we seemed to be getting answers then it stopped so we moved on.  In the area of the adult computers we had a little more.  We then moved on to the back workroom and a little more.  Once we entered the back hallway there was a lot.  Ellie had told a story about two friends that did not know each other, telling her about a Michael.  So we asked if Michael was there, the K2 went full on.  Each time we asked a question regarding Michael we did get very good results.  Also we asked if there was a little girl there and she seemed to be with us most of the night. 

After a time we moved into the garage and we again had more lights light up on the K2 and the EMF sounded off.  We moved on to the Staff Lounge upstairs and one of the girls was moving the EMF detector back and forth and happened to move it next to me.  It went to the maximum.  I had said to the spirits they could come and stand by me if they were feeling shy.  Well apparently they were.  (We checked me later and there was nothing). The people were very excited, but they were quiet and respectful.  Reluctantly we moved back downstairs and into the Multi-purpose room so the next tour could go.

Many people were saying that they had voices of their cell phones or recorders.  I hope they continue to send the findings in so I can review them with Ellie.   All in all, Friday was an amazing night.  We had tons of results on both meters.  Wow.

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