Regular Meeting of Board of Directors
Posted on Monday, November 17 2014

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Board of Directors
November 17, 2014

The Sweetwater County Library System Board of Directors met in regular session on November 17, 2014, at Sweetwater County Library in Green River with the following present: Tim Winger, Chair; Shelly Wall, Vice Chair; Debbie Petri-Bullock, Treasurer; Angela Shutran, Board Member; Jason Grubb, Director; Leora Kraft, Lindsey Travis, library staff; Gary Bailiff, County Commissioner, and Kimberly Chapman, UW Facilitator.

Winger called the meeting to order at 6:41 pm.

Approval of Agenda:
Wall made a motion to approve the agenda.  Petri-Bullock seconded and the motion carried.

Approval of Minutes:
Petri-Bullock made a motion to approve the October regular meeting minutes and Special Policy Manual Workshop minutes.  Shutran seconded and the motion carried.

Financial Report and Approval of Expenditures:
November and October Checking Account Activity reports and the Void check report were passed for Board signatures.  

The November Current Investments Report shows the amount of the transfer that is necessary to cover expenses.  Wall made a motion to approve the transfer of $255,500.00 from Commerce Bank to cover expenses of $253,619.77 as of November 28, 2014 leaving $1,880.23 in the checking account.  Shutran seconded and the motion carried.  

At the end of August we will be 5/12 through the fiscal year, a percentage of 41.7%.  The November Budget Analysis Report income is at 8.7%, administration expense is at 38.5%, library materials expense is at 27.4%, other operating expense is at 34.8%, utilities expense is at 31.0%, computers and technology expense is at 29.1%, capital expenditures is at 0%, and total expenses is at 36.8%.  Grubb stated we will receive one of our tax disbursement this week and utilities are right where they need to be with the coming winter.  There was brief discussion about the self-checkout machines and the plan for the technology budget.

Board packets included the November training report and a thank you note to Grubb for speaking at the School District Retired Employee Association meeting.

Board packets included a calendar for the main libraries for December. Grubb briefly highlighted Charlie Love’s program and Santa visiting the Libraries.

Public Comment:

Old Business:
a.    SCL building update – Grubb stated that Plan One is working with legal counsel on defining a few items and should have the bid proposal ready for the next meeting.  Plan One is anticipating the work being done in January and feels there should be some good competition for the bids because of timing.
b.    Strategic plan update – There was a discussion on when to hold the next workshop. It was decided to hold it before the January 19th Board meeting with further details to come.  Grubb expressed that he would like to see more staff involved.  Winger stated that the Board was going to set the global vision and his concerns about including staff.  Chapman stated her ideas on including staff and there was further discussion.  Petri-Bullock suggested giving the staff an avenue to express their opinions on the strategic plan and Grubb was instructed to invite who he felt should be included among library staff to the next workshop.  There was no further discussion
c.    Other - None

New Business:
a.    Volunteers - Grubb spoke about LGLP’s concerns with volunteers.  There was a discussion about having volunteers sign a waiver, providing job descriptions and whether the System was accountable for community service volunteers if anything should occur. The Board expressed that they would like to know what the court is responsible for and have further investigation on the matter, but overall felt like it was beneficial to have volunteers in the System. There is to be further discussion on the matter when all facts are known.
b.    None

A contract between Sweetwater County Library System and Neopost USA Company for Postage Meters lease agreement was signed by Jason Grubb.  Wall mad a motion to ratify the contract.  Petri-Bullock seconded and the motion carried.

County Commissioner’s Report:
Bailiff spoke briefly to the Board about his service and that he was glad to see Grubb as the Library Director. Wall expressed that it was good to see him out at events and supporting the community.

Director’s Report:
Grubb highlighted the CFAC 75th Anniversary Celebration of the collection, the political forums and where he is at with the hiring process for the Young Adult Librarian.  He also spoke about the new Superior Rural Branch Librarian and training needs.

Monthly Statistics:
Grubb highlighted the year to date circulation and program attendance statistics. He also mentioned the increase in CFAC visitation due to the CFAC Anniversary celebration.  

Personnel Report:
November and October Personnel reports where provided to the Board.  Grubb recognized the Sweetwater Count Library Youth Service Department for doing such a good job with the limited staff.

Youth Service Specialist -effective 10/8/2014
Rural Branch Librarian -effective 10/9/2014

New Hires:
 Youth Service Assistant-SCL - effective 9/29/2014

Substitute transferred to Rural Branch Librarian, Superior - effective 11-10-14


Set Time and Location for Next Meeting:
The date for the next regular meeting will be Monday, December 15, 2015, at White Mountain Library at 6pm.

Winger adjourned the regular Board meeting at 7:27 pm.