Ghost Walk October 27, 2018 Evidence #1

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Hello all. Wow. We haven’t had a Ghost Walk for two years.  As our new group of volunteers, The Ghost Walk Crew, began the Ghost Walks, we had no idea if we would get any activity or not. It has been some time.  But, I have to say, I also was not surprised to see all that we caught.

For each Ghost Walk, I always write up a general report for my records. Here is what I recorded from the two tours we did that night.

Ghost Walk 10/27/2018                                                

Activity Report by Micki Gilmore

Almost as soon as we arrived to prepare to setup for the evening, two team members hear what they thought was a girl’s voice on the stage in the Multi-Purpose Room. 

Russell reported seeing a light in by the front doors, but it was later debunked.

There was definitely a feeling of energy in the building. I always walk out to the main area of the library “have a talk with the ghosts” before starting. I feel it is a heads up to them to let them know we are doing a walk and hope they might come out and visit with us. 

We placed the equipment in the middle of the floor.  Many of them lit up.  We felt energy rising.

Tour 1

We had a good group. At first, they were a little quiet but once the people saw the ghost hunting gadgets starting to show activity, they opened up.  There was a father and daughter attending. The young lady seemed to attract the spirits pretty well.  She held a KII and it lit up much of the entire tour. They responded to her questions. Sometimes, we find that what we think are the younger spirits, are attracted to younger people.  Her father was pretty excited.  The girl said as she came in the library, she kept hearing in her head the name “Annie”.  At one point in the garage, she asked if she could try to reach out to her. She did and she got a response. 

One man in the tour was holding a KII also.  He too, seemed to be getting some very good activity.  You to tell he was feeling it. Most of the tour, he would ask a question and the KII would light up.  It was great to see the KII light up to red so many times. We are told it is quite draining for the spirits to continue to “talk” to us.  They did very well.  Many members of the group hear things, felt things and definitely had continuing hits on the devises.

Ursula, one of the team, many times can reach out to a spirit “Cowboy”.  He did answer her questions by lighting up the KII.  We were running a digital recorder and will see what else we might have captured as these files are reviewed. 

Our team, were very pleased with what we were seeing.  We visited both restrooms, walked around the main part of the library, visited the garage for the first time in years and ended in the Staff Lounge.  All in all, we had a very good walk. 

The orange domed EMF’s were sounding and lighting up a lot. Once in the Staff Lounge, we were getting almost constant hits. 

Tour 2

We were hearing things in-between tours. I took a restroom break and heard what seemed like a young woman or girl speak. I could not make out what she said, sadly.  Many of the team hear things.  Once people started arriving for the tour we noticed the devices in the middle of the floor lighting up. It seemed our spirit friends were anxious to get started.  Mary, one of the team was feeling things. She is a Reiki Master and is very aware of energy and the changes around her.

At one point, Tiffany, a team member, reported she was touched.  Her KII was lighting up most of the night. It seemed everywhere she went, something was following her.  There were some big hits on the KII’s as the group was passing by the archway coming out of the gallery.  Tour members were asking questions and the devices just kept lighting up.  Everyone was very excited.  You could physically feel the energy.  I heard voices but could not make out what they were saying. I like to wait to see if anyone else in the tour is hearing them also.  Three times, I noticed others reacting to something. I asked if something happened and they said they were hearing voices or a voice.  They too, could not make out what was said.  Twice, people reported seeming something move. They said it moved quick and it was only there for just a quick second. 

Once in the garage, there was lots going on. The KII’s lit up.  The EMF’s went off.  The orange domed ones, just kept going. Someone was with us for sure. Everyone was really feeling it.  The excitement was high.  On the stairs, several people reported feeling someone was there. A person to the right of me, reported hearing a man speak. They didn’t catch what was said. We were totally in the dark and the lights were almost constant.  Great stuff.  We all loved it.  It seemed “Cowboy” was there as well as several others.

