“The Kids Want Me to Play”

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Yesterday I was talking to a friend.   He mentioned that his little three year old daughter had been playing at one of their friends homes.  During this visit she walked to the stairs of the basement and said “I want to play with the kids”.  Her dad was confused and asked “what kids “(the friends had no kids).  The little girl said “the kids in the basement want to play with me”.  He said he had chills when it dawned on him just what she meant.

We have all heard stories of little children talking to “imaginary friends”.  So often they are discounted as a child’s imagination and then the child is sent off to play.  What if she did see a “spirit child”?  Do you tell them there is nothing there or do you teach them to ignore what they truly think they see?  Or do we listen to their stories and keep an open mind?

My take on this is to listen.  Through my life I have known many people that report seeing spirits since they were small.  Experts say children are such innocent souls, that spirits have a much easier time communicating with them.  For most of us, it might seem a bit creepy when a toddler seems to talk to an empty chair or looks into a basement and says something like “they want to play” or “do you see them daddy?”

I took a look at the TAPS Website (Atlantic Paranormal Society) to see what my favorite Ghost Hunters had to say.  Here is what the founder Jason Hawes reports:


To a child, anything is possible. Everything is real. Santa still comes down the chimney ever Christmas and the Easter Bunny still comes and brings them baskets every Easter. To a child, anything and everything is possible. They do see more then most for this fact. They have not been conditioned by society yet as to what is real and what is not. Over years they will be told, “Stop playing with your pretend friend Bobby” and this helps close them off to what they experience. We have done some investigations into this and the conclusions are outstanding.

For the rest of this article visit their website at:


What do you think?

Ghost Log 2005

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2/10/2005 E.E. (Staff) Ellie attended the TAG group that Maxine conducts for the teenagers. They were in the Multi-Purpose room making trees. The kids were trying to get the CD player to work and switched CDs to see if that may be the problem. Maxine came and adjusted it and it began to play. The music was very fast and loud; the stereo shut off by itself after on 25 seconds. They put in the original CD (Green Day) and it would no play. Ellie jokingly said, “The ghosts didn’t like that last song. Hey ghosts its okay, this one is not as loud, please just give it a chance.” The CD played all the way through.

2/15/2005 E.E. (Staff) This evening at about 6:20 Ellie was shelving books in the Young Adult section, alone (or was she?). As she was putting away a book (Where the Heart Is, a book she does not particularly like), she heard an odd voice say in a drawn out way, that rather echoed as if coming through a tunnel, (Hiiiiiiiiii”). It was slightly squeaky and started out at a lower tone and then gradually grew in volume until it was rather loud. A sound accompanied it almost as if the voice were speaking over this sound. It is hard to describe, but the background sound was similar to the voice. This sound tapered off after the greeting, fading off. There was no one else, physically, in the area. She felt excited and rather grateful for some reason. She had the feeling that it was not easy for this word to be spoken. She was shaky for a few minutes afterwards.

4/22/2005 Micki (Staff) 8:35 am I was looking for a children’s video at the back of the library. I heard a very loud (woman’s voice) sigh like someone had had a very loud day. I thought it was Shelley from Children’s Services. It sounded just like her tone of voice. I turned thing I would see her and no one was there. I checked with Joyce & Carla, they had been in the other areas. No one else was close to that area at the time.

3/15/2005 Patron A young adult patron reports that while on the computer in the Children’s section she heard “someone” whisper her name three times. She thought it was me (Ellie Staff), but I was shelving books and far away from her-plus I did not say it. She reports that another time she was washing her hands in the bathroom at about 8:30pm and the lights turned on and off several times, quickly. She was one of only a few patrons in the library at the time and states that upon exiting the bathroom there was nobody in the vicinity.

6/14/2005 Micki (Staff) Big “Ghost Story” News. This last week a regular patron stopped by the library asked to talk to me. T and I have known each other for many years. He is a serious sort and not the type to exaggerate. He said “I saw a ghost”. I laughed and said yeah right (we get that a lot). He turned to me very seriously and said “I am not kidding, I saw a ghost:. He had my attention then.

The story goes like this, he said he stopped by the library around 10 pm and we were closed. He was just walking passed the windows at the front of the library and something caught his eye. He looked up and there in the library was a darkly dressed figure, possibly a male, by the front desk at Circ Computer #2. Suddenly it took off and zipped towards the Gallery and disappeared. He was left very shaken and he said his heart was racing. His next thought was to get the books in the book drop and get out of there. He hurried over to the book drop and opened the door. When he did a huge gust of air came up and out of the shoot and hit him in the face. This really threw him and he took off. He asked if this air was normal, I had to say it was not. He walked over and checked it a couple of times to make sure. He said he will never come to the library at night again. VERY INTERESTING!!

6/16/2005 Micki (Staff) I came in early to make up time. Joyce was upstairs, I don’t know where Gary was, but there was no one downstairs but me. I stepped out of the back room to the front desk area and I heard the Newton’s Cradle balls clack a couple of times and stop. I walked over to check them and they were still barely moving, but they had been moving. (Newton’s Cradle, was made and donated by a patron. There is a rack with 6 billiards balls hanging and once the end ball is swung and let loose, the next ball hits into the next, and it into the next, and so on. The balls are heavy and do not moving easily).

6/20/2005 M & T K (Patrons) While showing T the Ghost log, we kept hearing a creaking noise coming from the upper center portion of the building, like somebody walking up there real slow, we were both sitting by the restrooms.

11/01/2005 CA (Patron) What happened was one night my mom came to get me a book. She reached to grab a book and bam! The Shelf fell on her and then she heard whispering and laughing like ha,ha,ha,he,he,he.

11/03/2005 CS (Patron) Me and my friend T, were in the girl’s bathroom and T was putting make-up on and I looked up in the mirror and the bathroom stall doors were all swinging. We saw it at the same time and swung around and everything was normal.

11/14/2005 BW (Patton) When B took out the trash to the back of the library he heard what sounded like someone playing the same note on a xylophone with exactly one second between sounds. It seemed to echo. On the same evening Ellie (Staff) and B (patron) were in the multi-purpose room by themselves, cleaning up after a program, when they heard an odd sound. B describes as the sound a speaker makes when it blows, and Ellie describes it as something falling over. There was on one behind the curtains and nothing seemed to be amiss.

11/17/2005 MN (Patron) Well today we came to do a report and then I went to the bathroom. (Me and my friend)….I just barely taped the door and all of a sudden the door just flew open!!! Me and my friend screamed and ran out of the bathroom!

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