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For some time now the curious have visited the Library. They look for ghosts and shadows and listen for strange noises. They come in slowly with expectant looks on their faces. They walk around with anticipation. They walk through, you know, just to see if a “ghosts” will jump out at them. And almost always, there is nothing to be seen. And they leave disappointed, BUT not always.

On occasion someone does come forward with an experience. Usually, they will come right up to the front desk and say, “I heard something” or “I saw something”. We try to stop and listen and document all reports. I must stress, we have never felt in danger or had anyone hurt. There are not books flying through the air as some have reported, that did not come from us. Also we do not have ghosts walking around the library at all times (that we know of or see). Do Not Believe All The Stories That Are Told!

You must remember “spirits” do not show up on command or at least they do not here. I do not think it works that way. Some people have experiences and some people do not. Many factors may play a part in each separate event or sighting.

The ultimate question is “Is the Library really haunted?” Well in truth, we just don’t have proof one way or the other. We have things happen. One staff member and a few patrons say they have seen a person or what looks like a person. And sometime we hear voices or whispers. There are the unexplained smells, like cigars or cologne and there is what sounds like “swishy skirts”, you know, like the old crinoline skirts making noise as a woman would walk.

There are visitors that are themselves “Story Tellers of the Haunted Kind” with stories of incredible ghosts and hauntings. I must say, some or truly unbelievable. Sometimes I feel like the bar tender in the movies, that listens to all the customers’ stories. People just want to vent and be heard. They want to know that they are not crazy or at least not alone.

Remember these are unexplained events. No one really can say what is happening. We have ideas, we think we know, but we do not have proof.

What do you think?

Ghost Log 1993

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The “Ghost Log” was started in 1993, just after I started working for the library. I had heard the staff telling stories of the unexplained events happening in the library. It occured to me that I should ask, “Are you writing any of this down?” It turns out nothing had been officially documented. So with permission from the Head Librarian and Library Director, we started the “Ghost Log”.

The following are a portion of the official “Ghost Log” entries:


During the summer the answering machine turned on and off several times.


Also in August, not sure which day, I heard Morse code back by isle 1 & 2.

9/17/1993: J. F. (Staff)

I heard my name being whispered in the production room.

9/24/1993: Micki (Staff)

Typewriter at the Circulation desk kept flipping to different functions. When I was typing it would turn off and on. They don’t want me typing!

No Date: J. K. (Staff)

I have heard my name whispered before on occasion-I also heard the bathroom door open and shut in the staff lounge and no one was there except me.

No Date: D. L. (Staff)

Vicki and I were talking in the workroom one morning and something flipped the switch out at the circ desk and made the speakers in the workroom make a noise. I went out to circ and the switch was turned on. I knew it was turned off prior because I was cleaning around it.

2/2/1993: C. F. (Staff)

Gate at the doors swung open. No one was there.

2/4/1993 Micki (Staff) 6pm

Old stereo equipment turned on. No volume, just the power and lights on panel came on.

2/9/1993 J. (Staff) 6:45am

The gate alarm went off while J was vacuuming. She turned it off and it went back on again.

2/11/1993 J. (Staff) 8:10am

Whistling in multipurpose room before opening.

2/12/1993 L. S. (Staff) 8:30 pm

Heard a dog barking while upstairs when all enclosed, even with the door shut.

2/17/1993 D. (Staff)

Don Heard noises like some one was wrestling around about 6 am.

3/03/1993 Micki (Staff)

I heard my name whispered several times, but no one was asking for me. When I told MD (Staff) about it, she said she had heard her name whispered many times in the last two days and no one was there.

4/2/1993 Micki (Staff)

I heard paper being crumpled in stall of the Ladies Room. When it was opened no one was there.

4/09/1993 All Staff 9:30am

Answering machine was turned off. We went upstairs to have cake for KM and phone rang it was back on.

9/8/1993 K. M. (Staff) Evening Shift

Turned off back hall light-shut door-turned off workroom lights-hall lights were back on.

9/17/1993 J. (Staff)

Judy heard her name whispered while sitting at circ desk.

12/15/1993 J. & D. (Staff)

Cover to Bookmobile printer was found on the floor broken. Joyce & Don investigated lids being broken, they heard loud noise in front and came running to see what it was. There was nothing.

History of the Haunted Library

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grave-yard.jpgThe site, at 300 North 1st East, Green River, Wyoming, had previously been the city cemetery, which had been established in 1892. In 1926, a federal CWA project moved the bodies and old grave markers to the Riverview Cemetery just up the hill. In 1930 the town used the site as a park.

During 1944 a Veteran’s Housing Site was built on the site, due to the return of the veterans. During the construction, several remains were found and re-interned at the now current Riverview Cemetery. The identity of the remains was unknown.

In 1978, during the construction of the new facility, twelve u
nknown graves were found. Again in 1983 during landscaping of the grounds revealed more graves and remains. This renewed the fear of a historic epidemic of smallpox and the re-introduction of the disease.
Since 1985 unexplained occurrences have been reported at the library. The Green River Library is listed on the famous list of the ghost and haunted places in Wyoming.

In 1989 “Ghosts on the Range: Eerie True Tales of Wyoming” by Debra D. Munn was published.
Included in her book was the story of the Sweetwater County Library, titled “The Library Built over a Cemetery”. Ms. Munn was good enough to come to the library the following Halloween and do a reading from her book. Story has it that several loud noises were heard from the stage area and eager listeners reportedly wondered out-loud if the “ghosts” were upset about the reading.

In 1993 a “Ghost Log” was started to record the unusual happenings. As something unexplained happened it was written in the log. The log is available at the Circulation desk, but is not available for check out.


charlie-love-and-skull.jpgCharlie Love, from Western Wyoming Community College, examines a skull found in front of the Sweetwater County Library.

During pipeline construction in August of 1996 remains were unearthed just outside the library by the lower parking lot. Sweetwater County Coroner Dale S. Majhanovich said wood chips were found Tuesday by construction workers digging under North First East. Charlie Love, of the Western Wyoming Community College Archaeological Services Department, examined the find and determined that the bones were of two people. Two wooden coffins and their contents were within a couple feet of the pipeline that was being worked on and one coffin had actually been nicked when the line first went in. At least one of the wooden coffins was covered in felt with a small window. A brass plaque indicated the coffin was purchased a Beeman and Cashin Mercantile Co. of Evanston. No date was inscribed. It was determined one was a male about 45 years old and the other a female of about the same age. Both were in good health, at least one was Caucasian and both were about the same height The bodies were re-interred at the Riverview Cemetery.

This log is still currently being used.


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High Spirits is a forum and tales from the official “Ghost Log” from

the Sweetwater County Library in Green River, Wyoming.

We welcome comments and true reports of unexplained activity.

Please note:
We ask that reporting of activity be truthful and we strongly discourage any erroneous reports. Suspicious reports will be marked as such or deleted.

The Sweetwater County Library System has reserves rights to all content. Do not copy or use in any way, any of the content without written permission form the host.

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