Regular Meeting of Board of Directors
Posted on Tuesday, February 17 2015

Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Board of Directors 
February 17, 2015 

The Sweetwater County Library System Board of Directors met in regular session on February 17, 2015, at C Street Library in Rock Springs with the following present: Tim Winger, Chair; Shelly Wall, Vice Chair; Angela Shutran, Board Member; Jason Grubb, Director; Barbara Kendall, Bryan Schutz, Lindsey Travis, Jacquie Kramer, Nancy Venable, library staff and Doc Wendling, County Commissioner. 

Winger called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm. 

Approval of Agenda: 

Wall made a motion to approve the agenda. Shutran seconded and the motion carried. 

Approval of Minutes: 

Shutran made a motion to approve the January regular meeting minutes and Strategic Planning Workshop minutes. Wall seconded and the motion carried. 

Financial Report and Approval of Expenditures: 

February and January Checking Account Activity reports were passed for Board signatures after answering a few Board questions about R&D Sweeping, MailFinance, the recruiting reimbursements and payments to the two Men of Worth individual performers. 

The February Current Investments Report shows the amount of the transfer that is necessary to cover expenses. Wall made a motion to approve the transfer of $185,500.00 from Commerce Bank to cover expenses of $182,741.66 as of February 28, 2015 leaving $2,758.34 in the checking account. Shutran seconded and the motion carried. 

At the end of February we will be 8/12 through the fiscal year, a percentage of 66.7%. The February Budget Analysis Report income is at 60.5%, administration expense is at 62.13%, operating expense is at 55.2%, capital expenditures is at 7.4%, and total expenses is at 59.0% , leaving us 7.7% unspent.


Board packets included the February training report and a thank you note from a C Street Library patron and the Child Development Center. 


Board packets included a calendar for the main libraries for March. Travis spoke about some of the upcoming events and the visit from Author Shannon Hale in March. She also announced that we had received three 3D printers from a grant that we had applied for. A short discussion revealed that the 3D printers would be used for certain library programs that are in the process of being developed and would not be available for other patron use initially. Shutran expressed regret at missing the scarf tying program at SCL due to a last minute conflict. 

Public Comment: 


Old Business: 

a. SCL building update – Grubb announced that the contract has been signed and we are waiting for a few contractor detail to be finalized. The work is currently scheduled to be performed on the March 6th weekend. 

b. Strategic plan update – Grubb shared the strategic goals which have been developed for maximizing exposure of materials and services, obtaining and maintaining the best available technology, materials, and staff within budget and was best utilization of space. He mentioned the need to involve staff. Jason will assign staff responsibility to various goals and the Board will create goals for Jason in an upcoming workshop planned for 5 pm on March 16th to create big picture Director goals. The Board agreed with Grubb that the mission and vision statement is not yet in final form. 

c. Other – none 

New Business: 

a. Preliminary FY16 budget planning - Grubb shared a flat, no COLA preliminary FY16 budget. This is a manageable budget given our beginning cash. Commissioner Wendling was asked to share what budget information was available at this time and he replied that the County is anticipating a $2-$4 million dollar shortfall. 

b. HR Consultant Proposal – Grubb discussed a HR proposal he had received and mentioned that he thought outside consultants could help the Library System obtain an alignment of manager and employee expectations and culture and a consistency of management. After a brief discussion, Grubb was directed to obtain additional information and proposals. 

c. All Staff Training – Grubb asked the Board to close the Library System from 10 to 1 on Friday May 8th to allow the Library Staff to gather for annual training. Shutran moved to close the Library System from 10 to 1 on May 8th to permit the All Staff Training. Wall seconded and the motion carried. 

d. Other - none 


A Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Contractor between Sweetwater County Library System and Concrete Stabilization Technologies, Inc. for stabilization work to be performed at the Sweetwater County Library for $54,600 was signed by Timothy Winger, Board Chair on February 12, 2015. 

Wall made a motion to ratify the contracts. Shutran seconded and the motion carried. 

County Commissioner’s Report: 
Commissioner Wendling introduced himself and explained the “New Commissioner” learning curve that he had started. He shared that the Circuit Court Building project is moving forward and will be built adjacent to the Detention Center. The Green River District Court will be revamped in the second phase of this project. He announced that there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony on March 25th for the new Human Health building and the new Rock Springs High School by the college and that various state officials are expected to attend. Lastly, Wendling mentioned that the County continues to lobby at the state level for the creation of industrial complex in southwestern Wyoming. 

Director’s Report: 

Grubb highlighted the items listed in his report and mentioned that he had changed the report to provide a summary outcome for each event rather than merely a listed event. He also mentioned that he would obtain a Board Self-Assessment tool in the near future that he would share with the Board. 

Monthly Statistics: 

Grubb announced State Library changes which will allow us to track addition circulation detail for digital content that the state provides. He also focused attention on total program attendance and the exciting increase over last year. Teen programming continues to be negatively affected by vacant positions. 

Personnel Report: 



New Hires: 

FT SCL YS - effective 2-25-15 
PT CIRC WML- effective 2-9-15 
SUBSTITUTE -effective 2-9-15 
SUBSTITUTE -effective 2-9-15 



a. Executive Session to discuss personnel matters - moved into Executive session at 7:05 and re-convened at 8:30 pm. No formal action or decision was taken. 

Set Time and Location for Next Meeting: 
The date for the next regular meeting will be Monday, March 16, 2015 at Sweetwater County Library in Green River at 6:00 pm. 


Winger adjourned the regular Board meeting at 8:30 pm.