Ghost Log 2001 and 2002

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1/03/2001 to 1/06/1001   Several times the “smell” that the ghosts leave, was smelt in the back by the Moose Room, the Circ Desk and the Multi-Purpose room.  No reason for the smell was found.  1/27/2001 H.H. (Staff)   Cash register stated making noises as if someone was ringing up a sale.   2/20/2001 MM (Staff)   Cash register started clicking.  No one touch it.  Several times the security gate has gone off by itself, when no one was even close.  The Children’s Department Librarians computer will drop programs and not work correctly with no explanation.  A new computer was installed and the problems persisted.  Occasionally a very bad smell will be found and we can not find the source.  





7/2002   A husband and wife came in to use the computers.  The wife went to the restroom (lady’s room).  While in there she heard a “mournful cry” by a woman.  She felt sorry for the woman, but did not want to intrude.  After a time the crying stopped.  No one came out.  She checked under the stall doors and saw no one was there.  The crying stated again so she left the restroom.  She told no one for a time and later when she did, said she would ask a woman staff member to accompany her on her next trip into the ladies restroom.  


 9/2002 Micki (Staff)   Stated into the ladies room and I heard a sound like the toilet lid dropping.  I figured someone else was in the room.  I went about my business and it happened again while I was in the first stall.   It sounded like it came from the second or third stall from me.  I went to leave I noticed no one came out.  I looked under stalls, there was no one there.  I heard it one more time so I left.   Heard crying from a stall in the ladies room, but no one was there.  10/22/2002 A. F. (Patron)   Two weeks ago as I was checking out and ready to leave, the gate swung open ahead of me and the alarm went off.  The librarians and I checked everything and it wasn’t me or my books.  I went on my way.  As I have been driving around town after dark, every street light I’d go under shuts off!  Is the ghost in the car with me?  I hope that it has enjoyed it’s time away and is happy to be home!  We will see!  11/07/2002 C.H.(Staff)   I was alone downstairs reading the paper when I heard someone coming from the moose room toward the Circ desk.  It sounded like swishing skirts and got louder the closer it came.  Then the swishing stopped and the gate went off.    11/2002 Staff   A staff member was in the building alone and heard the sound of the cutting boards being used.  They know there was no one else was in the building, but the sounds continued for a half and hour.  The unnerved the staff member so they left the building.  ( They later said they actually saw the cutting arm on the cutting board moving).   11/20/2002 Micki (Staff)  11 am.    Heard whispering voices in the ladies room.     11/27/2002 S.G. (Staff)   She was in the ladies room, second stall.  She had checked to see if anyone was in the other stall and there was not.  As she was sitting, the lid to another toilet fell.  She checked to see if anyone else had come in and they had not.  She left auickly.


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It is normal to want to know more after you have had an encounter of one type or another.  Humans are curious creatures.  Once something spurs our imagination we just need more answers.  It seems as hard as we try the “curiosity” seems to nag at us.  Looking in other places that are reported to be haunted or trying to find others that have had the same or similar experiences are the most common responses. 


Lets face it, it is a bit unnerving to see a “person” that isn’t really a person.  Or to hear your name whispered in your ear and there is “no one” where someone supposedly had just been.  I have a little experience with this.  When shadows are seen just out of the corner of your eye, you wonder “Is it just my eyes playing tricks on me or is there something really there?”


There are many ways you can find at least partial answers.  There are books and online site which offer advice.  I myself have not tried the on-line sites, so I can not give a first hand review.  I would however advise you to do your research.  Check to see what they offer.  Not all internet sites are there to help you.  Many are there to just “make a buck”. 


If you have had your own experience or are just curious in nature, you might try the following:


“Historic Haunted America” by Michael Norman & Beth Scott

     Heralded in newspapers and magazines everywhere, including the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, The Florida Living Magazine, The Denver Post, and The Baltimore Sun, Haunted America has attracted enormous attention all over the country. 

