Ghost Log 2007

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2/12/2007 DW by MG (Staff)

She was sitting at the front Desk and she heard a voice at her ear.

2/15/2007 C.H., G.P., Micki (Staff)

We were standing by the computer by Micki’s desk.  All three heard the computer turn off and then turn on three times.  Strange.

6/14/2007 Micki (Staff)

I went out to non-fiction to pull a book.  As I reached up to get it, I felt a light touch.  Like a hand lightly reach and hold my arm.  I have never had that happen before.  It got my attention.

6/28/2007 C.M. (Staff) for Patron

A patron came to the desk. She asked if it was normal to see a little girl. I asked if the girl was lost and she shook her head.  I asked if she meant a ghost and she shuddered and said yes.  She saw a little girl next to her while she was washing her hands.  She said she had noticed her in a stall previously.  We asked but she did not want to talk about it.

Additional info:  The story goes… the same lady had seen the young girls with pigtails.  They said hello to each other and she stated washing her hands.  She turned around and the girl was gone.  She asked if anyone had seen the same girl, no on had.  Staff member CM, said she was sure of what she saw “a ghost girl”.  Years ago an oriental girl was seen, could she be back?????

5/5/2007 L. H. Amateur Ghost Hunter, from Torrance, Ca. (Tourist/Patron)

I arrived in Green River at approximately 7:10pm.  My very first stop was the supposedly haunted library in town.  I’d read a story about it in one of the several ghost books in my collection at home in Torrance, California.

I wanted to check the library closing time before checking into a motel.  The posted hours showed a closing time of 9 pm, so I figured I had time to see if there was a vacancy at the Coachman Motel nearby, grab a quick bite to eat, and come back.

Up re-entering the car, I dialed up directions on my GPS for the Coachman, on Flaming Gorge Way.  I headed out in the direction of the arrow, fairly confident that if I made a wrong turn, I would hear the female voice saying, “Re-calculating”, and pointing me in the right direction.  I headed uphill, not realizing Flaming Gorge Way was behind me.  As the road curved right, I got a “Re-calculating” telling me to continue .4 miles on my route and to make a right on Riverview Cemetery Road.

As I went up the narrow curved road I immediately saw the entrance to the cemetery straight ahead.  This was the cemetery where the bodies from the old cemetery where the library now sits had been relocated!  The GPS told me to urn on Riverview Cemetery Road, but all I could see was an unmarked gravel road before the cemetery entrance, so I thought the motel might be on the other side of the cemetery grounds.  As I drove through, I got several, “re-calculating” messages, telling me now to make a u-turn when possible.  I was starting to get creeped-out.

I was happy to see a couple cleaning a grave marker and I hopped out of the car and approached them with, “I’m sorry to disturb you, but I’m lost.”  They gave me directions to go back the way I had come.  I got back in my car after thanking them, turned off the GPS and found my way out and away from there!

L. H., Amateur Ghost Hunter

(Upon attempting to get the same directions a second time from her GPS, it directed her, correctly, to the Coachman Motel.)

8/2/2007 M. T. (Patron)

It was around closing time, I was around the Children’s videos and I heard my name a couple times in a very low voice.  I turned and looked and no one was around.  Then it happened again.  Then I walked away and I thought I saw a figure out the corner of my eye.  I was so freaked out.

8/24/2007 M. P. (Patron)

I was on the computer playing a game and a lot of books fell off the shelf.  It freaked me out.

8/29/2007 Micki (Staff)

I was walking to the ladies room and felt a chill or a cold spot.  As I walked into the restroom door, it was gone, so I stepped back out and it was there.  It was still between the table and the door.  I could find no vents or such that would cause this.

9/14/2007 8:30 am Micki (Staff)

I came in a little early.  Only a couple people were in the building.  I walked to the hallway towards the Multi-purpose Room for coffee and a movement caught my eye.  I saw a shadow move across the hall.  It was directly in front of the Outreach door.  I thought maybe it was the maintenance man outside the door casting a shadow in.  He was not anywhere near there when I found him and said he had not been.  This is directly under a light and it would be very unusual to have that much movement outside show.  I only saw it for about 15 seconds.  I did not see it again.

9/19/2007 V.R. (Staff)

I felt someone watching me as I worked in my office (located in the back of the building across from the Outreach room).  I turned around and no one was there.  I kept feeling like someone was there so I hurried and finished and left.

(She reported later that in the many years she has worked here she never felt being watching this strongly).

Happy Holidays

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Thanks for stopping by.

I would like to take this time to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Please stay safe while traveling.

“May the Christmas Spirit move you.  ”


MLB Players Claim the Milwaukee Pfisher Hotel is Haunted.

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Somewhere out there are others of our kind, seekers of the paranormal, hunters of the unknown. But mostly there are just regular people looking for answers. People from all walks of life are wondering what they heard, what they saw, and was it real?

Even the famous and well known have encounters. Well here is a little something I ran across today.

On YouTube you will find several links to reports of the ghostly kind involving MLB players keeping baseball bats in their hotel rooms at night. Mike Cameron of the Milwaukee Brewers reports “There is a creepy feeling when staying there” during a CNN News interview. Also Brendan Ryan of the St. Louis Cardinals states “There a strange light that pasted through the room, very strange, the room got a little chillier. “ Ball Clubs and players state that the hotel is first class, but things happen.”

Many of us can agree that old buildings hotels or otherwise have their share of creeks and noises. But there is something different when you are laying in bed at night a light moves threw your room or the decorative chains start to rattle. Where is my baseball bat!

MLB (Major League Baseball) Players Claim the Milwaukee Pfisher Hotel is Haunted courtesy of You Tube.


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