Regular Meeting of Board of Directors
Posted on Monday, January 04 2016


Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Board of Directors

December 21, 2015


The Sweetwater County Library System Board of Directors met in regular session on December 21, 2015, at White Mountain Library in Rock Springs with the following present: Tim Winger, Chair; Debbie Petrie-Bullock, Treasurer; Debbie DeBernardi and Travis Samulski, Board Members; Jason Grubb, Director; Leora Kraft, Michelle Maser, Nancy Venable, and Bryan Schutz, library staff; and Doc Wendling, County Commissioner.


Winger called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm.


Approval of Agenda:

DeBernardi made a motion to approve the agenda.  Petrie-Bullock seconded and the motion carried.


Approval of Minutes:

Petrie-Bullock made a motion to approve the November regular meeting minutes DeBernardi seconded and the motion carried.


Financial Report and Approval of Expenditures:

The Board was emailed November and December Checking Account Activity, Budget Analysis, Balance Sheet and Void Check reports.  There was no discussion.  DeBernardi made a motion to approve the financial reports of expenditures. Petrie-Bullock seconded and the motion carried.



Board packets included two thank you and a Christmas card as well as a ballot for the LGLP officer elections.



The winter Events Guide was included in the Board packets.  Grubb highlighted various upcoming events.


Public Comment: none


Old Business:

  1. Other - none


New Business:

  1. Vice Chair Election – Tabled until January meeting.



An agreement between Sweetwater County Library System and Kevin Manning for 2 astronomy programs (May 3, 2016 at WML and May 4th at SCL) for $850 was signed by Jason Grubb on December 15, 2015.


County Commissioner’s Report:

Wendling stated that he liked the new events guide, he had nothing else to report and wished everyone a Happy Holiday.


Director’s Report:

Grubb stated that the Granger library is ready to move into and we are hoping to move in as soon as possible, weather permitting.  The Bairoil move has been put on hold: the new lease has been revised and we are currently waiting for Bairoil’s attorney to review it. Grubb reported that the Foundation has agreed to partner with other counties to help finish raising funds. Grubb also stated that he is still working on job descriptions, evaluations and employee expectation documents.


Monthly Statistics:

Grubb said the System has had 245 new card holders sign up and many are youth cards.  YTD checkouts are up by 7.7%.  New Materials Added numbers are good and attributed to an exceptional tech service staff processing items quickly.  Patron visits are steady.  Collecting of Computer Stats has changed now that patrons can log on to our Wi-Fi without signing in.  Programs offered are down slightly resulting in lower attendance numbers also.


Personnel Report:

Resignation/Terminations: CFAC- Receptionist resigned- eff. 12/30/15

New Hires: none

Transfers: none


Set Time and Location for Next Meeting:

The date for the next regular meeting will be Monday, January 18, 2016 at Sweetwater County Library in Green River at 6:00 pm


Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 6:20 pm.