Pets and the Paranormal

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Have you ever been sitting watching TV and Fido starts to act strange?  He starts to look in the corner or at the foot of the bed and begins to whine.  Does Snowball watch the ceiling and seem to react to well …nothing?  Sound familiar?

Many years ago a friend was house sitting her sisters’ home while they were out of town.  The friend and her husband stopped by the sisters’ house to check things out.  The home owner had left the back light on the kitchen stove for security reasons.  As my friend and her husband checked the house and were getting into their car to leave, he looked up and saw a man in the window watching them.  The only problem was he was see-threw!  They could she him and the stove light at the same time.  They left and called the sister.

The sister then retold a story about how her golden retriever had been acting totally odd and kept watching the corner ceiling of the hallway.  He would react as if someone was calling him.    And at one point the dog began whine and pace the hallway.  She called her husband home from work and they could never find anything in the house or attic.  After they returned home from their trip, they shared with my friend and her husband the fact that they had had many events happen that they had not wanted to tell anyone about.

Just today a co-worker told me that her little dog had been acting strange.  He was continually watching the bathroom.  She said it gave her the feeling that he was expecting someone to walk out.  He would watch and whine a bit.  She is a person that is very open or sensitive to spirits and seems to have a lot of contact.

I am sure many of you have similar stories of pets that would just act so odd.  They seem to be watching something or reacting to someone that wasn’t really there.  The experts tell us that animals are totally sensitive to the paranormal, just like they are more in-tune with nature.  Animals seem to sense earthquakes and environmental changes much quicker than we do, so why wouldn’t they sense anything else easier or quicker.

Cats are creatures of mystery.  Somehow we do not understand them as well as dogs it seems.  I have heard countless stories about cats that hiss for no reason while staring directly “at something”.

There is a story of a rabbit also that was its cage and started backing up to the corner for no reason at all.  After a while it was fine and then suddenly it rapidly started backing up again.  The owner had never seen the rabbit do this before or since.  This is all unusual to say the least.

If you have a pet story to share please send it in.  I am always fascinated by animals and their unexplained reactions to “things”.

Last Call to Join the Ghost Walk

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We are down to the last few spots for patrons to join the Halloween Eve Ghost Walk.

Pre-registration is required.

Friday night at 8 pm at the Sweetwater County Library.

call 307-875-3615 to save your place.


Ghost Log 2006

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6/10/2006 T.V. (Staff)

She was working on the computers and it crashed.  She changed computers, that one would not work right.  She tried another computer, it did not work right.  We rebooted all.  The worked for everyone else, but not for her.

6/12/2006 All Staff

Security gate went off.  Non one was there.  Later it went off again and no one was there.

6/19/2006 Reference

The Reference phone usually picks up calls from the other phones.  Suddenly it reset itself.  It had to be recoded.

6/30/2006 E.E. (Staff) and multiple witnesses

During the program, “Ghost Stories at the Library”, there were some unexplained occurrences that were witnessed by many people.  I am one of the librarians who put on the program and I was at the end of the group.  The other librarian (Janice) was in the garage with her part of the group at the time of the occurrences I am about to explain what took place.  The part of the group that I was with was upstairs and in the process of filing out of the lounge and down the back stairs.

A loud knocking came from INSIDE the maintenance closet across from the lounge.  Everyone by it jumped out of the way exclaiming and asking who did it.  Everyone had stopped moving by this time and they were all standing back from the door; no one claimed to do it.  It happened again-three very loud and forceful knocks that rattled the door.   No one was near it and it was clear that it was coming from the inside of the closet. I had the keys in my pocket and knew for sure that there was no way anybody physical was in there  As people began to immediately continue to file down the stairs, a horrible and strong smell of dead and rotting fish permeated the hall and the stairwell.  The people were coughing and holding their noses and asking what the smell was.  It lasted for several minutes.

Almost everyone was down the stairs, except for a young man, J, who was about halfway down the top flight of steps, just standing there, and two young women, K and B, who were standing on the landing.  K reports keeping the door begin to move, I heard her say “Oh my God, I’m going to scream.”  Then it slammed show very forcefully, and tow or three people did scream.  Everyone in the stairwell, myself included, heard it and it startled many people.  No one was near the door and it had been open for at least two hours with the door stop firmly in place.

We filed out into the library itself and several people were pointing up to the lounge and exclaiming  that there was someone up there with a white t-shirt.  They kept asking me who was up there, but by the time I was out where I could see the lounge, it was gone.  Now, yes we did have the two volunteers who had been up there earlier moving the curtain while EVERYONE was downstairs in the YA section, however, at the pint, as we were coming down the stairs and in the circulation area and by the videos and music CDs, Janice, her group and the two guys who had been moving the curtain earlier, were ALL in the garage.  Everyone was accounted for.  The two guys who were the pranksters did not have on white t-shirts any way.  One was wearing dark blue and the other was wearing a black and white striped shirt.  Two young ladies also reported seeing a little boy about three running upstairs.

