Ghost Walk Crew Member Megan McComas 2020 Report

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Ghost Walk Crew Report 2020

Megan McComas

October 10, 2020 – Practice Walk Events

  1. I was poked in the upper left arm by the bookshelf that holds the first library’s books. It did scare me but looking back, I do not feel it was ill intent but more of a letting me know that they were there. I did form two bruises but did not notice the second one higher up on my arm until the next day.
  2. We spoke with a new spirit up in the employee lounge, named Walter. We gained a bit of information from him:
    1. He often said, “Pray West” after doing some research, I found that the Lakota Native American tribe prays to four directions, with the west standing for the end of life as the sun sets, and the day ends in the direction. I am now curious to know if we had Lakota people here when the cemetery was at the library.
    2. We got the name Walter from Mary’s voice box and Cindy’s pendulum.
    3. He limps due to an accident where the name “Edward came up as the possible person who caused this accident.
    4. Walter worked on the River and took the ice to the icehouse. These answers we got from the pendulum.
    5. He also mentioned “Cement” and “Sign,” and Tiffany brought up that he might be talking about the project she is trying to get going to mark the mass graves in the new cemetery. While she told us this information, the voice box said “southern,” leading us to believe his body might be buried in the new cemetery’s southern side.
    6. We played around with ages and got that he is around the age of 12.
    7. We spoke about siblings and got that he had one; again, playing with ages, we got an age of 9; the voice box then said: “Raymond,” leading us to believe this might be his sibling’s name.
    8. Walter mentioned “truck” on the voice box several times, but we could not get it figured out if the truck has something to do with the accident that led to his limp or death.
  3. Cindy used the REM pod in the Men’s bathroom and got a huge hit!
  4. The Men’s bathroom’s spirit asked that Russell leave, and once he did, the REM pod started going off even more.

October 17, 2020 – Ghost Walks Events (Regular Ghost Walk)

  1. When speaking in the YA section, Tiffany got shushed; we think it might have been from Michael. I feel like I can hear it saying something before or/and after the shush but cannot make it out.
  2. I felt something touching my legs in the employee lounge, but we could not get photos or any answers to who it could have been.
  3. Sami and Cindy went and did pictures and EVP’s in the bathrooms before the walks and caught orbs in the women’s restroom.


October 24, 2020 -Ghost Walk Events (Regular Ghost Walk)

  1. I picked up during the first walk Micki telling a story in the YA section being shushed. Could it be Michael again?
  2. I also caught anything unexplained sound on my video; I said the word “right?” and then a strange sound came across.
  3. During the second walk, the words “Elk” and “Heart” came up on the voice box; Cindy thought it might be talking about her hunting for elk this season, but later messaged the group that she was born in Elkhart, Kansas.
  4. Again, I felt my legs being touched in the employee lounge, but we could not get photos or evidence of who it was.

December 26, 2020 – Teenagers Investigation Events (Private Ghost Walk)

  1. When the boys started walking around the library, Mary, Russell, and I stayed over by the computers to let them do their investigation without interruption. We talked, and Russell was playing with temp reader and commented that I was on fire and my hands were super-hot; I felt hot too, which is strange; I always feel cold. About five minutes later, I suddenly got super cold. Mary grabbed the Temp reader, pointed it at me, and said that I was now reading around 76 degrees and my hands were blue. Mary then asked whatever made me cold to take a step back, and it instantly got hot again. The Temp reader, which had a full charge, died. Mary plugged it back in.
  2. We joined the boys to go upstairs into the employee lounge and got serious action on the REM pod. I started saying names to see who was with us and got the answer that Cowboy was sitting with us. He played with the REM pod for a good 15 minutes.
  3. Russell was sitting in the chair in the corner by the windows when he said that he saw someone peeking in the room from the hallway. He got up and looked around but could not see anything.
  4. As we were sitting there speaking with Cowboy, we heard singing in the hallway and a woman’s voice. One of the boys might have picked this up as he was sitting in the doorway with his camera recording.
  5. We decided to go downstairs into the garage as we have not been down there for some time during an investigation. Mary and I stayed up in the room leading the garage while Russell and the boys were in the garage; I was standing in the doorway and Mary on the platform as the REM pod was going off when something blew on my left ear, freaking me out.
  6. After we got done with the garage, we went back to the computers, and the boys decided that they wanted to investigate more and went back to the bathroom area. Mary was playing a ghost app on her phone when it said “Hannah,” Mary told them that Hannah was not here tonight but hoped she would be back for more walks in the future. The voice box then said my name, and I asked who I was speaking to when it said “Tom” trying to figure out who Tom was, I wondered if it was my great uncle, whom I never knew, and it replied Uncle. My dad, who was very close to Uncle Tommy, had just pulled up when it said, “Being Here.”

