Posted on Monday, April 15 2019


Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Board of Directors

April 15, 2019


The Sweetwater County Library System Board of Directors met in regular session on April 15, 2019, at the White Mountain Library in Rock Springs with the following present: Phillip Pyzyna, Vice-Chair;  Debbie Leisch, Treasurer; Debbie Petri-Bullock, & Elisa Robbins Board Members; Roy Lloyd, County Commissioner; Jason Grubb, Library Director; Leora Kraft, Michelle Kromptich & Bryan Schutz, library staff.


Pyzyna called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm.


Approval of Agenda:

Petri-Bullock made a motion to approve the agenda.  Robbins seconded and the motion carried.


Approval of Minutes:

Petri-Bullock made a motion to approve the March regular meeting minutes. Leisch seconded and the motion carried.


Financial Report and Approval of Expenditures:

The Board was provided March and April Checking Account Activity, Budget Analysis, Balance Sheet and Void Check reports. Petri-Bullock made a motion to approve April financial reports and expenditures. Robbins seconded and the motion carried.



A thank you was provided in the Board packets from the Green River Tree Board for the use of a meeting room.





Public Comment:



Old Business:

  1. Board Bylaws-Grubb spoke briefly about Email Voting, he was directed to research the statues and get back to the Board with the information, Llyod stated he would talk to the County Attorney about the open meeting laws. Grubb will gather language and follow-up with the Board.
  2. Voluntary Separation- Grubb updated the Board on the four employees that accepted the VSP and the plans for the vacant position. Petri-Bullock asked about the impact on the Summer Reading program, Grubb stated that plans are in place and staff are trained and prepared to handle the programming.
  3. Budget FY20- Grubb presented the Board with a Flat Budget and a Budget with a 3% Increase, he spoke about the 6% Increase with a 2.5% COLA that was given last year. Grubb stated that in previous conversions with Llyod he felt like the 3% was a safe number.

Llyod talked about an increase of 2%-4% range was a reasonable amount to expect for agencies. Grubb went through the budget line by line to show the Board the results of the VSP and the increases in insurance and the line items he is requesting, Grubb also discussed the capital projects. Llyod stated he thought it was a well thought out strategy. Grubb explained the budgeting process and the timeline. Petri-Bullock asked about some of the maintenance issues at the Rock Spring Library, Grubb gave details on the projects.

Robbins made a motion to submit the proposed funding request with a 3% increase in County funding. Petri-Bullock seconded and the motion passed.


  1. Other- None


New Business:

  1. Website- Grubb explained the current website status and gave a proposal for a new website. Piola is a company he has been in discussion with, Grubb explained it as a Digital Branch Library and the benefits for data collection and ease of access of service. He explained the current website issues and the cost of a new website.

Robbins made a motion to proceed with pursuing options for a new website. Leisch seconded and the motion carried.

  1. None





County Commissioner’s Report:

Commissioner Llyod sated he had nothing to report outside the Budget, he also stated he would like to walk the Facilities after Budgeting is done.


Director’s Report:

Grubb presented a board report that encompassed the Information, Personnel, Facilities, Meetings Attended, Library Outreach and Statistics Reports.  He also included the CFAC Director’s report.  There was brief discussion about stats, building repairs, and rural library issues and new service that Grubb is looking in to. 


Set Time and Location for Next Meeting:

The next Library Board Meeting will be held Monday, May 20, 2019 at the Sweetwater County Library in Green River at 6:00 pm.



Pyzyna asked to adjourn the meeting at 7:04 pm. Petri-Bullock Robbins made a motion to adjourn. Robbins seconded and the motion carried.