As we were moving up to the Staff Lounge, we were on the stairs. Mary and Tiffany saw a ball of light streak across.  They felt energy everywhere.  The group arrived in the Lounge and immediately everything was lighting up. Some of us were sitting on the heating/cooling register. A lady next to me kept getting hits with the orange domes EMF. By moving the gadget up, down, and side to side, it seemed the little ghost girl was with us. She stayed for a long time. We were very excited. Next to that lady was another. A one point she said “You can sit on my lap if you want”.  At that, the spirt seemed to move to her lap and stayed only there until we finally had to leave.

Ursula, set up two flash lights on the table. This is a way to allow the spirts to use the flash lights to talk to us.  Well, it worked. She got many so called, answers to her questions. We did get a good laugh. I was trying to catch the flash lights going off with my cell phone. I would start recording but nothing happened so I stopped it. Boom, they then came on.  This happened several times. It was a bit frustrating.  Everyone started laughing.  I said at one point, “Watch, the second I turn this off, it will happen.”.  It did.  We all laughed.  I then asked the sprits to let me at least get one shot of this happening.  Finally, it worked.  I was able to get two recorded.  Then we all laughed some more.  It became a game or sorts. 

We all were so excited at this point. My friend Amber was holding the Raggedy Annie doll we use to entice the children sprits.  A man was very close and between them the KII was constantly going off.  It seemed at least one of the “kids” was with Amber and the doll.  So much was going on. Almost all the devices were lighting up. I had my digital recorder running most of the time. I can’t wait to see if we caught anything there. 

All in all, it was a very special night.  We have never had so many devices lighting up all at once. 

It has been two years since we have done Ghost Walk. I had been told by a few staff members that there wasn’t anything happening anymore. But…..several have come forward with stories.  Yes, there is still activity.  We are not surprised.

Many people stopped and asked for more Ghost Walks. We will do our best to make this happen.   

Feeling Off…….Not Always Paranormal

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I was scrolling down on my Facebook yesterday (9/20/18) and I saw a post that states the following:

Today & Tomorrow
Solar Storms Causing
Lack of sleep, intense dreams or nightmares.
Low energy, Fatigue, Restlessness,
Ears ringing, feeling dizzy & ungrounded,
Pressure headaches, dehydrations, achy.
Unexplainable anxiety & irritability,
Enhanced intuition, perception & sensitivity,
The information is provided by the 11:11 Awakening Code
Many of the posts in the comments complain of low energy and many dreams that they don’t usually have. Some stated that they thought it was just stress from the hurricane hitting the eastern areas and all the fires in the west. That too, may be a factor. When we watch the news, read newspapers or follow our Facebook feeds, some things can just be too much. My advice is to take it slow. Once you start feeling overwhelmed, turn it all off for a bit. Take a break. The experts advise us to stay hydrated and rest when ever possible.
I shared the post and was shocked how many people commented that they were having these same symptoms. I suffer from migraine often but I have really been feeling “off” with the last batch. I keep waking up at 3 a.m. for no apparent reason and I am having tons of dreams. I am a regular dreamer but they have escalated. If has been a rough week. I am not sure if it is the solar activity or life around me, but I would very much like it to stop.
For me, I have decided that I will start paying a little more attention to solar flares and such. I have heard they can disrupt our cell service but forgot how much it can affect our actual bodies.
I did a bit of an online search on monitoring solar storms. Take your pick. Wow. I had no idea how much information was out there on the subject. Good information.
Here is the search engine Bings findings link:
If you are one that feels these things, you might also start reviewing activity online and possibly journaling what is happening to you. With the journals you can also share the information with your health care provider if necessary.

Best of Luck!

Photos of the Haunted Library

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Please take a look at a few of the photos we keep on file of the library and some of our findings.

Remember, if you too have photos, EVPS, or other evidence, please  contact me at By you sharing we can further our research.

Thank you!


Haunted Library Q & A

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I thought it would be helpful for me to answer a few of the most asked questions.