I am still trying to get through all the videos I have for any more EVPs or sounds. I will post these in the group as I find them.

Courthouse Ghosts

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We received the following from Kayla McDonald.
I believe she used an app on her phone and this is what she got. Her location was the Sweetwater County Courthouse. Thank you Kayla!
I worked at the courthouse many years ago for a summer while in high school. There were lots of talk of seeing Mr. William Hutton in the halls. Mr. Hutton worked as the grounds keeper back in the day. He was a very well known citizen. I knew him when I was in grade school. My dad took us to see an amazing stone fire place that was in the Hutton home. Mr. Hutton had placed lights behind the rocks and when it was turned on, you could see through many of them. I believe it was native agate rock. I am not sure what year he died but it was around the early 70’s. Quite a guy Mr. Hutton. I was told he liked to keep an eye on things. Maybe he still is.

Grubb Family Report

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October 2, 2020
Jason Grubb

On Friday, October 2 I went to the library after the library had closed to pick something up from my office at the library. My children Madilyn (14) and Kyler (10) came with me. Madilyn asked to see the ghost hunting equipment. I took her to the room it is stored. We opened the box and looked inside. She took one of the KII meters out and walked into the storage room closest to the garage. Her brother had a KII meter as well. They waved the meters around. They got some hits. I took the ovilus out and said she should try using this device to communicate. We took the ovilus into the storage room. The KII meters were still getting hits. I tried tracing an outline of a human. Nothing was conclusive. The ovilus had no reaction in the storage room.

We walked down to the meeting room. Madilyn’s KII meter immediately began getting hits. We walked into the room and all the KII meters lit up and then stopped. We said if anything was present to use the ovilus to communicate. Several words came out – apple, lights, tree, Paul, worm. We did not know what the words meant. There had been a recent wind storm and several trees were damaged. We asked if it wanted a sign by the tree. It stopped. Madilyn said thank you. I said others would be in the building in a week and there would be another opportunity to speak. I said the others better understood ghosts. After I said this all the equipment stopped working. We walked back to the room that the equipment is stored and put everything away.

Thank you Jason, Madilyn and Kyler for your report.

It has been my experience that when you least expect it, things happen.

Paula Shablo in Staff Lounge

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This was taken on October 24th in the Staff Lounge. There should not be anything triggering the EMF detector but watch for yourself.

This is Paula Shablo using the device trying to get an outline of “whatever” is visiting with us.


2020 Ghost Walk Video Clip/Orbs

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Submitted by Ghost Walk Crew member Cindy Kniep

This is a short video clip of an orb captured in the Ladies Room at the library. Watch carefully for the orb to move left to right.

I am not usually a big supporter of orbs, but this seems believable to me.

I had to play it several times before I really saw it.


This one is easier to see.

Thank you Cindy Kniep.


2020 Ghost Walk Video Clip #1

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This was taken in the Staff Lounge, upstairs at the library.

Thank you Cindy Kniep.

2020 Ghost Walks EVP Capture

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During the October 17th Ghost Walks, Brandon Flack attended and caught this EVP (electronic voice phenomenon)

What do you hear?

Thank you Brandon Flack.


