Ghost Log 2000

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3/2/2000 Unidentified Staff

This person was here early. She smelled breakfast food & heard voices from the Bookmobile room. When she went back to see who was here, no one was there. The Bookmobile people did not come in for 1 hour after.

3/20/2000 S.C., R.D., M.M., K.S. (Staff)

The strong “fish smell” was going on most of the evening. There has been a lot of snow today. It is suspected that is related somehow. Snow melts and water gets into pockets of “whatever” and the smell is around.


5/17/2000 Micki (Staff)

I was in the ladies room and heard the stall next to me close. When I came out there was no one in the room but me. I had not passed anyone going in either.




8/11/2000 JM (Staff)

I heard my name called several times while out shelving. When she came up no one had called for her.


8/14/2000 Micki (Staff)

I was working out in the stacks shelving and I heard Ruth’s voice call my name. I came to the front desk and she said she had not called.


8/17/2000 C.H. (Staff)

I was in the ladies room when I heard what sounded like someone tapping their shoe. I knew there was no one else in there, so I tapped mine 3 times. There was maybe a 15 second pause and I heard 3 taps in response. I tried again, but nothing happened.


9/22/2000 Staff

Security gate went off, no one was around.


9/28/2000 Micki (Staff)

While in the ladies room, first stall, I heard a tapping from the sink area. When I came out there was no one to be seen.



9/29/2000 Micki (Staff)

I was working in the bookmobile room at my desk around 10:30am, across the room I heard noises from up by the ceiling (a vent was there). I looked around and it stopped. I assumed it was coming from the vent. About 45 minutes later I heard the same noise, but it sounded like it was coming from the floor area. I looked and saw nothing. I was getting nervous, so I went out from and found busy work for a while. Later around 11:30am when I went back I heard noises in the garage just out the door and into the back of the garage. I looked and there was nothing.


10/4/2000 All

Alarm gates went off again, no one was around.


10/16/2000 Micki (Staff)

I heard a slight noise while in stall #1. Then the toilet paper “dropped” into place in the holder in stall #2.


10/28/2000 All

Alarm gate went off 2 times before 10-am. No one was around.


11/9/2000 All

Front gates went off 7 times in a row.



11/16/2000 All

Front gate went off again.


11/18/2000 Micki (Staff)



As I came in, 9:45am, the security gates were sounding off. I came in and cleared the gate with the clicker. The gate went off again. I turned around and said “oh just stop it!” and it did not go off again.


11/2000 Staff

In November on a Saturday several employees came in to work, about 10 am. The security gate was sounding off. Once they came in the security gates began flipping open & closed. Also the front doors opened as it “someone” had pushed the handicapped buttons. At the end of the day (5pm) they were walking out back hall and heard the gates sound off again. They left.

Is the Library Haunted?

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The term “haunted” is used most often to define unexplained happenings.  It seems there are skeptics and believers, but there is very little hard evidence.  Ghosts or spirits can not be caught in a jar and shown to your friends or framed for display on your fireplace mantle.  There are so many varying stories of hauntings and yet there is rarely any proof.  So what should we make of this? 


I have worked in what is thought to be a “Haunted Library” for 15 years.  Many people staff and patrons alike, tell tales of unexplained happenings.  Yet there are some staff members that have worked in this building since it was built and are not convinced.  Many of the staff have smelt an unusual smell, like dead fish from time to time.  Cigar smoke and flowery cologne also has been smelt.  Soft whimpering or crying has been heard in the ladies room and “she” is sometimes referred to as “Moaning Myrtle” from Harry Potter fame. But is it a haunting or is it just unexplained phenomena?


Why is it some of us seem to have these experiences more often and others do not.

A friend and co-worker of mine thinks it is because some of us are more sensitive to spirits or energy around us.  It does seem to be the case here.  As you read the Ghost Log, you will notice that the same names do come up more than others. There is one person that has said that she does see a female shape and a male in a top hat and a “funeral coat” from time to time. 


I have a theory that there is a thin veil between the world of the dead and ours.  It seems that from time to time someone from their side and someone from ours collide.  We are asked often “where are the ghosts?”  Well as I have often heard said on one of my favorite TV shows “Ghost Hunters” on the SciFi Channel, quote “Ghosts do not appear on queue.”  The encounters are random at best and do not seem to have a pattern or plan to the sightings. I agree with the members of “Ghost Hunters”.  I have never seen a recordable pattern of happenings that could give reason for the happenings. 


The official answer to the question, “Is the Library Haunted?” is……….

“We know unexplained things happen here, but we can not prove the library is haunted.  I must say, I hope in time we will be able to show proof, but for now, we just keep making reports in the Ghost Log as they happen.” 

 Tell me your thoughts on the subject.

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