EVPs #10, #11, & #12

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When you check these EVPs out you will notice the team asking questions and we acknowledge a response on the Trifield IMeter.  It is from the Trifield IMeter reaction to several questions that were being asked by the AAPI members and myself.

An IMeter is a tool that is supposed to pick up electrical changes in the atmosphere.  The idea is you ask a question and when the spirit is close or it tries to make contact, the lights flicker and there is a low noise.

Let me know what you think.  I have to say #12 is pretty amazing.  I was there with the AAPI staff helping with the investigation.  I have to tell you that when I first hear this recording, my mouth flew open.  None of the three people that had sat there heard a voice other than our own.  I did report seeing the curtain move and there was a bit of a cold spot close to where I was sitting.

#10  53.20.0-55.55.5-Record of Trifield lmeter reaction

#11  55.03.0-55.12.0-Record of Trifield meter reaction

#12  58.50.0-59.19.0-Record of Trifield meter reaction with MG

Now what do you think?  Did you hear the childs voice?  It sure startled me.  I think she answers me by saying “three”.

EVP #8 & #9

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According to the report from AAPI you will hear


AAPI reports the EVP to say “Where’s Karen?”

SWCL Staff thinks it says “Where’s Sarah?”



“Very difficult”


Ok people, what do you think?  Are you hearing what we think we hear?  Do you have any thoughts or comments?  Let me know.

Quick Note about the Ghost Log Entries

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A friend pointed out that some of you may not know I post the “Ghost Log” entries randomly.  They are however also posted in a tabbed “Page” as well. As always, if you have questions or comments please let me know.


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