Ghost Walk EVPs #1

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First let me apologize for being a bit behind in posting the EVPs from the October 30, 2009 Ghost Walk.   Many of you have been asking when they would be posted and I finally have them ready.

Some are clear but others are not.  Take your time when listening and make sure you are in place where there is no or very low noise.  Also these sound bites are not cleaned up or enhanced by using software.  They have been sent to Ellie or me directly from the devise that the record was made on cell phone, digital recorder, etc.

On several you will hear those of us on the Ghost Walk, but there are definitely other sounds to be heard.  Please let me know what you think you hear.

EVP #1- 0.44.0-0.54.0-step down…

EVP #2-1030092115 (sounds like walking)

EVP #3-1030092251

EVP #4-evp

EVP #5-Evp 2

EVP #6-Ill touch

I will be posting approximately 6 at a time.

A special Thank You goes out to all those that were willing to send in the EVPs and share with us.

“Are the ghosts drawn to certain people more than others?”

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This is a long standing question for anyone that is interested in the unexplained.  Many times when a ghost is seen or something moves we search to find an answer.  People are very curious by nature and let’s face it…we want to know.

When looking to experts for answers we find they too are unsure.  There is no exact proof of a connection, but many times in seems spirits are drawn to one person more than any other around.  I know a couple people like this.  It seems that where they are spirits are.  This might just be being at the right place at the right time, but I do believe there is something about them that is more open to whatever is out there.

Have you ever known anyone that has had claims through out their lives of spirits?  If this is the case we must keep in mind that they have had these experiences at different times and different places.  It would stand to reason that if there are so many variables, we look at what is true for each event, the same person.

Each person has his or her own aura, spirit, mindset, etc.  This sets the stage for the spirits.  If you were a spirit and you bumped into someone that really was a non-believer or their mind was closed to spirits, what would you do?  If it were me I would turn away from that person and find one that I could communicate with.  Someone that is open to anything, nature, emotions, energy, etc.  This is the person that any of the experts on television seem to think are like a lightening rod for ghosts.  They are people that embrace the spirit world and have not wall in place to block what may come forward.

When surfing the web there are many blogs and websites that list this same information.  Maybe more people than we think may be clairvoyant, empathic, and intuitive.  My conclusion is that yes, many times it may be one person pulling the spirits toward them.  This may not be the case every time of course, but yes I believe we “invite” spirits to contact us from time to time.

And more than not, little children are the most open.  Children just have not learned to block out such things.  They are pure spirits themselves.  What do you think?

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