What do dreams mean?

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She is there with you, you see her laughing and talking.  You feel there is something wrong, but you just can’t put your finger on it.  It starts to rain and your friend runs away.  Something seems so wrong.  You think “this is happening, right?”  What is it?  You haven’t seen your friend in so long.  Why?  Do you remember?  Suddenly the alarm goes off and you realize your were dreaming about a friend that had passed.  The dream stays with you all day.  Somehow your mind tells you that she was trying to give you a message.  What was it?  What did this dream mean?

I have friend that truly believes that our loved ones visit us in dreams.  According to her, it is a way for their spirits to contact us without scaring us.  They live on in energy and spirit form and they just want to stay in contact.  I guess I believe this to a point.  I have had a few dreams that seemed so real that I was shocked when I woke up and realized they were not.  Some dreams are so much more vibrant than the others, much more real.  I don’t always know what to make of these.

There are many of my family and friends that have passed that have not “visited” me in any way that I am aware of.  So where does that leave me?

My best trick is to find a book about dreams and start researching.  Also you can go online and try to find Dream Readers.  Let me know what you think.

Try checking out a book about dreams from your local library.  See if you can figure out just what your dreams mean.

In Your Dreams: The Ultimate Dream Dictionar by Mary Summer Rain (Paperback – Jan 5, 2005)

The Complete Dream Book, 2nd edition: Discover What Your Dreams

Reveal about You and Your Life by Gillian Holloway (Paperback – Jul 1, 2006)

I Had the Strangest Dream…: The Dreamer’s Dictionary for the 21st Century by Kelly Sullivan Walden (Paperback – Aug 21, 2006)


Don’t just fall for anything.

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Do you love a good ghost story?

Do you love to hear about the unexplained?

I , and most of us do,  BUT……we need to be very careful what we “fall for”. Here at the Sweetwater County Library we hear many reports of ghosts and shadows, but we have learned to be cautious.

Unfortunately there are people out there that either believe anything they hear and try to pull a fast one on us. It is human nature to get excited when hearing these stories. I have done it myself. When I first started working for the library two of my new co-workers decided to step me up. Well bless their hearts. I was told that a radio in the back room was picking up ghostly voices. I was intrigued to say the least. I was taken back to the area and we bent over the radio and listened intently. Well it was a trick of course and I fell for it. I am happy I could give them a laugh.

My point is to be careful. Not every shadow is a ghost, not every unknown light is an orb, and not every voice is a disembodied spirit. Like my favorite Wednesday night television show, Ghost Hunters tells us to try to debunk all reports whenever possible. We try to incorporate this into the findings at the library. When a report is given of some activity, we record it, but also try to debunk it. Many times we have found a surprising result.

Example Report: The cash register was going off by itself.

Result: The electrical cord was a little loose in the outlet. DEBUNKED

Example Report: Voices heard at the back of the library by the emergency door.

Result: The neighbor’s dog had gotten out and was running around the library. He was calling for his dog and it could be heard inside.

Some things can be so simple. This is not to say all accounts are explained. We have many on record that are believed to be actual ghost sightings, voices, shadows, etc. We all would like to find out what is out there, what is real. Just be cautious and educate yourself as best you can on these things.

Good Luck!

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