Regular Meeting of Board of Directors
Posted on Monday, September 15 2014

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Board of Directors
September 15, 2014

The Sweetwater County Library System Board of Directors met in regular session on September 15, 2014, at Sweetwater County Library in Green River with the following present: Tim Winger, Chair; Shelly Wall, Vice Chair; Debbie Petri-Bullock, Treasurer; Angela Shutran, and Barb Van Matre, Board Members; Jason Grubb, Director; Barbara Kendall, Leora Kraft, Lindsey Travis and Debora Soule, library staff; and Gary Bailiff, County Commissioner and Lillian Palmer a member of the press.

Winger called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

Approval of Agenda:
Wall made a motion to approve the agenda.  Shutran seconded and the motion carried.

Approval of Minutes:
Petri-Bullock made a motion to approve the August regular meeting minutes. Van Matre seconded and the motion carried.

Financial Report and Approval of Expenditures:
September and August Checking Account Activity reports were passed for Board signatures.  

The September Current Investments Report shows the amount of the transfer that is necessary to cover expenses.  Wall made a motion to approve the transfer of $267,500.00 from Commerce Bank to cover expenses of $253,421.63 as of September 30, 2014 leaving $14,078.37 in the checking account.  Petri-Bullock seconded and the motion carried.  

At the end of August we will be 3/12 through the fiscal year, a percentage of 25%.  The September Budget Analysis Report income is at 2.4%, administration expense is at 22.6%, library materials expense is at 11.5%, other operating expense is at 11.4%, utilities expense is at 16.5%, computers and technology expense is at 19.5%, capital expenditures is at 0%, and total expenses is at 20.4%.  Grubb explained that databases are a piece of library materials and they are not purchased until late in the year.  

Board packets included the September training report and two thank you cards.  Library Foundation invitations to the October 11th ”Come as You Aren’t” event were given to each Board Member and a letter from LGLP requesting nominations to the Board was discussed.

Board packets included a calendar for the main libraries for October.  Travis mentioned a few of the many October events at the libraries: we are hosting many Political forums at various locations in Sweetwater County, we also have many Halloween events scheduled as well as the fall book sale and ghost walks at SCL.  Debora Soule, CFAC Director, spoke about the collection’s 75th Anniversary Celebration. School District #1 will be holding an art contest and the selected artwork will displayed during the celebration, in addition to the art submitted by community members. There was a brief discussion about the history of CFAC’s relationship with the School District.

Grubb also announced that there are two new links on the system’s website that will allow patrons to contact the Director and the Board directly by email.

Public Comment:

Old Business:
a.    Policy Manual – Bill Miller met with Grubb and two Board members and reviewed the revised policy draft.  It was determined during the meeting that there was a few areas that needed additional input.  After a brief Board discussion, Grubb was directed to work with the County HR Director and the management team to create proposed language for these areas and present the policy draft to the Board during a Special Workshop that will be held at 5:00pm before the next board meeting.

b.    SCL building update – Plan One is working with the contractor that completed the testing to determine the exact scope of work that needs to be completed so that the bid process can begin.  There is no date set for the work to begin at this time.
c.    Other - None

New Business:
a.    Foundation Update - A copy of the Foundation Board meeting schedule for the next few months was included in the Board packets and Grubb advised that the meetings are held at 7pm rather than 6pm.  Winger agreed that he would either attend the Foundation meeting as a Board representative or seek to find another Board member to attend the meeting.  

Grubb summarized the WLA Legislative Committee’s action plan which seeks to introduce legislation which either extends the endowment challenge program or permits library partnerships for purposes of attaining matching funds.  The WLA Legislative Committee specifically requested Library Board to consider the action plan and to let them know if the Board would support the action plan.  After consideration, the Board agreed that they are willing to support the action plan and Grubb will relay the information.

Shutran asked about grant funds and suggested the Foundation apply for a US Bank grant.

b.    Other - None


County Commissioner’s Report:
Bailiff briefly thanked the Library System for hosting the political forums and mentioned the Commissioners are looking to find the funds to address the court room needs of the County.

Director’s Report:
Grubb spoke about the meetings he will be and has been attending.  The upcoming WYLD Meeting will review the fee structure used to provide SIRSI, the state wide database for Wyoming libraries.  He also spoke about the winter reading program that will be held System-wide for youth and adults.

Monthly Statistics:
Grubb stated there was a slight decline in circulation and patron visits. He highlighted the increase in programs offered and noted that attendance numbers are up 92.5% for the month of August because we ran the summer reading program longer this year.  CFAC numbers were up for the month of August due to its participation in the Blues & Brews festival.  

Grubb stated that the summer reading program had 328 adult participants, 161 teens who read for a total of 4,514 hours and 680 children who read for a total of 10,767 hours.  The summer reading program is supported by the Foundation.

Winger asked about the increase in reference questions and how they were counted. Grubb agreed that they are counted broadly and might better represent librarian transactions.  He spoke briefly about the August increase in database usage and the spike in eBook check outs.

Personnel Report:
 FT SCL YS Manager resigned effective 10-4-14

 New Hires:
FT Circ Assistant transferred from RSL to WML - effective 9-8-14
FT Business Manager transferred from FT to PT – effective 9-17-14
PT Business Manager assistant transferred from PT to FT – effective 10-1-14


The Board entered an executive session at 6:50 pm.
The Board returned from the executive session at 8:20 pm and returned to the regular Board Meeting.

The Board made the following statement:
We have reviewed the accomplishments of the Sweetwater Library System’s Director over the past 12 months and are very satisfied with his performance. We appreciate his hard work. We look forward to further strategic planning and when completed, anticipate additional goals will be identified and prioritized.

Set Time and Location for Next Meeting:
The date for the next regular meeting will be Monday, October 20, 2015, at Rock Springs Library at 6pm.

Winger adjourned the regular Board meeting at 8:37 pm.