The next morning the librarians who opened, said that the upstairs door was propped open, despite the fact that at least 20 people witnessed it being slammed shut.  Also, I turned off the lights in both of the bathrooms on our way out and the librarians in the morning reported that the lights were on.

9/09/2006 Micki (Staff)

I was in the Staff Lounge restroom, the door was locked.  I heard knocks (5 bumps) on the door.  I said I’d be right out.  Thought it was s staff members daughter, but when I came out no one else had been up stairs.  I asked a patron who was sitting in the Gallery if she had or had seen anyone go up the stairs, she said no.  There were no other ways anyone could be up there.

I went up later in the day and there was one quick bump at the door. ????

9/15/2006 Patrons mother and daughter

On September 15, 2006, a patron came to the Front Desk and reported to a staff member that her daughter had seen something.  That staff member came to find me, and I went to talk to the woman and her daughter.  We sat down and you could see they were both very uneasy.  I asked what had happened.  The mother said that she and her daughter had been in the library 10 days earlier, and that her daughter was in the Ladies restroom and was in the handicapped stall.  She went in and saw a “mean face” and came running out to find her mother.  She would not go back in.  I asked that little girl, who is about 7, to tell me just what she saw.  She repeated just what her mother said.  She just kept saying “I saw a mean face”.  That was all the description she would five.  She was visibly shaken.

I reassured the mother and daughter that we have never had anything bad happen here.  We have had noises and things fall, the alarm gate would sound off, even heard a voice now and then, but nothing bad.  I also told them if they ever felt scared or uncomfortable, please come and tell us.

10/13/2006 Youth Services Staff and Patrons

Youth Services hosted an after hours tour of the library for the high school students on Friday the 13th.  We went through the library in the dark (mostly) and Janice and I (Ellie) had flashlights.  We split the group in half so that we could have smaller groups to work with.  The tour consisted of us walking through the library, in the dark and stopping at various points and sharing entries from the ghost log and /or experiences.

When Janice and I, first approached the front doors, both of us noticed a distinctive, thick, “mist” hovering in front of the front windows, from the top of the front doors to the top of the front windows.  B and her husband R arrived and we were going through the building opening doors and such.  While we were upstairs in the hallway, R asked us if we had a fog machine in the lounge.  We did not and said so as we turned to look.  All of us observed a thick “misty cloud” between the lounge and the maintenance closet in the hallway.

During the course of the tour some unexplained phenomena did occur.  The fist occurrence took place in the women’s bathroom.  Two patrons entered the bathroom in the dark by themselves.  The person in the front flipped his cell phone open in order to give them a little light and the other person way holding onto the back of his coat.  About half way across the room, the patron in the front described the following, “…It felt like someone pushed me with two hands at full force square in the chest…” The patron who was holding onto his coat said that, “…It felt like he slammed into a brick wall…”  Both people were physically pushed backwards about a foot and visibly shaken.

The next incident was witnessed from the Reference section that used to be the Young Adult (Y.A.) section.  We had stopped to describe a few incidences that I experienced when it was the Y.A. section.  As we began to move on a patron exclaimed, “A hand! I just saw a hand!”  He indicated the third window pane, from the left, in the top row of windows on the front of the building.  He described it making a semi-circular swiping sort of motion, followed by another swipe slightly above the first one.  We ALL observed two new marks on the window in the pattern described by the person.

I was with both groups in the lounge.  As we entered the room in both cases, approximately half of the patrons exclaimed or made comments upon entering that they were suddenly extremely dizzy and needed to sit down.  I observed one patron in the second group whose knees buckled as he walked in the room.  He remained dizzy until we left that room.

Several people in both groups (including myself) could hear, when standing between the hallway and the lounge, a sound that reminded them of someone blowing across the mouth of an empty bottle.  It was not a constant sound and could be heard starting and stopping repeatedly.  It was not constant with any of the regular sounds of the building.  Both groups described hearing this independently of one another.

From the moment each group was in the lounge, for the remainder of the tour, many people suddenly caught a very strong and pleasant whiff of sandalwood.  I myself smelled sandalwood in the upstairs bathroom frequently, and occasionally in other places throughout the library after taking a trip to the lounge.  This was the case on this evening as wll.  Many people described smelling “incense”, and others described it as sandalwood.  “It” stayed with us for the rest of the night.

All present that evening described feeling a great happiness and contentment.

Nov. 2006 Patrons AM & V

Me and my friend V. were in the back of the library and heard a little girl giggling.  We found her near the third row of books, she ran away from us.  We chased her for a few minutes until she ran through a row of books.  We left the library after that.

(He relayed this story to a staff member.  He said the little girl ran through the book stacks and that’s when they realized that she was not real.)

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