Regular Meeting of Board of Directors
Posted on Tuesday, September 26 2017


Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Board of Directors

September 18, 2017


The Sweetwater County Library System Board of Directors met in regular session on September 18, 2017, at Sweetwater County Library in Green River with the following present: Debbie DeBernardi, Vice-Chair; Debbie Petrie-Bullock, Treasurer; Brenda Casey and Philip Pyzyna Board member, Jason Grubb, Library Director; Barbara Kendall, and Leora Kraft, library staff.


DeBernardi called the meeting to order at 6:03 pm.


Approval of Agenda:

Petrie-Bullock made a motion to approve the agenda.  Casey seconded and the motion carried.


Approval of Minutes:

Petrie-Bullock made a motion to approve the August regular meeting minutes. Casey seconded and the motion carried.


Financial Report and Approval of Expenditures:

The Board was emailed August and September Checking Account Activity, Budget Analysis, Balance Sheet and Void Check reports.  After a few payment questions, Petrie-Bullock made a motion to approve the financial reports and expenditures.  Casey seconded and the motion carried.



A Thank You from School District #1 for participation in the Annual Community Kick-off was provided in the Board packets as well as a LGLP letter for Board Nominations.



A flyer announcing Author J.L. Doucette’s author visit was provided in the Board packets. Grubb also invited the Board to attend the Farson Library Open House and discussed the upcoming Annual Harry Potter party at SCL.


Public Comment:

Grubb spoke on Winger’s behalf about being approached by a community member about the System’s braille collection.  There was a brief discussion on what the State may or may not provide. Petri-Bullock spoke about a patron that requested different bags be used at checkout.  Grubb will look into both of these issues.


Old Business:

  1. Board Training- It was decided that Grubb would set-up Board training for an hour before the October meeting with Bill Miller from LGLP.
  2. Other-None


New Business:

  1. None



A contract between White Mountain Library and Peter Fletcher for a performance on October 23, 2017 for $500 at White Mountain Library was signed by Jason Grubb in August 2017. 


Casey made a motion to ratify the contract. Pyzyna seconded and the motion carried.


County Commissioner’s Report:  None


Director’s Report:

Grubb spoke briefly about the Emergency Response manual he has been working on, The Farson Library opening, openings on the Foundation Board as well as a CFAC and Library Friends group.


Monthly Statistics:

Grubb stated that some of the decreases seen on the Statistics is a natural consequence of decreased funding, he stated regardless of the funding, the Staff is committed to continuing programs and keeping the short falls from impacting the public.


Personnel Report:


  Assistant Director CFAC- effective 09/30/17

New Hires:





There was a brief discussion about the restructuring due to the recent employee changes and funding.

Set Time and Location for Next Meeting:

The date for the next regular meeting will be Monday, October 16, 2017 at Rock Springs Library in Rock Springs at 6:00 pm.


Adjourn: Petrie-Bullock moved to adjourn the meeting. Pyzyna seconded and the meeting adjourned at 6:37 p.m.