     Continuing with the success of the nationally acclaimed Haunted America and Haunted Heartland, Historic Haunted America is a further investigation into North American ghost legends, a comprehensive compendium documenting yesterday and today’s most shocking hauntings in the United States and Canada….scores of shocking stories.

     From the ghost-ridden forts in Old Tucson to the “Inn of the 17 Ghosts” near Philadelphia, from the haunted plantations of Louisiana and Georgia to a haunted community playhouse in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Michael Norman and Beth Scott tell stories of the past and present so terrifyingly real that even the most skeptical reader will believe.


“A Ghosthunter’s Guide” by Arthur Myers

     Veteran ghost investigator Arthur Myers takes you on a coat-to-coast tour of the most haunted public places in North America in the collection of nerve-tingling tales featuring poltergeist of all shapes and sizes.  Restaurants, parks, hotels, offices, and museums are just some of the twenty-four favorite haunts of the restless souls, described in A Ghosthunter’s Guide.  You’ll be spirited off to places such as:

*The Gorman School in Forman, California, where the little specter Harriet adds her own ornament to a classroom’s Christmas tree.

*The Bird Cage Theater in Tombstone, Arizona, where a gentleman ghost leaves his handcrafted cigarette lighters.

*The Catfish Plantation Restaurant in Waxahachie, Texas, where a hospitable ghost makes coffee.

*The Johnson County Industrial Airport in Olathe, Kansas, where the ghost of a young Navy pilot prowls the hangar where his plane crashed.

*Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave, where Melissa, the lovelorn Southern belle, searches hopelessly for the man she led into the cave and abandoned.


If you have had your own experience, share with us.  We are curious too!

Is It A Ghost?

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micki-ellie-swcl.jpgIn May of 2007, a woman came to the library. She introduced herself as Linda and she had come from California. It was her goal to take a solitaire journey in search of the unexplained. Linda was a very nice woman with strong beliefs in ghosts and the unexplained. Fellow-staff member Ellie and I were working that evening and we agreed to answer her questions about the library. We had a lengthy conversation about the Ghost Log and the history of the library being built on the site of the former City Cemetery. We allowed her to take pictures around the library (excluding patrons of course.) We exchanged contact information and she went on her way.

From: Linda
To: Sweetwater County Library
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007

Subject: Linda from Torrance, CA

Hi Ellie and Micki,

Thank you both so much for your hospitality during my visit to your library on 5/8 and 5/9. I really enjoyed your stories and greatly appreciate the time you spent with me. I got my photos developed and found just one very strange picture! I was very careful not to get stray people in the shots, so I was very unnerved to find a man in one of the photos. It is rather comical, this figure. Please let me know if there is perhaps a cardboard cut-out of a man at desk-level, as you are facing the moose head, with the white sofa back to your left, and facing the table with the blue chairs. I don’t know how I could possibly have missed seeing such a bizarre cut-out. The head of the man is life-sized, by the way.

I eagerly await your


To: Sweetwater County Library Date: Wed, 23 May 2007
Subject: Re: Linda from Torrance, CA

Micki and Ellie,

Yeah, too bad I didn’t get one ghostly image on film, but when a friend of mine put together that the image looked like Jack Black, and I saw a picture of Nacho Libre, I laughed my head off !!! It still cracks me up!

The weather worked out great, and the whole
solo trip was awesome. Can’t wait to do the next one!

Sweetwater Co Library wrote;

Yes we do have a cut-out of Jack Black as “Nacho Libre”.
Sorry. I hope your trip was a good one.


nacho-libra.jpg nacho-libre-2.jpg

Well to quote Paul Harvey “Here is the Rest of the Story”. Some time back one of the staff brought in a cardboard cut-out of “Nacho Libre”, aka Jack Black. It had been placed in the Young Adult area. This was what she had spied peaking out over the table. Linda, Ellie and I sure had a good laugh over this one.

Hello Linda, Thanks for sharing this with us. Stop back by anytime.
We are still having some activity.

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