Aunt Nancy Phillips

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I wanted to share a story with you. During the last Ghost Walk, on October 24th, 2020, we were upstairs in the Staff Lounge.
Image may contain: 1 person
I was watching as patrons gathered around the table. We asked everyone to set their devices (KII’s, EMF detectors, etc.) on the table. We started asking questions. At one point, the KII on the corner of the table lit up. We started asking if different spirits were with us. At some point, it occurred to me to ask if Nancy was with us. I don’t know where that came from. The KII started lighting up. I started telling the story of a lady that was in Green River back around the turn of the century, that she was a dress maker and mid-wife. The KII’s started lighting up more. I asked again “Are you Aunt Nancy?” The devices really lit up. It did seem that she was talking to us.
I saw that the Sweetwater County Historical Museum had shared an article that mentioned her in regards to women and the vote, since it is voting day. Also, more information was shared by Art King on their feed.
Thank you for the information.
Here is the info they shared:
This is Nancy Phillips (aka Aunt Nancy), she was an ex-slave, seamstress, and midwife in Green River in 1868. She was possibly a servant of S.I Field, and owned a small property in what is now downtown Green River, Wyoming.
Rock Springs Miner no. 8 February 25, 1904 Mrs. Nancy Phillips, more generally known as “Aunty Phillips”, died at her home in Green River last Sunday morning, after a brief illness with pneumonia. Mrs. Phillips was born in Baltimore, Md., in 1834, and came to Wyoming shortly after the civil war. She first lived at South Pass, then moved to Bryan and later moved to Green River, where she has since resided. The funeral services were held on Monday afternoon and were conducted by the Rev. A.C. Warner.
When I worked for the local library some years ago, I ran across her obituary. It had also stated that she came to Green River with her husband and son. She worked out of shop on Railroad Avenue in town, sewing beautiful dresses.
I very much hope it was Aunt Nancy that was talking to us. I have always admired her spunk.
After posting this information on the Ghost Walk Crew’s Facebook page, several Ghost Walk attendees commented.
Mary Mawk to our Ghost Walk Crew member Mary Conley- “This is the woman I said I had never seen before!
She was new to me, I’ve not seen her before. She hung back and observed, following but not too closely. Keeping a watch over the goings-on, if you will. She did not speak to me but acknowledged that I knew she was there. At the end, I said to her “Have a good evening” and she responded in kind.
, on the night of the 17th, when John and I went, I told him and Mary there was a spirit I had never seen before. And I described her to both Mary and John. This is the woman I saw. If she was there the following week, she may be around more often.
Kayla McDonald posted the following:
 I had her name many times at the Walk the night of the 17th.
Sami Doak and I were talking to someone in the kids section that night
If you are someone that has paranormal evidence from the Sweetwater County Library, please contact me or log info the Ghost Walk Crew page on Facebook.
Thank you.

2020 Ghost Walks-October 17th

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Hello all. It has been quite the year, to say the least. Sorry I haven’t written in a while.

We just held our first night of our regular Ghost Walks on October 17th. I unfortunately could not attend, due to Covid-19,  but the rest of the Ghost Walk Crew did a great job. I hear there was a good amount of activity.

We would like to invite you to check out our new Facebook page  Ghost Walk Crew.

Several of our members have been busy posting video clips and photos of the latest Ghost Walks.

We welcome your comments and questions.

The Ghost Walk Crew

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I would like to take the time to introduce you to our new group, the Ghost Walk Crew. We are a sub-committee of the Sweetwater County Library System Foundation. We are the people that currently put together and put on the well known ghost walks.  We have an amazing crew.

Our members are:

Bianca Jorgensen, Tiffany Kennah, Russell and Mary Conly, Cindy Kniep, Megan McComas, Ian and Sami Doak, Hannah Yeager, and myself Micki Gilmore.

Our members and people that are very interested in the paranormal, but they bring other helpful backgrounds as well. Each member takes the time to do each investigation to the best of their ability. We take our job very seriously.

Please join us on our Facebook page Ghost Walk Crew for more information.

Thank you.


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