Regular Meeting of Board of Directors
Posted on Tuesday, October 31 2017


Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Board of Directors

October 16, 2017

The Sweetwater County Library System Board of Directors met in regular session on October 16, 2017, at the “C” Street Library in Rock Springs with the following present: Tim Winger, Chair; Debbie DeBernardi, Vice-Chair; Brenda Casey and Philip Pyzyna Board members, Jason Grubb, Library Director; Doc Wendling, County Commissioner, Barbara Kendall, and Lindsey Travis, library staff.

Winger called the meeting to order at 5:58 pm.

Approval of Agenda:

Pyzyna made a motion to approve the agenda.  DeBernardi seconded and the motion carried.


Approval of Minutes:

DeBernardi made a motion to approve the September regular meeting minutes. Pyzyna seconded and the motion carried.


Financial Report and Approval of Expenditures:

The Board was emailed September and October Checking Account Activity, Budget Analysis, Balance Sheet and Void Check reports.  After a few payment questions, Casey made a motion to approve the financial reports and expenditures.  Pyzyna seconded and the motion carried.



A Thank You for participating in the 3rd Annual Community Baby Show and a Thank You for supporting the United Way Community Diaper Bank School District #1 were included in the Board packets.



Travis mentioned the upcoming Peter Fletcher concert at White Mountain Library and Halloween programs at all the libraries.


Public Comment:



Old Business:

  1. Board Training- After a brief discussion, it was decided that Grubb would try to set-up a Board training with Bill Miller from LGLP in the spring.


New Business:

  1. Holiday and Board Calendar-The Board approved the calendars as presented with exception of correcting the November Board meeting date to November 19, 2018.
  2. None





County Commissioner’s Report:  Wendling told the Board that the Justice Center would be opening in early 2018 and many County Departments and agencies would be moving to different locations at that time resulting in buildings being vacated.  As a result, a County facilities team is intending to visit all County buildings, including the Libraries, to assess current and future maintenance needs.  Wendling wanted to be sure the Board understand the Libraries were not being targeted.


Director’s Report:

Grubb spoke briefly about the items included in his written report.


Monthly Statistics:

Grubb stated that some of the decreases seen on the Statistics is a natural consequence of decreased funding.  He mentioned our 27% year-to-date increase in digital material usage and told the Board about Teton County’s dramatic increase in digital material usage when Hoopla items were added to their library’s catalog.  Collection HQ will be in use by mid-November and Grubb expects it to increase the relevance of the materials we purchase to our patrons.


Personnel Report:



New Hires:

CFAC Assistant- eff. 10/2/2017


RSL Circulation Assistant- 10/2/2017


Set Time and Location for Next Meeting:

The date for the next regular meeting will be Monday, November 13, 2017 at Sweetwater County Library in Green River at 6:00 pm.


Adjourn: Pyzyna moved to adjourn the meeting. Casey seconded and the meeting adjourned at 6:37 p.m.