Dog-gon’ It

August 30, 2009 on 2:18 pm | In Article | 1 Comment

The other night we had gone to bed. Sometime during the night my husband started snoring (again). So as usual I got up and went to the spare room. I laid down and of course our little dachshund followed me to the extra bed.

I must have fallen back to sleep and suddenly I heard a voice, I thought a woman’s, voice say “f.a.k.e.r”. I sat up and looked around. I knew I heard it and that I was not dreaming. I didn’t hear anything else, so I laid back down, but I was still listening. After about a minute or two I heard it again. I looked towards were the sound came from. You will never guess……it was my dog’s belly. I can’t believe it sounded just like a person saying a word. I got a good laugh out of this.

Now the really funny part was, the next morning I told my husband about it. He really laughed. I thought he would make fun of me or at least tease me, but he didn’t. He said “I have to tell you about my story”. He was lying in bed last week and he heard what he thought was a little child’s voice saying “maama”. He does not believe much in the supernatural, so for him this was a big deal. He said he heard it the second time and looked to see where it was coming from. You guessed it, the dog. There she was just looking at him with her sweet little face.

Go ahead and laugh, we did. Needless to say we are getting her checked or we might need to change her food.

My point in telling this story is to remind you to try to debunk whatever is making the noise or sound. You never know, you might just find your dog too may have a talking belly.

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