1. Is the library really haunted?

a. With my experience there, yes. I do have to add that not everyone that works there or have visited there, believe this to be true. For me, seeing (or hearing, feeling, etc.) is believing.

2. Have you ever seen a ghost?

a. Yes, three to be exact. I have seen many shadows and “things” (movements that I can’t explain), but there have been three full apparitions.

3. Were you ever scared to work at the library?

a. No. I have felt apprehensive or a little nervous because I didn’t know what was happening and such, but for me, no I was never afraid.

4. Have you always seen ghosts?

a. No. I can say I only had a couple “unexplained” things happen before I started working at the library. But……the first week I started, things happened. I heard someone whisper my name in my right ear. It happened several times. After talking to other staff, I was not alone. I was told “They are just saying hello”.

5. Do you “ghost hunt’ elsewhere?

a. No, not as a rule. I have visited a couple places, but I feel I know or at least feel more comfortable at the library. The ghosts just seem to be part of the building. If you work there, there is a chance you will have something odd happen at some time.

6. Why do some people have things happen and others do not?

a. Once while visiting the Stanly Hotel for a paranormal conference, I had a chance to talk to Chip Coffee (well known psychic). He was asked this question and he said that he saw it like this. If you were a spirit and you walked into a room. In one corner were friendly people and in the other not so friendly people. Which would you try to talk to? This makes total sense to me. I choose to neither block or call to the spirits as a rule. If they wish to contact me, I will listen. With this said, I always “put it out there, only the spirits of the light are welcome”.

7. Why were there no Ghost Walks for 2016 and 2017?

a. I quit working at the library in May 2016. Several of us took a retirement buy-out at that time. The library was unable to afford to replace us. Thus, there were not enough employees available to host the Ghost Walks. Currently there is only one employee Bianca, that previously co-hosted the walks. I, along with four others, have started the Ghost Walk Crew who are hosting this year’s walks.

8. Was the library built over an old “Indian” graveyard?

a. No. It was the old city cemetery.

9. Is it true that graves have been found since the library opened?

a. Yes. There have been several projects where digging was done and yes, bones were found. I one instance, two full coffins were dig up. It was in 1996 I believe. I was working part-time then. Earlier in the day, a work crew doing pipeline work started to dig an area and shockingly they brought up a skeleton. The police and officials were called in. Charlie Love, from Western Wyoming Community College, was called in. He was a renowned anthropologist. This caused much excitement as you may have quested. The bones are still held at the WWCC in Rock Springs as far as I know.

10. Why are there not more Ghost Walks?

a. Simply, it is due the having enough experienced people that the library trusts being available to take them on.

11. Can I become a Ghost Walk Crew member?

a. Probably not. I started this group with permission from the library director. I hand picked those persons that previously helped with the Ghost Walks and I totally trust them. I do not have to worry about their professionalism or their provoking and such. That is not allowed. They are an amazing group that I am happy to call friends. We are all on the “same page” as far as what to do and not to do. It makes it so much easier to do these events. I am really grateful for these people.

12. Can my paranormal group get in to investigate the library?

a. Probably not. Do not be offended, but last I knew, the library was not allowing others to investigate. You can always ask the library manager or director. But be prepared to be told no.


I hope that this Q & A may have helped explain most of your questions.

Feel free to send in your questions if not. I will try to answer them in a timely manner.

Thanks for stopping by. ??

Haunted Library History

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With the Ghost Walks coming up, I thought it might be a good idea to share the history of the property.  The information will explain some things.  Enjoy.

Library History

grave-yard.jpgThe site, at 300 North 1st East, Green River, Wyoming, had previously been the city cemetery, which had been established in 1892. In 1926, a federal CWA project moved the bodies and old grave markers to the Riverview Cemetery just up the hill. In 1930 the town used the site as a park.

