Ghost Log 2003

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1/10/2003 Micki and Multiple Staff Members

I was sitting at my desk and I smelled cigar or pipe smoke. This kept up for some time I asked the rest of the staff to see if they could smell it and they all said they could. We could not find any reason for this. It was strongest by the last cupboards by my desk. (Work room)



6/2003 S.G. (Staff)

At the front of the library, where new books are displayed, the top shelf of books all fell at once. It was as if someone pushed them all off.



J.W. and K.M. (Staff)

While shelving and reading shelves in the morning between 9 and 10 am, one of them picked up a book laying loose on the shelf and the whole thing (shelf) fell.



S.G. (Staff)

Where the newspapers are kept on the shelf, one shelf fell. When she checked to see why there was no apparent reason.


7/09/2003 Micki (Staff)

I heard glasses clinking as I was walking into the ladies room. Joyce was cleaning, so I asked it it was her. She usually only uses plastic bottles. It seemed odd. She said it was not her. ???



9/4/2003 Micki and Maintenance

I came in early to work on the computers. I saw Tom from Maintenance, said hello and he walked out the gates carrying an extension cord. The alarm on the security alarm gate sounded. We reset the gate and he tried again several times. He put down the cord and went threw and nothing happened. He put the cord threw and nothing happened. ???



10/25/2003 Micki, E.N., R.D. (Staff)

Before opening on Saturday 10/25/2003, we were standing at the desk getting the computers turned on, etc. Suddenly Micki noticed the front door was open wide. We asked each other if the others had left it open when they came in. No one had. I asked it they hit the handicap button, no one had. We were standing looking at tit wondering if some other staff person had come in that we did not know about and the door swung closed. Ellen went to unlock the door because it was not time to open, but it was unlocked. Ellen said she was the last to come in and she had not unlocked the door. Two Children’s Department computers were on when we came in.


10/24/2003 C.H. (Staff)

Carla’s computer was on and password had been entered. Also Shirley’s was on as well.

Is it an Orb or a Ghost?

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I was lucky enough to be included in the “Ghost Hunt” which took place on October 25th, here at the Sweetwater County Library. AAPI and SPIS, both paranormal investigators, combined forces and investigated the reportedly “haunted library”.

During the investigation, many members took pictures through out the library. We are all in the process of reviewing the findings. Although this is a lengthy process, I wanted to at least share a little with you. Here you will see the best of my personal pictures. You will notice a bright “orb” in the upper right side of the frame. Notice that it is bright, but not exactly round. There seems to be something to it, like there is substance there. I found this orb very interesting.

Orb at the back of the library stacks

Orb at the back of the library stacks

**Notice: All rights are reserved on this photo. No one may use this photo in any way without written permission from Micki Gilmore or the Sweetwater County Library.

According to the report submitted to the SWCL in 2006 from AAPI, orbs can be many things.

A natural Orb is not transparent and has a thick ring around it.

An Ectoplasm Orb can be seen through and shows reflection.


If you click on the picture, you can see a larger version of it.

I would very much like to hear from others. Have you ever caught orbs in your pictures?

What do you think of this?

The Sweetwater County Library System has reserves rights to all content. Do not copy or use in any way, any of the content without written permission form the host.

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