Across Time and Death

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What do you think of death and reincarnation?

I know this blog is basically centered around ghosts and possible hauntings, but I think with that these subjects are related. The possibility of life after death is always with us it seems.

I field many questions regarding possible hauntings and ghosts. People are curious and a bit apprehensive. We want to know, but we are little afraid. I think most people I know, do believe is some form of life after death. It my be just the thought of heaven or whatever comes next. Is it possible we might be reincarnated? Have you ever wondered? I have.

One of the most interesting books I have read on this subject is Across Time and Death: A Mother’s Search for Her Past Life Children by Jenny Cockell. “Mary died twenty-one years before I was born but memories of her life and of that time were always a part of me, shaping and affecting the person I grew to become…I knew that I ad to try to find the children of yesterday’ or my life would always be shadowed by…grief, anger and loss.”

-the above is taken from the Introduction

For as long as she could remember, Jenny Cockell had know that she had lived before as Mary Sutton, a young Irish woman who had died over twenty years before Jenny was born. Her constant dream-memory was of Mary dying, alone and desperately worried about what would happen to the eight young children she was leaving behind. When at last her own children were born, Jenny finally acknowledged that she needed to find out what had happened to her lost family.

Across Time and Death is the compelling story of a mother’s love that reached from tone life to another to reclaim her children. I a voice so honest, plain, and sincere that you know her story must be true, Jenny Cockell writes of the dreams that haunted her childhood, the painstaking search for facts and details that confirmed the existence of her past life, the discovery of the fate of her family, and their emotional reunion.

Jenny Cockell is married and has two children. She lives and works as a chiropodist (English for foot doctor) in Northamptonshire, England.

This book was published in 1993, but is still one of my favorite books on the subject. It is simple and you done very well. The reader will feel keenly her pain and feel she is telling truths when she writes.

“Get Her” (Just for fun)

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My good friend Cindy sent this to me.  Just a little something to make us laugh. 


SPIS (Sweetwater Paranormal Investigation Society)

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On October 25th the library hosted the “Haunted Halloween” program. Guest speakers were members of the AAPI (American Association of Paranormal Investigators). Later that night AAPI and SPIS (Sweetwater Paranormal Investigators) and myself did an investigation at the Sweetwater County Library. We appreciated the efforts of both teams and hope to hear from them soon on their findings.

The Ghost Hunter’s, SPIS is a local group, based in Sweetwater County, Wyoming.

Here is a bit of information about this group as listed on their official website:

Origin of SPIS

The Sweetwater Paranormal Investigation Society was formed shortly after an investigation of the Sweetwater County Library in Green River, WY. The investigating team consisted of David Halter, Sean Johnsen, Joe Barbuto, RJ Pieper, and Hannah Redden.

What started as a small project quickly turned into a full fledged documentary on the hauntings of the Green River Library. Before the group could continue with the project, they had to have a name for themselves. The original name of SPIS came from RJ Pieper.

After the investigation was finished the documentary was in post production. It was titled, “Ghost Hunt: Stories of the Haunted Library.” Within a month, the final cut of the film was shown to the public on October 27th, 2005 in the library’s multi-purpose room.

Over 100 participants came to the first showing of the film. An encore presentation was held the following Tuesday with over 60 people eager to see the ghost hunt.The excitement and success of the documentary encouraged the members of SPIS to continue investigations around Sweetwater County. However, jobs and school had prevented many of the team members from organizing them. Sean Johnsen and David Halter were planning investigations in Green River while RJ Pieper and Joe Barbuto planned other investigations around the area. Things were just starting to look up until the beginning of April when we lost one of our most important members.

On April 6th, 2006, Sean Johnsen, our most involved member of SPIS was killed in a vehicle accident. He was a great friend and an extremely intelligent person. He was a great asset to our team, and he will be missed greatly. His name will be remembered, and his involvement with the paranormal will live on through our investigations. Now that he has crossed into the realm of the paranormal, perhaps we will hear him in EVP or capture him on film. Either way, we know he will be there helping us every step of the way.

SPIS continues to investigate the paranormal. Even with our tight schedules, we will continue to plan, investigate, and report our findings of ghosts and other phenomenon throughout Sweetwater County and other areas. We have a scientific approach to our investigations, and we take every situation seriously.

They seem to be a professional and serious team of investigators. I wish SPIS all the best in their endeavors. I hope we will hear from them often.

Stop by their website:

The Sweetwater County Library System has reserves rights to all content. Do not copy or use in any way, any of the content without written permission form the host.

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