During 1944 a Veteran’s Housing Site was built on the site, due to the return of the veterans. During the construction, several remains were found and re-interned at the now current Riverview Cemetery. The identity of the remains was unknown.

In 1978, during the construction of the new facility, twelve u
nknown graves were found. Again in 1983 during landscaping of the grounds revealed more graves and remains. This renewed the fear of a historic epidemic of smallpox and the re-introduction of the disease.
Since 1985 unexplained occurrences have been reported at the library. The Green River Library is listed on the famous list of the ghost and haunted places in Wyoming.

In 1989 “Ghosts on the Range: Eerie True Tales of Wyoming” by Debra D. Munn was published.
Included in her book was the story of the Sweetwater County Library, titled “The Library Built over a Cemetery”. Ms. Munn was good enough to come to the library the following Halloween and do a reading from her book. Story has it that several loud noises were heard from the stage area and eager listeners reportedly wondered out-loud if the “ghosts” were upset about the reading.

In 1993 a “Ghost Log” was started to record the unusual happenings. As something unexplained happened it was written in the log. The log is available at the Circulation desk, but is not available for check out.

charlie-love-and-skull.jpgCharlie Love, from Western Wyoming Community College,
examines a skull found in front of the Sweetwater County Library.

During pipeline construction in August of 1996 remains were unearthed just outside the library by the lower parking lot. Sweetwater County Coroner Dale S. Majhanovich said wood chips were found Tuesday by construction workers digging under North First East. Charlie Love, of the Western Wyoming Community College Archaeological Services Department, examined the find and determined that the bones were of two people. Two wooden coffins and their contents were within a couple feet of the pipeline that was being worked on and one coffin had actually been nicked when the line first went in. At least one of the wooden coffins was covered in felt with a small window. A brass plaque indicated the coffin was purchased a Beeman and Cashin Mercantile Co. of Evanston. No date was inscribed. It was determined one was a male about 45 years old and the other a female of about the same age. Both were in good health, at least one was Caucasian and both were about the same height The bodies were re-interred at the Riverview Cemetery.

This log is still currently being used.

If you have questions, I will be happy to answer them.  Please send in your questions here.

Ghost Walks for 2018

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Great News!
A small dedicated group of us are bring back the Ghost Walks in October. We call ourselves the Ghost Walk Crew. If you have attended previous library sponsored Ghost Walks, you will recognize several of us. This is not a library program, but they have been gracious enough to allow this group to provide you with a one-night event.

2018 Ghost Walks

Tickets Sales: October 13th, noon to 4pm
Sweetwater County Library, Green River, Wyoming

$10 per ticket, a limit of 4 tickets per buyer.   Cash or check only. No credit/debit cards please. 

No refunds. 

All attendees must be at least 16 yrs. Old, anyone under 18 needs a parent’s signature.

Times of Tours: 8 pm and 10 pm

Warning: We will be climbing stairs. No elevator is available.
*No alcohol or drugs allowed. Anyone found intoxicated in any way will be asked to leave or the police will be called.

You are allowed bring your own equipment as long as it is hand held.  If is makes sounds, you may be asked to turn the volume down.

Cell phones and cameras are welcome.

We do ask that if you do catch evidence, that you share with this group.  It is greatly appreciated.

If you have questions, please ask them here or leave word at the library by calling 307-875-3615.

The Ghost Walk Crew does not accept responsibility for any paranormal related injury/illness/damage/etc. to any person or their property, while in or on any of the properties owned by the Sweetwater County Library System.

2018 Ghost Walks presented by the Ghost Walk Crew

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There is a new group of us that are not library employees, but have lobbied to bring back the much missed Ghost Walks.  Many of you have called our houses or contacted us on Facebook, to ask when there might be more Ghost Walks.  Some of my trusted friends that have helped or attended often, have joined me in a new group the Ghost Walk Crew.

We are happy to announce this falls upcoming Ghost Walks.

2018 Ghost Walks

Date of Ghost Walk: October 27, 2018

$10 per ticket (Limit of 4 per person)

Tour# 1—8pm        Tour #2—10pm        

Tickets will be sold on October 13th, Noon to 4pm. 

Cash or check only.  No credit cards or phone orders. 


The Ghost Walk Crew does not accept responsibility for any paranormal related injury/illness/damage/etc. to any person or their property, while in or on any of the properties owned by the Sweetwater County Library System.

Attendees must be at least 16 years of age.  Anyone under 18 must have parental signature.


*The tours will take place on both floors of the building and we will be climbing stairs.

*No alcohol or drugs allowed. 

Police will be called if anyone is found

intoxicated in any form.

For more information, you can message me here.

Hope to see you there!!


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Hello all. I would like to start back by introducing you to a local paranormal investigating group RSIP (Rock Springs Independent Paranormal).  They are a Sweetwater County based group, with members from both Rock Springs and Green River.  In the past, I have had the chance to meet some of the members.  Many of which, attended our past Ghost Walks on many occasions.

I have asked this group to tell us a little about themselves.  I hope you find this informative.

RSIP was originally R.I.P. (Reliance Independent Paranormal) under the soul owner of Tony Hills. He rebranded several years later to RSIP (Rock Springs Independent Paranormal) when Carlos Velez Jr, and myself (Lauren Velez; husband & wife team) as co-owners were brought in. Ursula Krentz was added as a lead investigator, Paula Birrell as historical researcher, and Tiffany Kennan investigator. Together we have over 25 year’s experience.  We have gone through some other investigators and tried using mediums on the core team but using mediums did not fit into our core investigation techniques. We have morphed the group into having all the mediums, wiccans, cult specialists, reiki healers, etc into an extension of referrals to help people after we analyze what would be best for the client. Eventually we would love to create a complete, cohesive investigation much like the show Dead Files where we have a medium go to a location, a historian dig up the history, and then the investigators substantiate what both find.

Our investigation techniques are pretty simple. A good investigator only needs a camera, a recorder, and an EMF detector of some kind. I like the MIL meter and the k2. A good laptop is a must as well. We have added equipment such as a thermal camera attachment, spirit box, laser grids, night vision camcorders with IR lighting, REM pods, and my favorite a Kinect mapping camera or SLS. I’d say of the extra equipment, the SLS has provided us with the most compelling evidence that was worth the investment. We would love to add some more but this is completely self-funded and we do not charge for our services. Services being, responding to families or property owners in need of understanding or are in fear of possible haunting. We also do investigations for fun and documentation.

On investigations we do not provoke spirits. I do believe there is a level of respect that investigators need to have, for the spirits, for the families or living inhabitants, and for the subject matter. There is a real danger to what we do. Most think it’s fun and games but we have dealt with real dark situations that have bled over into our home lives and lost us investigators. We are also very picky on what we call paranormal. If we get some “activity”, we will try to find other explanations while continuing to interact in hopes it is a real encounter. Some techniques we leave up to our viewers, like the flash light controversy. Half our team discounts it, half our team does not. So, we leave it up to you. For me there are too many environmental variables to say it’s paranormal without a doubt. If the flashlights respond on command multiple times in various ways then I’m more inclined to say it’s paranormal.

We have been contacted by several residents with paranormal issues. It’s been a goal of mine to try to help them through what they are dealing with. Who can you turn to when you can’t have a threat to your family or Home arrested or exterminated. We try to be the light at the end of the tunnel. We have had many successes and others that we hit a wall. There are some things we are not equipped to deal with but we methodically sift through the activity to try and find the source and a course of action to take.

Some examples of that come from different cultures. Native American smudging or cleansing with sage, cedar, Santo Palo wood, or sweet grass. We turn to religion with prayer, holy water, holy oils, and crucifixes. Other practices like the use of black salt, candles, crystals, envisioning protection of light and energy come from various cultural background ideas on protection and removal of negative energies or the paranormal. After helping a family that is very dear to me, Tammy & Shane of Green River, I decided to start the sister support group called, Beyond the Veil.

This premise was to start a closed, private group on Facebook so that people who have experienced the paranormal, who are sensitives, empaths, medium, or people who are family members or friends of these people that need an outlet to ask questions and bounce ideas off of each other would have a safe place to do so without judgement. We did eventually try to have meetings were the members could come together and network, talk, and learn in person at the Sweetwater County Library in Green River. Attendance died down so we halted the meetings for now but the FB group is still running.  I would like to start some instructional videos in the private group on techniques to cleanse your energy and home, meditation and spiritual well-being techniques beyond the traditional church attendance, of which I am not opposed being raised Catholic myself.

I’m currently working on creating a RS Downtown Ghost tour with the URA and have a few investigations on the table. Our main Facebook page can be used for people to share their evidence and stories. We also try to invite conversation and share unique or famous Wyoming Haunted locations.  Carlos and I do travel and try to get little investigation clips from around Wyoming for the page and do hope we can bring the entire team to these locations someday.

Some of the locations we have investigated are Slovenski Dom now the Emporium of Bridger, MOB Vapors on Elk Street, the Historical Stanley Hotel and Isis Theater in Green River, The Fishbowl and Clearview Lanes, Pla-Mor Lanes, The Elks Lodge of Rock Springs, The Green River Legion, Winton, and some residents to name a few. Some are confidential locations and we take our clients privacy very seriously.

Submitted by group member Lauren Velez.


I’m Baaaaack

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Hello again!

I know it has been awhile. I have decided to help the library and continue to post updates and information as it comes available. After my retirement, many of you continued to contact me and ask for stories and updates. We believe this is a better way to stay in contact with you all.

The Sweetwater County Library still has the official Ghost Log. I recently visited the library and checked to see if any newer reports on ghosts/spirits at the library were logged in the Ghost Log. Unfortunately, I found none. Although no reports were entered, I do know there has been some activity.

About six months ago, I was attending a meeting for a then new group called RSIP’s Beyond the Veil. It is a paranormal based group that was formed to help anyone in need with questions or just needing to talk to someone. (They can be found on Facebook). Just after the meeting ended a couple of us started to walk out the meeting room. I remember seeing something out of the corner of my eye. Turns out we saw a shadow on the stairs heading upstairs. It was only there for a second or two and was gone.

After working for the library for 23 years and having experiences since the first week I began to the week I retired, I know “our friends” are still there. Many of the current staff report they have had on reports made to them of activity. I feel I know why. For those of us that have spirits visit us in one way or another, we know not everyone gets these experiences. I had an expert tell me once it is because to spirits we (the sensitives) are like a bright light or beacon, so they are attracted to us. Once staff member mentioned two weeks ago that she had hear a man’s voice first clear his throat then say one word but she didn’t know what was said.

If you find you are at the library and you have an experience, please feel you can approach the Front Desk and ask the librarians if you can give them a report. Please include all information you can. If you choose to exclude your name from the posted report, please give it to the librarian’s so we can at least contact you if more information is needed. By continuing to log the reports, this allows us to try to understand what this is all about. Let’s face it, no one knows exactly what is happening. We have ideas and try to educate ourselves as well as we can. You can help us with this.

Thank you to those of you that have helped us in the past. Because you were willing to come forward, we are able to understand the activity a bit better.


To contact RSVP’s Beyond the Veil please visit:

So Long!

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Micki on the rocks (2)

Yes, it is time for me to say good-bye. I am retiring from the Sweetwater County Library after 23 years of service.  I would like to thank those of you that have frequented this blog and for all your questions and comments. It has been my pleasure to bring to you, information, reports, tools, photos, etc. 

As for the book, we will continue to work on it’s completion as time allows. Sorry for the delay.

If you need assistance with your research, you may contact your local library. 

As always, Good Luck!


Micki Gilmore

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